Shaoxing Binhai New District Talent Evaluation "Return to Enterprise"

Shaoxing Binhai New District Talent Evaluation "Return to Enterprise"

Shaoxing Binhai New District Talent Evaluation "Return to Enterprise"

  On the morning of October 23, in Shaoxing Binhai New District Shaoxing Siya Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Co., Ltd. manufacturing workshop, Li Fosong, just called information technology intermediate engineer, is explaining the precautions in the actual operation.

In the intermediate and proceedings of the Shaoxing Integrated Circuit Industrial Park, the first-end intermediate and proceedings, including 28 integrated circuits, including Li Fosong, brought to the title in the park with the hard theoretical knowledge and rich production practical experience. . Li Fosong, 30-year-old this year, is Jiangsu Yancheng, worked at Shaoxing Sinoviji Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is very good at drilling technology and has three patents. However, because there is not much papers published, the winning experience is lacking. In the past, professionals like him should be not easy to borrow intermediate titles.

  "In the past, most of the title review was organized by the human social security department, the standards for evaluation were also the paper, winning experience.

This time, we have conducted a pilot review for 18 companies in the park. He listened to the opinions of SME integrated circuits and long electricity, and combined with the actual situation of the industry. Innovation, research, research, achievement transformation, etc.

According to the person in charge of the Operation Service Center of Shaoxing Integrated Circuit, Shaoxing Integrated Circuit is as important as the "Wantel 100 billion" new industrial platform in Zhejiang Province, which is of great significance in building Shaoxing Binhai New District Talent Management Reform Test Area, of which the title review is the test area. One of the key tasks of construction.

The 2021 electromechanical manufacturing, information technology, material engineering professional, intermediate professional technical positions qualification review is the first title review of Shaoxing Integrated Circuit "Wantebill 100 billion" new industrial platform, 30 people have reviewed 19 people directly identified intermediate, primary titles, 9 people reviewed on-site review. "The title of this title is compatible with our corporate talent development needs, and it can better play the important role in evaluating talents, motivate talents and protect talents in business development. It will help us to expand our company’s talent team. Many professional talents.

"The relevant person in charge of the SME integrated circuit said.

  On March 3 this year, "The Opinions on Building Shaoxing Binhai New Area Talent Management Reform Test Area" released, marking the construction of the Shaoxing talent test area, Shaoxing, with high starting point, open, super conventional way to create a long triangle Talent gathering new highlands, industrial innovation strategies and talent ecology demonstration, and better polish the new era "Name" gold medal. The programs of this title system reform have given talents to evaluate the "return to enterprises" will give "test zones" more talent reform dividends. (Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Standardize advertising signage to maintain public safety (people’s commentary)

Standardize advertising signage to maintain public safety (people’s commentary)

As an indispensable form of business activities, advertising signatures can be seen everywhere in daily life, representing the "face" of the city to a certain extent, and also witnessing business prosperity. However, once the advertising signage is not properly or notes manage, it is easy to endanger pedestrian safety, and threaten the safety of the people’s personal property.

In recent years, there has been happened because there is a safety accident caused by advertising. On May 6 this year, the Outdoor advertising sign of Shanxi, the opening of the outdoor advertising sign, the driver’s head injured, the driver’s head was injured, and the rescued was invalid; in August 2018, Shanghai Nanjing East Road, a store signboard Drop, resulting in 3 deaths and 6 injuries.

Throughout some safety accidents, there are advertising signage governance issues behind.

Some large outdoor advertising lack safety certification, becoming hidden dangers hanging on the top; some store signs are only sticking with glue, there is safety risks; some outdoor advertising signs have no main state, hidden dangers have highlighted … These phenomena reminded We, advertising signage disorder setting has influence urban public safety.

How to protect people "Safety on the top of the head" testing the level of refining in urban governance.

The reason why advertising signs becomes a safety hazard, saying that it is a management lack of management, responsibility loss.

The advertising sign is typically hanging on the high buildings, the amount is wide, sun rain, naturally produces rust and loss, especially the wind, hidden the risk of falling off.

It is critical to troubleshoot risks in time and eliminate hidden dangers. On the one hand, the advertising signage lacks unified standards, and the approval of the filing system is not mandatory, leading to the lack of the start of investigating risk hazards. On the other hand, although some places specify that outdoor advertisements should regularly conduct safety inspections, and inform the city management department, but the implementation process lacks mandarous, can only rely on the market main body. At the same time, after many stores closed, the owners often won’t take the initiative to deal with the sign, before the sale of the store, these left-legged non-harvest lacks management and maintenance. Safety is the bottom line of urban development, and it is possible to "no one without no loss" everyday.

