Vegetables more expensive than meat? Perspective behind the recent prices of vegetables

Vegetables more expensive than meat? Perspective behind the recent prices of vegetables

Vegetables more expensive than meat? Perspective behind the recent prices of vegetables

Original title: vegetables more expensive than meat? Perspective vegetables behind the recent price hikes "a lot more expensive than meat dishes", which is a lot of consumers feel after the National Day. Reporters recently visited the vegetable origin, wholesale, commercial ultrasonic multi-discovered by the flood, seasonal factors and other factors, spinach, cucumbers and other vegetables "value" prices, or the price of vegetables future will continue to rise. Basket a little heavy, businesses reduce stocking "pound rose to $ 12, which put price before to buy 3 pounds!" In a community fruit and vegetable supermarket Chaoyang District, Beijing, Miss Xu nearby residents wanted to buy some fried spinach, but look He gave up after the price tag.

Long cucumbers per pound, per pound of lettuce, lettuce per pound …… Reporters in this supermarket to see fruits and vegetables, homemade vegetable prices rose sharply, and September compared to the "worth" basic double.

"Spinach is too expensive! Wholesale price of more than 10 yuan a pound in recent days on the goods did not dare.

"Supermarket salesman Ms Tsang said that some vegetables will buy high-priced, big loss, have been reduced stocking. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural monitoring, October 8 to 15 week, cucumber, spinach, turnip, cabbage, etc. vegetable prices are rising, which cucumber, spinach ring higher than the rise, reaching percent, percent, rose% and%.

In addition, the recent price chart from Beijing emerging market point of view, into October after vegetable prices showed a continuous rising trend, spinach and other leafy greens in which rapid gains. "Procurement gone up, but the sales price can not rise, otherwise they can not sell." In the new issue of agricultural products wholesale market, to purchase spinach catering business, Mr. Zhang said, the cost of vegetables depends mainly on internal digestion. Wholesalers do not receive the goods, the farmers income more than unchanged from previous years is not just consumers "basket" carry too heavy for many vegetable wholesaler, from the time they receive food at the edge of a farm, the price of vegetables has ticked up. In the new issue of agricultural products wholesale market, it has seven years of experience in the wholesale vegetable Xu admitted that "compared with the usual 2 yuan more than a pound of the purchase price, purchase price of spinach now risen to 6 yuan a pound, had never seen.

"From September 19 to start the week, prices of vegetables week index has known barometer of China Shouguang vegetable price index has been rising for four weeks, where the leafy and fruit vegetable or larger.

"Spinach production is limited, even raise the purchase price, but also not much to close up.

"Xu said, the usual two days will be able to receive a car, and now at least 3-4 days.

Wang is a wholesaler Shouguang Agricultural Logistics Park.

He said that high-quality spinach purchase price of 5 yuan per pound to the same period last year price is $ 2 a pound, even though up several times, wholesalers are buying, "supply is too small." Reporters learned that by continuous rainfall, the majority of farmers in vegetable production than in previous years, but higher vegetable prices, on the whole, earnings unchanged from previous years.

"In past years, 5 acres of land now can match 40000-5 kg of cucumbers this year by the rainy weather, just a 2 kg of cucumbers, a high selling price more than doubled, with total revenue last year.

"Shouguang former cucumber growers Zhao said.

Seasonal, rain and other multiple factors lead to rising vegetable prices Analysis of the industry, currently is in the "hunger gap" of summer vegetables on the market has basically ended, a small amount of fall and winter vegetables on the market, coupled with this year’s cooling fast, rain, the main producing areas of vegetable growth slow in some areas cut vegetables after rain flooded, reducing the market supply, causing the price of vegetables rose significantly. Shouguang Vegetable prices of agricultural products logistics park analysts He Xiaojie said, as the weather is getting cooler, northern areas steadily delisting vegetables, tomatoes, cauliflower and other vegetables organic supply, prompting prices.

Beijing emerging market statistics Liu Tong, head of analysis, spinach Beijing market, for example, by the continuous rainfall, Liaocheng open field production of spinach was soaked, not timely arrangements for farmers to replant, we can only rely on greenhouse production to follow security of supply, greenhouse production of spinach but also take some time to market.

Currently, only a small amount of greenhouse Liaoning and other places listed spinach can significantly reduce supply, resulting in rising vegetable prices.

This year, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other prices, pushed up the cost of planting vegetables; oil prices continue upward, in September, gasoline and diesel prices rose percent, percent, driven by increased transportation costs, but also boost the price of vegetables rose. Vegetable prices up difficult or easy or boost the October CPI rose from vegetable supply fundamentals, according to statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture rural country area of about 1 million acres of vegetable fields, flat year on year increased slightly to maintain a better balance between supply and demand support. "With the subsequent recovery of vegetable production, to postpone the listing of some vegetables concentrated market, prices of some varieties may fall, but the continuous rains that could cause Crops such as poor convergence is expected winter vegetable prices overall high." Chinese Academy of Agricultural Information Research Associate Zhang Jing said. He Xiaojie analysis, the current vegetable market demand strong, positive customer as the northern approach, as well as the National Day after the school opened, the unit starts, canteen demand increased. In addition, Shanxi and other places affected by heavy rainfall, lack of vegetables confession capacity, enlarge buyers demand, take the goods fun, short-term price up difficult or easy.

It is noteworthy that, since October vegetable prices rising fast, or will drive the national consumer price index (CPI) data recovery in food. To maintain stable consumer market supply and demand, price stability is facing some pressure. To increase the supply of vegetables to Beijing market, stable prices of vegetables, Beijing emerging market organization of national 300 acres of its own plantations and vegetable merchant in Beijing increased deployment of efforts to develop new sources. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Market and Information Technology Division, said Tang Ke, the next step will be good with the relevant departments to implement fresh produce transport "green channel" policy, the smooth flow of goods to the countryside village and agricultural products out of the village into the city channel; strengthen market information monitoring and early warning, timely release of price and supply and demand information; implementation of the "vegetable basket" Mayor responsibility, grasp the fall vegetable production, and effectively protect the "basket" product supply.