In recent years, all localities have rectified advertising signboards, and they have also been very hard. For example, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, from 2017 to 2020, nearly 70,000, in the near future, the low temperature weather is increased, and all localities are also intended to investigate the signing of the advertising signs of the jurisdiction, and urge to reinforce and rectify.

However, compared to numerous advertising signs and hidden risk hazards, management personnel’s professional level and human hand are limited, alone on the street inspection and naked eye, difficult to achieve complete coverage, effective governance; only rely on concentration Remediation, often harvest is the effectiveness of the standard. Will the gateway forward, promote the supervision of the advertising signboard, and turn to the incompetence of the exemplification, which is precautions to the treatment of safety hazards, and the righteousness of the refined management. The system is the long-term, tube fundamental, and the management of the advertising signboard also needs to delineate the red line to construct the safety bottom line.

"Beijing Outdoor Advertising Facilities, Plaque Labeling and Slogan Promotional Setting Management Regulations officially implemented this year, clarifying safety impact assessments before the facility settings, preventing outdoor billboards from hovering and other safety accidents .

The introduction of various local similar management regulations has taken an important step in institutional constraints.

Under the same conditions, the subjective energy is different, and the effect of grasping the implementation is different.

It is necessary to force the formalism, bureaucracy, and face problems will never be "hidden" "etc.", and better play the subjective initiative.

Guard the personal property of the people, this is the bottom line project of "people’s city as the people".

As a urban manager, especially adhere to the people-oriented thinking, exclude risks in front, enhance management level, whether it is the safety of "the safety", or eliminates the risk of the electric car, or Strengthen the daily inspections and maintenance management of the well cover facilities to ensure that "the safety under the foot" needs to stick to the problem-oriented, and the embroidery is embroidered. The general public should also start from their own, improve security awareness, participate in urban joint sharing.

Only this can weake the protective nets that we woven the urban security in the co-tube. Originally published in "People’s Daily" (05th edition, December 2021) (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Share more people see recommendation reading.

Strengthening the rule of lawful rural construction to help comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages

Strengthening the rule of lawful rural construction to help comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages

The director of the Hubei Provincial Department of Justice received an interview host: Party’s 19th National Plenary Session: Comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages.

Strengthening the construction of the rule of law is to implement a rural revitalization strategy, and promote the basics of fundamental work in accordance with the law.

Please introduce, how is Hubei province to promote the construction of a rural rural area? Gong Yuwen: The issue of "three rural" has always been the top priority of the work of the whole party. Hubei is an agricultural province, strengthening the construction of rural areas, and related to the overall economic and social development of the province. The provincial party committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to the construction of the rule of law. In the "Hubei Provincial Rural Revitalization Strategy (2018-2022)", the provincial level of the rule of law and the rule of law proposes clear requirements, and it is a comprehensive revitalization of the country, consolidation There is a strong start of the peasant mass life.

In 2020, the central government issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Rule of Law Country", in accordance with the "Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Rule of Law", the Hubei Provincial Department of Justice, focusing on the rule of law, focusing on the rule of law The safeguards of the long-term ", close to the" two key "of rural governance system and governance ability, read good autonomy, rule of law, and morality", effectively promote the harmony of rural areas, guaranteeing rural development, enhancing people’s livelihood . Mainly do the following aspects: First, strengthen the system construction, so that the rural governance is steady.

The first provincial level of provincial-level promotion strategy is implemented in the country – "Hubei Provincial Rural Promotion Promotion Regulations", promptly prove effective experience in the practice of rural reform and development, and rising practices In the track of the rule of law, the rural governance is promoted to ensure that the rural governance can be equivalent, and there is a chapter. The second is to optimize legal services, making rural governance more efficient. Hubei Province has issued the "Hubei Provincial Public Legal Service Regulations" on accelerating the implementation of public legal service system construction, preparation of public legal service project list, realizing agricultural legal aid to support, rural public legal service entity platform, village ( Hiving) Legal Service Consultant and Legal Adviser WeChat work group coverage is achieved three 100%, and legal services are more accurate and praise. The third is the cultural rule of treatment, and injective vitality in rural governance.

The focus of the rule of law rural construction is in the cultivation of the national rule of law. We combine the rule of law culture and the Chinese excellent traditional culture, integrating into the village, to promote the wind and easy to move, and let the masses can be treated with the protagonist of the rural style. For example, Wuling County, Yichang City specially established the "Citizen Integrity".

At the same time, we use the rule of law to dress beautiful villages, and the province has a total of 130 national democratic rule of law demonstration villages (community), 100 provincial rule of law construction demonstration villages (community), and build more than 8,500 rhizable cultural positions.

  Moderator: This sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused unprecedented impact and impact on Hubei ‘s economic and social development.