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Seeking Net Specialist: Building a high level talent highland in Guangdong, Macau Dawan District

Seeking Net Specialist: Building a high level talent highland in Guangdong, Macau Dawan District

  The wind is from the South China Sea, and the Yangtong Pearl River. Promoting the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau District, is a major national strategy of General Secretary Xi Jinping based on the global and long-term, personally planned, personally deployed, personally promoted, and is also a major decision to maintain long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and Macau. At the nearby Central Talent Work Conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that "accelerate the construction of the world’s important talent centers and innovation, need to carry out strategic layout.

Comprehensive consideration, you can build a high-level talent highland in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Macau Dasan District. In Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, the high-level talent highland, further enhanced international competitiveness in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, realize the development of transformation, innovation Cooperative development institutional mechanisms, building a significant meaning and profound influence in the international first-class bay area and world-class urban agglomeration. Jiji Duo, is a large industry; the way of innovation, only in people.

Today, there is no big change in the past 100 years to accelerate evolution, scientific and technological innovation and high level talents become the main battlefield for international strategic games. The high-level talents in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, coincidentally. On the one hand, my country’s basic research and application basic research achieve significant breakthroughs, and the strategic high-tech research for national major needs has achieved important results. The application research leads the industry to move toward high-end and high-level talents in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau. condition. On the other hand, Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao cooperation continues to expand, the regional location is obvious, the economic strength is strong, the innovation element gathering, the internationalization level leads, with the broad prospects of the world’s first-class bay district and the good foundation for the high-level talent highland.

The high-level talent highland in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, is to make full use of the advantages of the Bay area, comprehensive collection of talents, and accelerate the establishment of talent resource competition advantages, in order to provide important talent guarantee and technology innovation support for the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao District. We speed up the construction of scientific and technological powers, and achieve high-level technology self-supporting power. Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Danzan is a good place to show your talents. Hong Kong, Macao actively integrates the national development overall situation, and the links between cities in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, capital, technology, talents, information, etc. are accelerating.

Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Dawan Province fully exerts its own technology and industry advantages, look at the world "lead", uncharged "use talent", build platform "education", use heart to "stay", ushered in new talent gathered peak , Comprehensive competitiveness, international influence is sharply jumped.

Guangdong Hong Kong, Macau, the development of cross-border e-commerce industry has developed rapidly. The number of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test districts in Guangdong Province ranks first in the country; Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong, China launches youth entrepreneurial funding plan, for nearly 200 young beginners and about 4,000 Funding in Hong Kong youth; as the first internationalized youth entrepreneurial community in China, the Qianhai Shenzhen Youth DreamWork has attracted more than 1,500 Hong Kong and Macao, international projects to exchange 446 incubation entrepreneurs … Three land integration trends Give Guangdong Hong Kong and Macau The development of Daxan District brings vitality and innovation. In September this year, the "2021 Global Innovation Index (GII) Report" released by the World Intellectual Property Organization, China Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Guangzhou as a urban area, ranked second in the global "best technology cluster" rankings .

  Plant the phoenix tree, attracting the Jinfeng Phoenix.

Building a high-level talent highland in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, to persist in the world, to build a high-rise and innovative highland of the global outstanding talents. Centralized national high-quality resources focused on building a group of national laboratories and new R & D institutions, launched an international scientific plan, providing talents to provide international first-class innovative platforms, accelerating the formation of strategic fulcrums and geese pattern.

Further explore policy initiatives facilitating talents, capital, information, technology, etc. Cross-border flow and regional fusion, and build Guangdong-Hong Kong and Macao Bay District Big Data Center and international innovation platforms.

Vigorously cultivate the use of strategic scientists, build a large number of first-class science and technology leaders and innovation teams, and create a large number of young scientific and technological talents, cultivate a large number of outstanding engineers.

Continuously strengthen the cooperation between innovation resources in the Daxous area, promote the harmonious development of talents, the production chain value chain is moving steadily, and the innovation and entrepreneurship is flourishing, regional development and talent development mutual support, mutual achievement. Step on the new journey, spread new Huazhang. time does not wait! Opportunities don’t wait! In front of the major opportunities of the high-level talent highland in Guangdong, Macau, there must be more and more high levels of talents enthusiastically involved in the development of fertile soil, innovative hot soil, people’s music, and realize their ideals. On the high-quality hot soil in Guangdong, Macau, the party’s strategic painting is transforming the strategic advantage of high quality development, "a country, two systems" is glowing more powerful vitality.

Shaanxi Archaeological continues to enrich historical pictures (Archaeological China)

Shaanxi Archaeological continues to enrich historical pictures (Archaeological China)

Original title: Shaanxi Archaeological continuous enrichment (Archaeological China) Core reading Shaanxi is Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang Dynasty, the historical relics is great, and the important archeology enriches historical connotations.

Shenmu Shiqi, Gaoling Yangguanzhai and other sites in exploring the origins and development of Chinese civilization and development of the context, Jinshiologist, Jingzhao Lantian (now Shaanxi Lantian Blue Out) people Lu Da Lin’s "to explore the source of making it, The 亡, 正 正 儒 之 "目,, 一 一 一 一 一 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件 件The items recorded in the book more attention to the coexistence relationship of the equipment, including more than 90 of the land codes, and more than half of the Shaanxi territories.

Although Lu Da Lin’s name and tie is still available, its recorded method is quite different from the modern museum and the cultural relics of cultural relics in archeology. It has established a research paradigm for future generations.