Please tell us about the rule of law in the construction of rural co-ordinate the work of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, which has played an important role? Gong cite text: After the outbreak, the majority of villages in accordance with the provincial government plans and requirements quickly from daily management into emergency management, to meet the challenges of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the rule of law rural construction played a fundamental guarantee of the important role .

Adhere to guide the rural epidemic prevention and control with the rule of law thinking, timely for some parts of the village blocked the road spontaneous outbreak of the legality of the practice of plugging judgments and make recommendations to effectively prevent misconduct lead to social risks from the source.

Vigorously carry out the "epidemic prevention and control law counterparts" special legal advocacy, grassroots cadres and masses focus on improving the prevention and control of law awareness and the ability to govern according to law, has released a typical case of 753 cases, prevention and control of information more than 6000, more than 800 promotional video, posters 130 million copies. Some plain "earthy" slogan, but also highlight the rural Contagion legally hardcore attitude. Efforts to guard against and defuse "the plague syndrome", and improve multi-prevention and mediation to resolve a comprehensive mechanism to concentrate on resolving more than 80,000 contradictions and disputes affect the harmony and stability of the rural society, so that "small village, not big town", as the plague after revive create a harmonious and stable social environment. Moderator: We have noticed, "on the strengthening of the rule of law Rural Construction" put forward to improve the prevention and mediation to resolve social conflicts diverse combination of mechanisms. Just now, you also mentioned the work being carried out in Hubei, Can you briefly explain? Gong cite text: With the rapid development of rural economy and society, showing interest in rural areas diversification, interest demands complicated, conflicts of interest externalization notable feature of the rule of law with the rule of law thinking and effective way to resolve conflicts and disputes, is to achieve rural governance effective way. 2019, we organized the province’s 30,000 villages (neighborhood) mediation committees to carry out rectification work, with its village (neighborhood) committee general with the deployment, with the arrangement, with making progress, people’s mediation organizations continue to optimize the network system.

We actively explore the construction mediation work pattern of a new era, the first pilot in Xianning City, the integration of people’s mediation, administrative mediation, arbitration and judicial mediation convergence linkage, through a unified acceptance, shared sites, integration of forces, pool resources, intensive management, etc., the implementation of intensive "one-stop" mediation service. This work is also being pushed province ordered. Moderator: strengthening the rule of law publicity and education is the key rural countryside contents of a Law, in Hubei Will this have any innovations? Gong cite text: In recent years, we implement the "Order" Franco-Prussian precision to meet the individual needs of the masses.

Xiangyang Municipal Bureau of Justice to carry out "one thousand legal services staff into thousands of villages (community)" anti-crime evil forces activity within the city, to promote the city administration of justice system’s anti-crime fight against evil forces in depth.

Huangshi use of "sound village" intelligent broadcast platform, so that the people stay at home or listen to popularizing knowledge in the fields everywhere. We take the "critical few", strengthen the village "two committees" team members, people’s mediators, the grid members, village team and other key "leaders of the rule of law," the rule of law training to enhance the rule of law. We focus on the "most widespread", strictly implement the "Who’s Who of law enforcement Franco-Prussian" responsibility system, have been carrying out "into the countryside Civil Code," "foster awareness of the law to strengthen the rule of law," "The Constitution Households" and other rule of law publicity and education activities. We highlight the flavor of Hubei, actively carry out "Jing Chu sing opera style rule of law culture to catch a large set of" rule of law and other mass cultural activities, "Atlas of the Civil Code of physical paper-cut" rule of law and a number of high-quality repertoire, pictures, Atlas launched, so that the rule of law education more down to earth, become more activated. Moderator: Earlier, you mentioned also read a good autonomy, the rule of law, rule of virtue "three rule by the" must have also made a lot of success, can you tell us about? Gong cite text: Thank you, moderator.

"Three rule" binding, is the best way to achieve good governance countryside.

2019, Hubei held to promote the "three two-base strengthening governance integration" Local Governance (Yidu) pilot mobilization, specifically six categories 20 sub-tasks.

By more than a year of practice and exploration, rural governance full of vitality, more harmonious and orderly society, people get a sense of well-being, a sense of security is growing.

Mainly in four aspects: First, rural governance fortress stronger.

Always put the party building grassroots rural governance implement the full cycle and full dimension, to carry out the exploration branch on a grid, the driving force, resource sink grids to accelerate lead the party building autonomy, Law, by Virtue Fusion glow in the "multiplier effect . " The second is to fully release the kinetic energy of rural governance.

By building features self-government system, the establishment of multi-platform integration, foster self-rule by the organization to explore Local Governance in self-management, self-education, self-service, self-improvement path of self-government, continued to stimulate rural governance kinetic energy.