In 1921, the excavation of Yangshu Village, Henan Province opened the gate of China’s modern archaeological school, and Lu Da Lin was recorded "archaeological map" has been in the past 829 years. Shaanxi is the case of Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang Dynasty, and the historical remains are extremely rich, and it is the actual archaeological province.

After a few generations of scientific archaeological, the surprising important discovery is endless in Shaanxi, which not only establishes the time and space framework from the old stone age to the Neolithic Age, but also enriches the context of the historical period and the branches.

The Bucket Ruins Excovement lays the modern field archaeological industry to regulate the Shaanxi Archaeological Society is the earliest use of modern scientific methods in the history of Shaanxi, cultural relics and field discovers, leading the first scientific archaeological activities in Shaanxi – Baoji Chicken Tower Discovery of the site. From 1934 to 1937, the Butourtea experienced 3 large-scale archaeological excavations. During the excavation, the archaeologists under Xu Xusheng’s leadership innovatively adopted the district "exploration" discovement, written by the English letters and digital numbers, standardized records, etc., and established the southwest corner to measure the metric measuring site The practice of three-dimensional coordinates has laid the industry norms of modern field archaeological exploration and organizational.

This excavation made Zhou Qin culture, thousands of years, reappeared in the loess, created Su Bingqi and other bunted Chinese archaeologists. The research results of the "Tomb of the Tulougou East District" Tombs said "," also contributed to the birth of an important archaeological study method of archaeological types. The butto station has been excavated and studied in the history of Chinese archaeological development, and it is considered to be the "one of the most important excavations of the preliminary development of China" and the classic example of modern archaeological research marks modern archeology. In Shaanxi. In addition, a series of early archaeological activities carried out in Shaanxi also have a profound impact on the scientific archaeological investigation, exploration and research of the founding of New China, and the archaeological work of some important sites has been continued. For example, in 1938, the investigation and excavation of cultural relics in Hanzhong, Zhang Wei; 1941 to 1945, the art cultural relict of Wang Ziyun is a field of art cultural relics such as Hantang, Shaanxi Province, with Wang Ziyun. Investigate.

In 1942, the capital of the Zhou Dynasty to find and confirm documented, archaeologists stone Zhangru of the legendary Tai, Bin, Feng, Gao and other places to investigate, which report the vicinity of Fort Qiyang "the legendary all week field trips "laid the cornerstone of the Western Zhou Duyi archeology. From the Terra Cotta Warriors shocked the world Banpo archaeological finds its inception emerging new China, undone, and large-scale production activities in infrastructure continue to find cultural relics, Shaanxi earth is no exception.

Institute of Archeology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University, Northwestern University and other units in Shaanxi Province carried out a lot of archaeological excavations, Xi’an Banpo, Baoji North Ridge, protect the village Quan County, County Goddess Temple, such as for the construction of Xixiang lijiacun ruins of prehistoric cultural lineage of great value turned out.

Archaeological excavations spring of 1953 Banpo site is a milestone in the history of Chinese archeology, settlement archeology of the establishment of China Banpo mode.

Banpo area of about 50,000 square meters, from 1954 to 1957 has conducted five large-scale excavation, excavated an area of 10,000 square meters, it is the first Chinese Neolithic archaeological harvest such a wealth of information.

New China’s first museum of prehistoric settlement sites in the establishment of the excavation site, archaeological able to show directly to the public, received good dissemination of results. In 1958, the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Management Committee dominated the first provincial cultural relics survey. In November, the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archeology officially formed, rapidly launch investigations excavations, found a number of important sites of prehistoric and Shang and Zhou dynasties. Fenggao ruins of Western Zhou Dynasty, Qin Yong City, the city of Xianyang Qin, Han and Tang Chang’an City, Qianling burial tomb, Yaozhou and other archaeological excavations, laid the foundation for the establishment of the basic framework of the Shaanxi Archeology historical period. Feng Jing and Gao Jing said "Fenggao", is the capital of the Western Zhou Dynasty, is the earliest Chinese city model. Archaeologists initially established regional distribution Fenggao sites, age and nature of the discovery of a large palace base address and built-up areas, bronze, bone system, pottery and other handicrafts workshop sites as well as many nobles and bronze cemetery cellar. Research on the ruins of the ancient Fenggao environment, ancient landforms, ancient water system and the internal layout of the evolution of ongoing settlement expansion.

The last century, 60-70 years, Ho Ka cellars, Prince Zhang Huai tomb, Lintong Jiangzhai, Terracotta Army Pit, Zhou Yuan Bronze Hoards of a number of other important finding is even more worldwide attention. In 1974, Terracotta Warriors and Horses discovery shocked the world pit, underground Terracotta Army thousand thousand faces, vivid and realistic figurines composed of blowing open a hole of archeology continues to this day. Terracotta Warriors Museum opened in 1979, Terracotta Army, Qin Wenming Tong Juma and other symbols from home and abroad.

Continues to this day the Bronzes archaeological surveys, excavations and research, greatly enriched our understanding of the physical culture and institutional culture represented before and after the unification of the Qin Empire. In 1979 China Archaeological Society inaugural meeting was held in Xi’an, archeology usher in a new spring.

Since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of Shaanxi Archaeological onto the track, Famen Temple, Han Yangling, Xiaoling Yu Wen Yong, Sui and Tang Baqiao and other major archaeological discoveries continue to rewrite our understanding of Qianling Museum established on this basis, Famen Temple Museum , Han Yangling Museum, with the village of Liang Rui State Museum and other renowned Chinese and foreign museums, has become an important vehicle to show the brilliant achievements of Chinese civilization.

Major research project to extend the axis of history rich historical detail into the 21st century, Shaanxi Archaeological entered a new stage of development.