The third is to strengthen rural governance to guarantee the full. Strengthen the "rule of law is an important symbol of regional core competitiveness" philosophy, always adhere to the rule of law Huimin, focusing on grassroots padded short board, at least three of the criteria for determining each judicial staff, to explore an increase in staff solely on the community corrections joint Provincial Commission Office by the end of 2020 to carry out special supervision of the implementation.

Fourth, rural governance continue to rally together. Full of virtue within the heart of the village, acting on the outside of the run of form, the creation of the rule of law and moral lecture, civilized practice, advanced culture to lead the villagers, village beautification wind.

Based on regional characteristics, "the Lunar Night Talk New Family Tradition," "happy village" as the theme, the family "microclimate" Win-run social "environment" to promote a new culture of family tradition into governance performance. We firmly believe that with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, we will be able to embark on a road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, rural revitalization, will be able to win a complete victory in the country’s new socialist modernization. Topic: (Editor: Zhang Gui, Zeng Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Russische militaire macht blijft versterken, het nieuwe paraplureductie-systeem wordt officieel gelanceerd

Russische militaire macht blijft versterken, het nieuwe paraplureductie-systeem wordt officieel gelanceerd

Nieuwe uitrusting van het Noordpoolmacht, continu verzameld in de afgelopen jaren, het Noordpoolgebied als een belangrijke geopoliteitsrichting van Rusland, en de status van de algemene nationale strategie blijft verbeteren. Om de nationale veiligheid te waarborgen en te reageren op de westerse extrusie, versterkt Rusland continu de constructie van Arctische militaire macht en versterkt het voordeel van het Noordpoolgebied.

De Airborne Force is de Russische traditionele sterkte en het nieuwe paraplu-systeem is stevig gestabiliseerd. Volgens de "arctische basis nationale beleidsbasis voor de Russische Federatie", heeft het Russische leger continu de Arctische militaire controle versterkt. In 2014 heeft Rusland een grens leger-troad gevestigd, die de North Fleet was, die in de Northern Fleet werd opgericht. Het commando wordt beheerst door het Ministerie van National Defense National Command Center, wat overeenkomt met Rusland naast het bestaande Midden-Oosten zuidwesten China. Het vijfde militaire regio buiten de grote militaire zone; in 2015 heeft Rusland de eerste landgevechtskracht in Murman’s Alakuli woonpunt ingezet; in 2017 bouwde het Russische leger een "arctische klaver" militaire basis; 2019, het Russische leger 300 mensen in het Noordpoolgebied om de Frogman-onthechting te bestrijden. Vanwege de speciale geografische locatie en klimaatomstandigheden in het Noordpoolgebied, heeft Rusland de afgelopen jaren continu de Arctische exclusieve uitrusting gecre?erd en zich aanpassen aan de arme omgeving.

In het Rode Plein van 2017, de Russische eerste show, de "TOL" -M2DT Auto Air Defense Raket, "Armor" -SA-auto-luchtverdedigingsraket, T-72B3-tank en gespecialiseerd in de tak van de Arctische productie; in 2018, Russisch Vuurwapens Fabrikant, Kalash NICOV, toonde de "Noordoorlogvoorbereidingsset" voor de Arctische soldaten; in 2019, IR-38N anti-onderzee?r-machine gekleurde Arctische basis; 2020, "dolk" hoge supersonische raket lanceerde op hetzelfde moment Noord-vloot, de Russische legerkrachten in het Noordpoolgebied zijn uitgerust met T-80BVM-tanks in het Noordpoolgebied.

Het paraplusysteem "Long-Afstandsloper" is ook een belangrijk onderdeel van de strategische implementatie, genaamd "Huishoudelijk systeem is een van de meest duurzame en gewichtdragende systemen wereldwijd."

Nieuw paraplu reductiesysteem Dit paraplu restrictiesysteem omvat voornamelijk een hoofdparken van 28 vierkante meter, een oppervlakte van 27 vierkante meter, en een riem met een riemzak en de bovenste schaal wordt aangedreven door nul-pneumatische stof en microline. Word . De bestemming van de paraplu kan worden verlaagd van een hoge mate van vliegsnelheid van 400 tot 8000 meter in het geval van onmiddellijk inzet, terwijl na het inzetten van 3 seconden, kan het met een snelheid van 350 km / u worden geland.

"Lange-afstandslopers" paraplu reductiesysteem heeft 180 kg draagvermogen, in alle paraplu-systeem, het paraplusysteem heeft een lichtere gewicht van hetzelfde type in vergelijking met hetzelfde type, dat 50 kilometer horizontaal kan zijn.