In terms of human origins to explore the Qinling Mountains, along the Yellow River Paleolithic archeology, in particular, to explore the cave site of Hanzhong scabies pimple, early modern humans first discovered fossils in the Qinling Mountains, as early modern humans in China and East Asia evolved from the ancient indigenous population doctrine provides important archaeological evidence. In terms of historical context to explore the origins and development of Chinese civilization, Gao Ling Yang Guanzhai, Yan’an Lushan hilly, Shenmu Shi Mao and other sites has been included in the "Origin of Chinese civilization project" major research project, "Archeology in China" and so on.

Among them, Yang Guanzhai site is the only complete ring of trench settlement sites Guanzhong area known MDG period, the first large-scale domestic adult cemetery confirmed Miaodigou period of great significance.

Shimao Ruins found particularly striking. 10 years of archaeological harvest show that the Shimao city sites dating back 4300 years to 3800 years in East Asia’s largest prehistoric city sites, giant stone carving, exquisite jade, spectacular stone walls, all show a brilliant early on the Loess Plateau Kingdom Rhyme’s.

Zhou Western Zhou Dynasty was originally a key area formation and development of the young phoenix III base address found in recent years to explore it is by far the largest single building in the Western Zhou Dynasty relics.

In particular standing stones in the base address courtyard, stone pavement remains, according to literature speculated, it may be a "Sacrificing" remains. Since 2006 expansion of the Western Han Dynasty Mausoleum archaeological, confirmed to explore the west of the ancient Han Dynasty to the country’s political, philosophical, ideological, national governance system, and the representative of China provides an important kind of information. The cause of prosperity and cultural heritage, increase public awareness of the protection of cultural heritage, archaeological workers is imperative. September 2019, the Shaanxi Archaeological Museum started. Museum collection of scientific research, public education and social services in one, by the Shaanxi case, told China Millennium brewing archeology, history of a century of development.

As the country’s first system to show the history of the archaeological area, specialized museums methods and concepts important discoveries, Shaanxi Archaeological Museum, scheduled to open in the year 2021, and strive to practice better reflect the heritage of historical value, cultural value, aesthetic value, the value of science and technology, the era of value enhance the excellent Chinese traditional culture spread of power.

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Russische intercontinentale raketanalyse: sterke kracht, baxin

Russische intercontinentale raketanalyse: sterke kracht, baxin

Een bron van de Russische defensie-industrie onthulde dat geavanceerde "Salmat" Jingji intercontinental ballistische raketplannen voor het eerst deze herfst.

Volgens Tassho zei het nieuws dat als onderdeel van de onderzoeks- en ontwikkelingstest van Multi-Flight, "Salmat" eerste lancering in dit najaar kan worden uitgevoerd, de tweede lancering zal worden uitgevoerd aan het einde van 2021. De Salmat-raket heeft de eerste keer van de Salmat-raket. Eind 2009 zal de Sashun van de Russische strategische raketsoldaten aankondigen dat Rusland nieuwe heavy-duty-vloeistof-intercontinentale raketten zal ontwikkelen om te vervangen, wordt met pensioen. Vervang R-36m2 " Satan". Hierna begon het Nationaal Missile Centrum Markayev het voorschot van nieuwe raketten en won met succes projectbieden. In 2014 heeft de Russische verdediging aangekondigd dat de nieuwe ballistische raket naar verwachting rond 2020 wordt ingezet en zijn code formeel aan RS-28 bekendmaakt. Dit heeft ook aangekondigd dat de ontwikkeling van Salmat de diepte-experimentele fase is ingevoerd. In het Russische "leger" -forum gehouden in 2019, heeft de Russische militairen een aantal van de prestatiekenmerken van deze nieuwe intercontinentale raket, inclusief de payload in de buurt van 10 ton, 18.000 kilometer bereik, en de boeket brandstof bereikt. High- Hoogte Orbitale veranderingen in de omgang met steeds geavanceerdere Missile Defense-systemen.

Met zijn sterke kracht krijgt Salmat meer veranderingen in wijzigingen.

De RS-28-ballistische raket keurt een vloeibare raketmotor aan en heeft daarom het voordeel van een verhouding en het gewichtstroom van de unit produceert groter. Dit maakt Salmat direct het vermogen van de Verenigde Staten aangevallen, die het ook een titel "American Nightmare" heeft gemaakt.

Volgens het nieuws beschreven door het National Missile Center van Markiev, kan de raket "Salmat" 10 gewicht of 15 middelgrote nucleaire kernkoppen dragen, en het bereik is meer dan 10.000 kilometer. Tegelijkertijd zal Salmat op het doel van verschillende afstanden worden uitgerust met verschillende soorten ladingskoppen. Op basis hiervan is er ook een adequaat aasapparaat op deze basis om zijn overleving van het slagveld te verbeteren.

Als een Russisch leger in de afgelopen jaren is het hoge supersonische wapen de incorporatie van Salmat ingevoerd, een scherpere "pijl". Volgens het Russische ‘leger’-forum 2019 kan Salmat een reeks opnieuw invoeren van het vliegtuig, waaronder "Pioneer" hoge ultrasone klidige zweefdrager. Met het gebruik van hoge ultrasone snelheidswapens, heeft het ballistische defensiesysteem van de NAVO een ernstige test ondervonden, wat niet alleen voor een verkorte waarschuwingstijd wordt geconfronteerd, maar ook een probleem dat het traject van de Woordkop moeilijker is om te vangen, maar ook NAVO te overwegen het upgraden van zijn systeem. Standaard "reeks luchtverdedigingsraketten.

UU’s ballistische raketverdedigingsproblemen of verschijnt nieuwe scheuren als een nationale veiligheidsverdediging, de ballistische raketverdediging is altijd de focus geweest van de nationale verdedigingskosten, zoals US Europe, en is een van de belangrijke projecten van de NAVO-beveiligingssamenwerking.

Echter, nadat de vorige president Trump Office heeft aangetroffen, maakt de door de Amerikaanse prioritaire strategie van gewilde samenwerking de NAVO-defensie-samenwerking en is het ballistische Missile Defense-project ook een van hen. Vanwege de complexiteit en hoge technische barrières van het ballistische raketverdedigingssysteem kunnen de meeste Europese landen alleen vertrouwen op de voedingssystemen van de NAVO-defense, die in de Amerikaanse ballistische raketverdedigingscirkel zijn verwerkt.

In de Trump-periode, enerzijds verzocht de Amerikaanse regering de lidstaten van de NAVO om de nationale uitgavenbudgetuitgangen te vergroten, en het andere aspect vereiste landen om de militaire uitgaven in Europese militaire vergoedingen en de afweerprojecten in Europa in Europa, waaronder ballistisch te delen Missile Defense-projecten.

Dit maakt de NAVO, vooral die landen in Europa, hebben ontevredenheid uitgesproken, en in het Midden-Oosten Europese landen die een hoog inkomen hebben, hebben de NAVO-landen meer weerstand tegengekomen.

Naast de verschillen in de financieringsuitgaven, domineerden de Verenigde Staten de NAVO-oostwaartse plannen om Road Errozon-systemen in sommige landen in Oost-Europa te implementeren, evenals standaardreeks van luchtverdedigingsraketten, als vroege ballistische raketschermende platforms. En dit verhoogt ook de ontevredenheid van de lokale bevolking en deze militaire faciliteiten zullen de spanningen in de regio verhogen en worden de eerste batch van gebarsten doelen in de mogelijke nucleaire oorlog.

Als een nieuwe generatie van intercontinentale ballistische raketten in Rusland, zal het onvermijdelijk leiden tot sterke reacties in de Verenigde Staten. (Editor: Chen Yu, Huang Zijuan) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Sports section a number of leading companies posted profit premises

Sports section a number of leading companies posted profit premises

  On August 3, the State Council issued a "National Fitness Program (2021 – 2025)", in the view of the industry observers, under the poor policy, this year’s sports industry sector or more opportunities. Recently, Anta, Li Ning, etc. released a profit pre-holiday announcement. 361 ° Released the pre-holiday announcement: Within six months as of June 30, 361 ° is expected to rise by 30% to 100 million yuan over the same period last year (net profit for the first half of last year is 100 million yuan, all year round Person billions of dollars), income increased by more than 15%, and the operating profit margin continued to improve.

  Anta released profit preseason announcement on June 17. It is expected that the operating profit will increase by no less than 55% in the first half of the year (approximately 3.6 billion yuan in the middle of 2020).

  Li Ning released a pre-acquisition announcement on June 25. It is expected that net profit is not less than 1.8 billion yuan (last year is 100 million), with income exceeding 60%.

It is reported that Hong Kong stock sports brands will be released next week. Ma Cheng, chairman of Juze Investment, said that the launch of the national fitness program will bring huge market size, will further increase the supply of sports venues, improve motion penetration, sportswear, sports equipment, etc., it is expected to continue in the future A large benefit. The following three main lines can focus on: First, sports equipment brand producers, this part is the biggest beneficiary of this fitness program; the second is the major sports and apparel brands; the third is to exercise the upper reaches of sports shoes or industry. (Full Media Reporter Pientel).

The poverty poverty base is more stable, the mass life is better (struggle for hundreds of years Road, the new journey, consolidation expansion, depleted the poverty)

The poverty poverty base is more stable, the mass life is better (struggle for hundreds of years Road, the new journey, consolidation expansion, depleted the poverty)

  In October this year, Shanxi has been recorded since the records since the record, 46 povertyens, 2,769 poverty villages, and universal people are affected.

In the face of the disaster, Shanxi took a strong policy initiative to prevent poverty of poverty due to disaster. Shanxi has also passed the system card to poverty, improve the development of the poverty and the development of the industry, and the development of the industry will drive employment. Timely rescue, rebuild a heavy rain, Cao Po Xing, the old couple of Caojiazhuang Village, Pu County, Linyi City.

  Because of the continuous rainfall, mature corn is not returned in the ground. After the village two committees and help units understand the situation, there is more than Cao Pu Xing, and 30 people who will organize party members and cadres to form a volunteer service team and go deep into the field to carry out crops.

  掰 Corn Corn, Cut Stalk, Transportation … The Task Force is clear, in order to work, after two days of hard work, a total of approximately 30 acres of corn, solve the urgency of the villagers.

  "Thank Volunteers to help my family will receive corn!" Cao Pu said excitedly. As the company identified in 2014, the couple had serious illnesses.

In the past few years, all parties have helped to help, a family is getting out of poor, life is getting better and better, even if the flood disaster is encountered, it has also spent it in the help of grassroots cadres. "If the party and the government helped us rebuild the house, I don’t even want to think!" At noon on November 18, I looked at my new room. Jihang Town, Linyi City, Jihang Town, Xie Yicun 70 years old Liu Wenzong elderly is happy to meet the mouth.

He and his wife have specially made meals, thanks to the construction personnel who came to help the cap.

  Since October, Jixian has encountered many continuous rainfall, and Liu Wenzong’s 3-hole brick kiln hole is also serious in this rain, can’t live, needs to be rebuilt. After study, Liu Wenzong’s new home is rebuilt on the original site.

The construction team quickly settled, and it was in the implementation of the drums.

"I can live in new houses with my wife." Liu Wenzong said. According to reports, Jihang Town has built 23 new agricultural houses, of which 9 have been built in Xie Yuncun, and 4 households have been completed. It is understood that the province of Shanxi Province is damaged by the disaster, including no safety housing, more than 80,000 guaranteed policies, will be included in the renovation range before the Spring Festival. After the disaster, Shanxi actively carried out the work of grabbing and the insurance, and excluded the farmland area of ??10,000 mu, repair damage to the farmland. Focus on monitoring, help more powerful "policy is so good, life is more expensive!" Said Zhang Yuelian, a villager, Jingzhuang Village, Dongfang City, Datong City.