Tegelijkertijd, aangezien de gebruikte materialen niet worden be?nvloed door de hoge oppervlaktetemperatuur, is het parapluverminderingssysteem ideaal voor verborgen landing en elk terrein. Het paraplureductie-systeem heeft ook speciaal ontworpen zuurstoftoevoersystemen, speciale helmen, waterdichte nachtzichtspiegels en 10 kg vrachtcontainers, deskundigen wijzen erop dat de container speciale krachten mogelijk maakt om een ??groot aantal munitie, voedsel en diverse apparatuur in de lucht te dragen. Van het gewicht van het systeem is het veilig om te springen, zelfs als u meer dan 100 kilogram skydiver bent.

Het nieuwe umbroe-restrictiesysteem is op 26 april 2020, Russische parachutisten gebruiken dit paraplusysteem van 3 Ill -76 militaire transportvliegtuigen van 10.000 meter hoog naar het gebied Fandex Joseph-eilanden (Arctic), voltooide de eerste show van het systeem.

Bovendien wordt de zuurstofapparatuur van het systeem ook getest onder zware omstandigheden.

Deze Airborne is ‘s werelds eerste molfer in de lucht in het Noordpoolgebied. Omdat de geografische locatie en het klimaat in arctische gebieden, het paraplureductie-systeem vereist is om de sterke windvlaag te weerstaan ??en de nauwkeurigheid van het land te verzekeren.

In dit in de lucht kan worden bewezen dat het nieuwe paraplu restrictiesysteem volledig aan deze voorwaarden kan voldoen en kan ervoor zorgen dat het parachutepersoneel in de lucht is voltooid en de volgende operationele taken blijft uitvoeren.

Rusland heeft het nieuwe paraplu restrictiesysteem gepasseerd en het vermogen om het systeem te testen is voorbereiding op de daaropvolgende lancering-eenheid en het vermogen van zijn eigen gevecht wordt weergegeven.

Miljoen hoge hoogte kan de vechters soepel maken, en tot op zekere hoogte de mogelijkheid om met de vogels te botsen; tegelijkertijd is de gemiddelde hoge hoogtemeter in feite buiten de Arctische luchtverdedigingseenheid, genoeg om te voorkomen dat de transportmachine wordt vermeden de grondluchtverdediging vuurkracht. Daarom kan de nieuwe paraplubeslissingsapparatuur effectief de Noordelijke Airborne-zone breken, zonder sluipen in het luchtverdedigingsgebied van de vijand, zodat de Russische enkele gevechtscapaciteiten ook in het Noordpool kunnen worden gespeeld, zodat Rusland verder wordt verhoogd in het Noordpoolspel.

Tegelijkertijd, vanwege het gebrek aan materialen in het Noordpoolgebied, is het belangrijk om snel strategische materialen naar de Arctic Combat te overbrengen. Het krachtige draagvermogen van het umaplu restrictiesysteem kan een snelle levering van strategische materialen bereiken tijdens de werking, terwijl het ondersteuningsvermogen van het Russische leger wordt verbeterd, reageert op noodsituaties. (Zhang Jingong Huang di Qing Ma Jianwa) (Editor: Chen Yu, Qinhua) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Tokio heeft in 2 dagen een nieuw diagnosisje om 20.000 Japan nieuwjaar te breken.

Tokio heeft in 2 dagen een nieuw diagnosisje om 20.000 Japan nieuwjaar te breken.

Op 3 februari werd Tokio toegevoegd aan 2.679 gevallen van New Crown Pneumonia. (NHK TV VIDEO SCREENSHOT) Uit de leeftijdslaag, 3007 gevallen jonger dan 10 jaar, 3007 gevallen onder de 10, 10 tot 19 jaar, 3849 gevallen van 20 tot 29, 30 tot 39 zijn er 3675 gevallen, 3457 gevallen van 40 tot 49, 2047, 987 jaar oud, 987 jaar oud, 678 foto’s van 70 tot 79, 416 gevallen van 80-89 jaar oud. Er waren 132 gevallen van 90-99, 3 gevallen meer dan 100 jaar oud.

Nog eens 3 gevallen zijn onbekend. Gegevens tonen aan dat het aantal gediagnosticeerde gevallen op 3 februari Tokio de datum is in dezelfde periode in de vorige week. Het gediagnosticeerde zaak was 17,7058 gevallen van 7058 gevallen, die eerder 7 dagen vóór de 7 dagen was.

Bovendien zijn 6776 pati?nten met de infectie-route ge?dentificeerd, en "gezin" infectie heeft de meeste infectie, 4.273 gevallen, boekhouding voor het geheel.