  In 2018, Zhang Yue was diagnosed with serious illnesses and needs surgery. This allows this to add poverty families. "Reminding the poor, the ‘136’ policy is helpful to Zhang Yue even." The "136" policy introduced that "136" policy is a benefit policy for poor patients, the patient is in the county, municipal, provincial level Dedicated medical institutions are hospitalized. The cost of personal annual self-payment in the catalog is 1000, 3,000, 6,000 yuan, and the fees above the feeding are reimbursed by the medical insurance fund.

Up to 1000 yuan per year, Zhang Yue’s health care costs can be reimbursed.

  It is understood that in 2022, Shanxi will implement the entrance of the odd-insurance target and the regenerative poverty, basic medical insurance, lean, major illness insurance, medical assistance reserve guarantee, etc. Zhang Yuelian will continue to be rescued by increasing the ratio of reimbursement and major illness. In order to better consolidate the poverty reduction, Shanxi is relocating poverty and unstable households, the edge is easy to cause poor and severe difficult difficulties, "three types of objects", through the independent declaration, cadres visiting investigation, department screening warning, etc., improve the prevention Dynamic monitoring and help mechanisms, strictly implement the "four do not pick" requirements.

The province has newly identified thousands of people in monitoring the monitoring. The development of industries, increasingly guaranteed Datong City, Yanggao County, Datong City, Chenguan Village, 125 completely and one, witnessed 125 villagers.

  "This is a good project.

"The villagers Chen Xin said that their old couple have been 65 years old, and the net income of the greenhouses is 450,000 yuan.

  A few years ago, the county helped the villagers built a vegetable greenhouse. To transfer the land for each household, use subsidies to cover each house next to the greenhouse.

Chen Xin pointed to the seedlings just poured on the water.

Then the tomatoes are then income.

"There is also some people to steady their days through" walking out ". Located Cao Guohua in Wanjiale Immigration, Tiansheng County, Datong City, moved into the building from the cave in October 2019. After training, Cao Guohua A nanny, the annual income can reach four or less than 450 yuan, "live in the building, the income is also improved, and now life is too happy."

"As of now, Tianshen Nanny Training Base has tens of thousands of people, 10,000 people are engaged in housekeeping services, with annual income of more than 40,000 yuan, driving more than 10,000 households to get rid of poverty reduction. In recent years, Shanxi has transported from running, in place In recent times, the promotion of public welfare, skill training, supporting entrepreneurship, etc.

A group of special labor brands became a strong driving force for consolidating the poverty reduction and promoting rural residence. "Shanxi will continue to combine the main risk points that may lead to the return of the poverty, continue to do a good job of dynamic monitoring, establish and improve long-acting investigation and limited time settlement mechanism, and make early shots, early intervention, early help, and effectively consolidate expand the poverty reduction.

Zhang Yuhong, Director of the Rural Zhenxing Bureau of Shanxi Province, said.

Tianjin Jinghai: Ecology is the bottom industry painting

Tianjin Jinghai: Ecology is the bottom industry painting

Recently, the Tianjin Health Industry International Cooperation Demonstration Zone in Jinghai was awarded the "2021 China Sports Tourism Destination", which became the only 2021 China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Expo. "Ring Tuan Lake Sports Leisure Tour" is located in the demonstration area, with a total length of about 65 kilometers, surrounding the lake, the route of the bridge, the charm of the Cai Orle, Tianjin Group, Samaran Memorial Hall, Tunar Tianjin Training Base, Tianjin International Tennis Center, Group Lake Hot Spring Center, Photos of the Valley Tourism Resort, Natural and Humanities.

There is a city, there is a place of production … "Magnificent Ecology" and "Human Treatment" is integrated, and it will give each other. The unique tourism resources seem to be Jinghai and the later "talent", actually condensed the stubborn power of Jinghai people "biting Qingshan not relax". The tourist line surrounded by the rumor, the water area is 51 square kilometers, which is a famous bird nature reserve, more than 38 countries, more than 38 countries, and thousands of migratory birds in the spring and autumn. The Lake District is clear, the squats, the brocade, the hundred birds integrate. If, "ecology" is a pure illegal, and the color of "Jinghai Caffold" is the development of the changing industry.

Jinghai District gave full play to the advantages of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chinese Medical Sciences in China and the "Double Aircraft Carrier" in China, and accelerate the construction of "Shen Nong Valley" "Innovation Science and Technology Park", so that cooperation demonstration zone has become a concentrated place of high-end talents. Leading area of ??innovation and development of healthy industry.

With "big health" as a pen, Jinghai out the chic champion of the development of the tourism industry. On this "hot soil", he has successively organized the first sports tourism conference in Tianjin, the 13th National National Games, etc. The education is fully developed, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin Institute of Physical Education, Tianjin PE Vocational College, Beijing Normal University The University Jinghai Affiliated School has "settled" cooperation demonstration zone; sports integrity, the cooperation demonstration area has formed a development model integrating medical, education, integrity, and sports four major sections, completed group parking sports center, group Mooring and soccer fields and universities, international tennis centers, Samarandi Memorial, Outlet Commercial Plaza, etc.

Today, the cooperative demonstration area is moving towards ecological, medical, education, integrity, sports, tourism, and culture.

"Group, champion, are you so quiet?" At that year, Guo Xiaochuan looked at the group of questions in the heart.