Ten tweede, "Facility" -infectie, 1304 gevallen, goed voor%. Onder hen waren de faciliteiten van de kinderen, zoals pocketregeringen 489, 351 basisscholen, 175 pensioenfaciliteiten, 74 medische instellingen. En "Werkplek" -infectie is 631 gevallen, verfrissende geschiedenis. Volgens statistieken overschreed het aantal huisisolatievakken in Tokio 80.000 gevallen, 80.000 3727 gevallen, slechts ongeveer 30.000 gevallen in de laatste week.

Het aantal gevallen dat wordt uitgevoerd door isolatie op de aangewezen locatie bereikt 4,123 gevallen, en het hoogste verslag van de geschiedenis wordt vernieuwd. Bovendien, het aantal pati?nten dat nog steeds wacht op de kennisgeving van ziekenhuisopname of naar de aangewezen locatie om het aantal 6517 gevallen te isoleren.

Tokyo, je hebt de applicatie-tarief van het bed bereikt. Volgens de beoordelingscriteria in Tokio heeft de huidige medische behandeling van medische instellingen in Tokio% bereikt en is het een percentage op 2 dagen gegroeid. Het nieuwe aantal nieuwe diagnosevallen van Japan heeft 90.000 gevallen van geschiedenis overschreden, de hoogste-end-gegevens die zijn vrijgegeven volgens de Japanse regering, de 3e nieuwe nieuwe nieuwe Crown Pneumonia van Japan bevestigde gevallen 9.6845 gevallen, verfrissende geschiedenis. Het aantal cumulatieve gediagnosticeerde gevallen in het land heeft 3 miljoen gevallen overschreden. In de 3e was de nieuwe doodscase 90, en de nationale geaccumuleerde doodszaak was 1.9057.

Tongde concentric fortune and long – Yanbian people to strengthen national unity and notes

Tongde concentric fortune and long – Yanbian people to strengthen national unity and notes

  Learning as a family, watching help, unity and mind, and dreaming.

All along, Yanbian State firmly grasps the theme of "common unity and struggle, common prosperity, live in harmony between all ethnic groups, peace of mind, harmonious development, and jointly create happiness. See the true love nation in the grassroots level, see the true feelings. Wang Qingxian Xinmin Street East Zhen Community Party Branch Secretary, Sun Fangyu, often visited the household, strive to do good things in the relationship between the people of the community, and she often pays for the disabled households in the jurisdiction, and ethnic minority poor households to send rice. , Food products such as edible oil, give them no slight help and care. Community Korean empty nest elderly English Shu is a second-level disabled old man who is abducted, this year is 78 years old, his wife is in bed.

Looking in the eyes, Sun Fangyu, anxious in his heart, took the initiative to help with her, walked into this Korean family, like a child cares for the elderly. When the old people were hospitalized, Sun Fang Yu took a meal every day and chatted with her. On a night of 2015, Sun Fang Yu was woke up by a phone, "Girl, you will come over," Sun Fang Yu quickly arrived, and the old man was quickly arrived and sent the old man to the hospital quickly. In the sixth year, Sun Fang Yu always took care of the life of Fang Yingshu, in the days to get along with the elderly, they have already regarded each other as a loved ones.

  The people who are familiar with the people are the "housekeeper" of the masses, the "kid" of the empty nesters, left behind the children, where is it, where she will appear.

Promoted Wang Shuqing, director of the party secretary of Dan Ying Community, Beishan Street, Yanji City, and everyone praised her.

  In recent years, Korean empty nests in the jurisdiction have increased, Wang Shuqing, according to the different needs of the community, mobilize 93 pharmacies, hairdresses, dry cleaning stores in the jurisdiction, providing unpaid or low day-to-day demand services for empty nesters. The "love mother" of left-behind children, every moment is worried about their eating, wearing, living, and letting them get love and care; she leads the volunteers in the jurisdiction, with community staff together Take care of the lone, "three no" and the elderly from all over the world, to make family accompanying, so that the elderly feel the warmth of the community family … Wang Shuqing is sincere and sincerely doing practical things, and tries to solve difficult things.

Her persistence and selfless dedication exchanged the satisfaction of the Han nationality, the smile of the Korean A Mai, the healthy growth of left-behind children.

  Sanhe Village, Sanhe Town, Longjing City is a typical Korean residential village, and the Korean population accounts for 98% of the population of the whole village.

From the first day of the Secretary of the Village Party Branch, Liu Jinsheng often communicates and communicates with the Korean villagers. While implementing the party’s national policy, strive to improve the village cadres and party members and the people to maintain the consciousness of national unity.