The author will never think of it. After decades, his eyes and pen in the eyes are already a high-rise forest, flowers bloom, Jing Haibei uses the same truth and responsibility to answer questions in the poem. In the future, the cooperation demonstration zone will continue to rely on excellent ecological, innovative industries, and profound historical and cultural resources, focus on "sports + health" tourism development, promote the development of tourism industry, high-end, specialization, and gradually satisfying high quality, multi-diversity Chemical, multi-level sports leisure needs, construct a tourism industry development system with characteristic zone, contribute to the construction of innovative development, ecological livable, and civilized happiness. (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

Sinds dit jaar heeft de provincie Jiangsu meer dan 4.300 medische geschillen geleid.

Sinds dit jaar heeft de provincie Jiangsu meer dan 4.300 medische geschillen geleid.

  Originele titel: "Vertaling van arts-aangedreven", gevraagd medische problemen, dit jaar, de provincie is meer dan 4.300 opgelost en de resolutie is 8 uur in de 17e, en het poliklinische afdeling van Nanjing First People’s Hospital is 8 uur geleden op tijd. Tegelijkertijd is het Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau Qinhuai Branch Huluzhou Police Station’s Daily Work al geopend.

Geregistreerde hal, noodafdeling, polikliniek … 9 gebouwen draaien een beurt, Wu Huanjun moet meer dan een uur doorbrengen. "Op een ochtend, laat, elke dag WeChat Sports minstens 10.000 stappen." Verschillend van het normale politiebureau, als een full-time civiele politie, heeft WU Huanjun langdurig stationair ziekenhuis nodig.

Vanaf het parkeerterrein Nanjing First People’s Hospital, het eerste huis, het eerste huis, het eerste huis, Wu Huanjun en het Collega Chen Jun’s Office hier.

"Over het algemeen zullen we garanderen dat men te maken heeft met het kantoor om de hulp aan te pakken en de andere persoon in het ziekenhuis draait.

"Wacht niet op problemen om naar je toe te komen."

"Het politiebureau heeft de afgelopen 20 jaar het gedaan in de afgelopen 20 jaar. Wu Huanjun heeft een gevoel van perceptie dat meer dan gewoon is, terwijl het het daadwerkelijke werkprobleem van de dokter begrijpt, terwijl het praktische werkprobleem van de pati?nt is begrepen, als een derde partij tussen artsen En pati?nten, Wu Huanjun zal uw eigen werk leken "de dokter-in-leven" te vertalen "." Master u maakt zich geen zorgen, artsen hebben tijd nodig, u kunt dit doen, er zijn minder mensen.

"Deze oude dame kan niet helpen, lastige artsen en andere pati?nten begrijpen de overweging, laat haar een team plaatsen.

"Ik verander echt het hart, tientallen" kip frituur hele huid ", de tegenstellingen van de Wu Huanjun zijn oneerlijk voor onzichtbaarheid.

  "Medische en onge?venaarde kleine tegenstrijdigheden kunnen in grote geschillen slepen, zelfs in de tijd geactiveerd, zelfs in de tijd. Daarom is de rijke bemiddelingservaring een belangrijke voorwaarde voor ziekenhuisfull-time politie-selectie." Chen Yufeng, het hoofd van het interne beveiligingsteam van het Provinciaal Publieke beveiligingsafdeling, ge?ntroduceerd dat ze dit jaar de vermindering van medische geschillen zullen oplossen, de voorzorgsmaatregelen van het ziekenhuisveiligheid versterken als een belangrijke taak om het onderwijs van de partijgeschiedenis te implementeren en "Ik doe praktische dingen voor de massa’s".

Tot nu toe zijn er meer dan 800 "medische vertalingen" zoals Wu Huanjun, en meer dan 20 ziekenhuis met drie niveaus begon de beveiligingsinspectie te implementeren. Meer dan 500 ziekenhuizen op het tweede niveau hebben een politiezaal opgezet om geschillen te vergemakkelijken om medicijnen te vergemakkelijken Pati?nten. En het sentiment van de dokter, leid het ziekenhuis om de dagelijkse veiligheid en veiligheidswerk te versterken.

Daarnaast koos de provinciale afdeling Public Security een vertegenwoordiger 18 typische geschillen die de afgelopen jaren hebben plaatsgevonden, en de analyse van succesvolle ervaringspraktijken, analyseert het gebrek aan lessen en assembleert het boek voor al het lokale leren.

Sinds dit jaar heeft de provincie met succes meer dan 4.300 medische geschillen opgelost en is de resolutie 93%. (Chen Wei).

The city held the "United Nations Diabetes Day" promotional activities

The city held the "United Nations Diabetes Day" promotional activities

  At present, diabetes have become common chronic diseases that endanger public health, and the latest survey shows that my country’s adult diabetes is%, and my country has become the country in which China has become the most of diabetes.Diabetes is prone to stroke, myocardial infarction, retinal lesions, diabetic nephropathy, diabetes, etc.question.On November 14, 2021 is the 15th United Nations Diabetes Day. This year’s propaganda theme is to have diabetes health management.In order to improve the awareness of diabetes, cultivate healthy lifestyle, strengthen the important role of diabetes health management, effectively interfere with diabetes risk factors, promote early discovery and intervention of high-risk populations and patients, improve the self-management ability of diabetic patients, and effectively reduce the risk of diabetesAnd harm, protect the people’s health.

On the morning of November 12, 2021, hosted by the Tianjin Health and Health Committee, Tianjin Disease Control and Prevention and Control Center, Dongli District Health and Health Committee, Dongli District Disease Control and Prevention, Dongli District Zhang Guizhuang Street Jenbin West Riece Committee Tianjin 2021 United Nations Diabetes Day Propaganda Campaign was successfully held in the Jenbin Sili Human Committee of Zhang Guizhuang Street in Dongli District. Leaders attended the event, Jiang Guohong, deputy director of the Tianjin Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Zheng Wenlong, deputy director of Non-Infectious Disease Prevention and Control, Zheng Wenlong; Wang Enjun, deputy director of the Health and Health Committee of Dongli District. This event mainly uses the online mobile phone broadcast form, and the staff of the Jenbisi community involved in the online broadcast of the publicity show, health knowledge lectures, and the social residents’ staff and social residents.

Invited by the Chief Physician of Tianjin Medical University Metabolic Hospital, Professor Wang Shaozhen, taught in the masses, cold wind, stopping the enthusiasm of the masses, Professor Zhang Hong from correctly recognizing hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, and countermeasures and countermeasures How to deal with hypoglycemia, etc., in-depth discussion, leading to everyone to jointly enter the diabetes, and guide people’s scientific prevention and control.

Subsequently, experts and professors interacted with the public, through the on-site line question, health consultation, etc. A variety of forms of launching the lack of diabetes day promotion activities, further expand the activities of activities.

Through this event, the masses have benefited a lot, understand the concept of diabetes related knowledge and behavioral philosophy, to start with healthy lifestyle and health management measures such as healthy diet, moderation, health education and psychological support, blood sugar self-monitoring, drug treatment, and actively Effective prevention and treatment of diabetes. Diabetes prevention and treatment knowledge, diabetes high-risk populations have the following factors, namely diabetes high-risk populations 1, age 40 years old; 2, overweight and obesity; 3, high blood pressure; 4, blood lipids; 5, quiet sites; 6, Diabetes family history; 7, pregnant diabetes; 8, huge children (birth weight 4kg). / L fasting blood glucose (FBG) / L, or / L sugar load 2 hours blood glucose (2HPG) / L, is damaged by sugar adjustment, also known as diabetes, a high-risk population of diabetes. Second, diabetes definition diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by increased blood sugar due to insulin secretion and (or) defects caused by defects. Typical symptoms of diabetes are more than three less (more drinks, more food, multi to reduce), and people with typical symptoms of diabetes and meet any of the following conditions, can diagnose diabetes: 1, one day, blood glucose / L (200 mg / dl); 2, fasting blood glucose level / L (126 mg / dl); 3, oral glucose tolerance test 2 hours blood glucose level / L (200 mg / dl).

  Third, diabetes control will cause serious hazardous patients with fat, abnormal protein metabolism, long-term hyperglycemia can cause multiple organs, especially eye, heart, blood vessels, kidney, nerve damage or organ function or failure, resulting in disability Or die prematurely. Diabetes common complications include stroke, myocardial infarction, retinal lesions, diabetic nephropathy, diabetes, etc. 1. Diabetic patients have a more risk of cardiovascular disease, 2-4 times higher than the sex of the gender, and the age of cardiovascular disease is in advance, and the condition is more serious; 2, diabetes patients often have high Abnormal blood pressure and blood lipids; 3, diabetic retinopathy is the main reason for the blindness of adult people; Fourth, the prevention of diabetes 1, popularization of diabetes control; 2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle of reasonable diet, often exercise; Blood glucose or 2 hours after meal; 4, early intervention in the early stage of diabetes; 5, through diet control and movement, the overweight obese body mass index reaches or close 24, or the weight is at least 7%, which can cause diabetes in the prior population of diabetes. Risk fell 35-58%. V. Medical treatment of diabetic patients 1. Nutritional treatment, exercise treatment, drug treatment, health education and blood glucose monitoring is five comprehensive treatment measures for diabetes; 2. Diabetes patients take measures to increase sugar, step-down, adjust blood lipids and control weight, Correct bad life habits such as quit smoking, limited wine, oil control, salt and increased physical activity, can significantly reduce the risk of diabetes complications; 3. Self-management of diabetic patients is an effective way to control diabetes, self-blood glucose monitoring should be in professional doctors Under the guidance of / or nurses; 4, actively treat diabetes, steady control, delay complications, diabetes patients can enjoy life as normal people. Sixth, diabetes health management basic elements 1, healthy diet; 2, moderate exercise; 3, health education and psychological support; 4, blood glucose self-monitoring; 5, drug treatment (including insulin treatment).

The Party Construction Alliance of Guiuxi District, Chengdu High-tech Zone held the third round-value activity and the sixth joint meeting of the 2021

The Party Construction Alliance of Guiuxi District, Chengdu High-tech Zone held the third round-value activity and the sixth joint meeting of the 2021

In order to promote the organic integration of party construction work in various fields, promote urban grassroots party construction connotation, systematic, and 14 parties in China, Huadian Sichuan Company, China High-tech Zone, Huadian Sichuan Company, etc. The Party Construction Alliance, with the concept of "party organization leaders, regional linkage, multi-party participation, and harmony", to organize and build, work together, resource sharing, governance share, development, the achievements are shared as missions, with active wheel value The mechanism is a carrier and organizes party building activities per quarter.

The Party Construction Alliance has served as a wheel value unit in Huadian Sichuan Company in 2021. All alliance units first visited Huadian Sichuan Company’s national civilized unit exhibition hall and employee activities, and learned about the establishment mechanism of "Party Building + Civilization" in Huadian Sichuan Company and "1+" "Create actions.

Subsequently, the Director of the Party School Economics of the Chengdu Municipal Party School has brought a deep-in-depth and extensive preaching. All alliance units actively shared the experience of learning experience, and all said that through the study of the alliance units, they learned their thoughts, they learned their own efforts.

Secretary of the Party Work Committee of the Guiuxi Street, the Secretary-General of the Party Construction Alliance hopes that the members of each party’s construction alliance will effectively transform the results of learning achievements into the actual actions and effectiveness of the service center overall, with the party building alliance as a platform, further strengthen exchange communication, further expand the alliance friends circle The party construction work is fully integrated into business development. Through visiting learning, carrying out activities such as the exchange of party organizations, thereby realizing the interconnection of grassroots party construction in Guixi jurisdiction, truly studying, and knowing the trust. (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Gao Hongxia) Sharing More people see.