  Villagers Fang Zhe, North Korean elderly, the Korean elderly people who have no economic source, life is difficult, he actively helps declares low insurance, supplement all kinds of related procedures, let them enjoy low-inspiration; last winter, nearly 70-year-old villagers Jin Changshou and his wife are not exhibiting because of the burning of the house. He will organize the village cadres to send the house to send the door; the 62-year-old villager Qu Xiuhua accidentally falls, causing the waist fracture, he will open the car to the town hospital Take the doctor to her home for it … it takes the masses as their loved ones, and Liu Jinsheng uses actual actions to warm the villagers’ hearts.

In order to better communicate with the villagers, as a Han nationality, he learned Korean to the Korean wife, and he was more close to the relationship between the villagers. (Zhang Weiguo Li Li) Editor: Guo Cong.

The Zigang Tibetan Military Procuratorial Organization established regional collaborative mechanism

The Zigang Tibetan Military Procuratorial Organization established regional collaborative mechanism

Original title: The Sichuan Tibetan Military Procuratorial Organization established regional collaborative mechanisms Recently, "the implementation of the Implementation Measures for the Collaboration Work of the Sichuan Tibetan Military Procuratorial Organization (Trial)" (the following referred to as "Measures") signed the ceremony at the Tibet Autonomous Region People’s Procuratorate.

  At the signing ceremony, Mi Mami, deputy director of the People’s Procuratorate of Tibet Autonomous Region, and Xu Shiguang, deputy inspectors of the First Military Procuratorate of the Western War Area, represent the "Measures" in the Western Tibetan Autonomous Region, and the first military procuratorate of the Western Tibet. Mima Kan said, "Measures" signing will effectively promote the intensive, Sichuan, Tibetan provinces (districts, municipal) military procurators and collaboration, more in-depth, will help the joint service to ensure the scientific development of economic and social and military construction, Tong to maintain the social harmony and stability and the improvement of the fighting power, jointly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of national defense interests and military military Xu Shiguang said that with the signing of the "Measures", it will further promote the pragmatic exchange and cooperation of the people’s procuratorates at the Western Warcorn and the Autonomous Region, will further promote the cooperation work of the military and land procuratorial organs in Tibet. Deep, doing excellent. It is understood that the "Measures" signed is the first regional comprehensive collaboration mechanism established by the 2016 military judicial system adjustment and reform, the aquary-level military procuratorate and the aquary of the provincial procuratorate, while the Tibet Autonomous Region People’s Procuratorate The first military procuratorate in the western war area is the procurator of this regional collaborative mechanism.

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Suzhou emotional electronic stock trading has an abnormal fluctuations announced that there is no major information that should be disclosed without disclosure.

Suzhou emotional electronic stock trading has an abnormal fluctuations announced that there is no major information that should be disclosed without disclosure.

Suzhou emotion. People’s Daily Nurse Wang Ji Liang photo "Reporter Wang Ji Liang) On November 8 After the daily limit, the third consecutive trading day harvested the daily limit. On the 8th, the emotional electronics released the "Announcement of the Corporate Stock Trading of Contact". According to the announcement, the company’s stock trading continuously 10 consecutive trading days (Trading Day from October 26, 2021, 2021, November 8, 202, November 8, 202, November 8) The increasing amount of the price increased by 100%, according to the relevant regulations, the shares of stock trading is seriously abnormal fluctuations . At the same time, the company’s stock trading continuously three consecutive trading days (November 5, 202, November 5 and November 8), the closing price gains from 30%, which belongs to the abnormal fluctuations of stock transactions. The announcement shows that by self-examination of the company and confirmed to the company’s largest shareholders Suzhou Summit Investment Management Co., Ltd. There is no major information that should be disclosed, including, but not limited to, is planning to be planned to have major issues such as M & A restructuring, share issuance, debt restructuring, business restructuring, asset stripping and asset injection.

The company currently has normal changes in daily operations and has not changed. The announcement also said that the company did not find media reports and market rumors that may have a significant impact on the company’s stock trading prices, and did not involve market hotspot concepts; the company did not find other major events that may have greater impact on the company’s share price. Directors, supervisors, senior management, controlling shareholders and actual controllers do not exist in stocks during the company’s shareholding transactions. The company’s board of directors confirmed that in addition to the disclosed matters disclosed in accordance with regulations, the company did not disclose without disclosure without any relevant provisions of the "Shanghai Securities Exchange Boards stock listing rules (hereinafter referred to as" Science Board Listing Rules "). Matters or the planning and intentions related to the above matters, the board of directors has not been informed of the disclosure of the company’s stock and its derivative transaction prices in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Science Board Listing Rules". .

However, on November 3, there are investors in consulting emotions in the interactive platform. Whether the company’s main product speaker has related cooperation with Tesla, Xiaopeng, Wei Si, BYD, and the company as the world’s largest speaker manufacturing How much is the share of China’s share, will it increase the domestic market share? The emocho responded on this day, the company’s main product speaker and Tesla, the official car, BYD has stable cooperation, including the aware of the car, the company provides customers with traditional car speakers. The vehicle audio system. The company’s car speaker is about 19% in the country. The company will continue to increase business development efforts at home and abroad, further consolidate and enhance market share.

Suzhou Summer Electronics was founded in 1992, and on 19 April 2021, I landed on the CSO, mainly producing and operating automotive speakers and related electronic products.

The third quarter of this year showed that the company’s main income billion is brought about by up to date. (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.

Taiwan bid residence certificate Fujian takes the lead in achieving the province of acceptance points

Taiwan bid residence certificate Fujian takes the lead in achieving the province of acceptance points

  On the 12th, Fujian Provincial Public Security Organs deepen the "venting service" reform press conference held in Fuzhou. Chen Cai’an, the deputy head of the Public Security Corps of the Fujian Public Security Department, was disclosed at the press conference held in Fuzhou on the 12th. In order to facilitate the Taiwan resident residence certificate, all public security household registration window in Fujian Province set up acceptance points, and take the lead in achieving the country Acceptance points are fully covered in the province and shorten Taiwan residents’ residential certificates from 20 working days to 10 working days. Chen Cai’an said that it can provide convenient initiatives such as express delivery to the door according to the application of the Taiwan. It is understood that, at present, the province’s railway ticket purchase and security verification channel, airport, bank, insurance, accommodation hotel, business business license registration, medical insurance, 政 通 健 码, purchase special drugs and telecommunications, mobile, Unicom operation acceptance points, etc. It has supported the use of Taiwan resident residence certificates; Tencent, Ali, Jingdong and other large-scale Internet application platforms also support registration of Taiwan resident residence permit registration.

  Affected by the epidemic, the entry and exit management department has introduced a series of control policies. According to the deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Public Security Department, Ma Xi Feng, I only launched the 12367 service platform of the National Immigration Management Institute, providing 7 × 24-hour hotline consultation, answers, complaints, etc. 10,000 people.

  In implementing the National Immigrant Authority.

Ma Zhenfeng pointed out that from June 10, the ordinary passport was canceled with 20 yuan filling charge; 421 passports were replaced for abroad; the mainland residents of the long-term residents in Taiwan were commissioned to go to Taiwan Pass, Taiwan Pass 39 Zhang; convenience for foreign talents and residence permits.

  Fujian Province also innovated three entry-entry convenience measures to launch service Taiwan and Macao residents, including the provision of self-service filler services for entry and exit documents in Fuku Hong and Macao residents; Free queue "convenience service; to provide entry-exit documents in the Taiwan Taiwan].

(Zheng Jianglo) Source: China News Net Articles Source: China News Network Editor: Li Xin.

Sanjin History: Ci 3 DPRK, 6 times make the western region, hidden behind Su Wu – Changhui

Sanjin History: Ci 3 DPRK, 6 times make the western region, hidden behind Su Wu – Changhui

Changhui, Western Han Dynasty, Taiyuan County.

He is the mid-term diplomatic event in the Western Han Dynasty. It is often treated to deal with the diplomatic relationship between the Han and the Western Region and the Northern Xiongnu of the Xiongnu, the diligence, the completion of the work, and the history of the history, "" ""

Dedicated to the early days of Su Wuhan, the national strength is limited, and it is impossible to resist the Xiongnu. Take a pro-policy, marry the princess from the Xiongnu, and send the money to exchange the border.

During the Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty was constantly discriminated by Huxiongni, and the two sides sent a mutual reconnaissance.

The Huns detained Han Guo Ji, and the road is surprising, and the Han Dynasty also detained the Xiongnu enrollment.

After the Hannamu relations, the Xiongnu sent the Hanting to the Hanting for many years. Han Wu Emperor sent Suwu to make the Xiongnu, the escort to the Hun of Han returned to China, and by the way, the way to give the gift of a very rich gift to return his kindness.

In order to travel, Su Wu has raised a sense of meaning, and it is a team that seizes this opportunity, self-discipline, and responding to the team.

After that, the story of "Suwu Sheyang North Sea" has occurred. It is often stuck in the Huns.

Han Dynasty drove, Han Zhaodi boarded.

A few years later, the Xiongnu and the Hand and. Han Tin seeks Su Wu and others, the Xiongnu is lie, Su Wu is dead. Later, I thought about the situation in the Xiongnu in the Hun. And the Han has made the pair to say: "Han family is boy hunting in Shanglinyuan, shooting a geese, is a book, saying that Su Wu and others are in the North Sea." Han is very happy, teaching according to Changhui If you want to ask you.

Some people who look at the side are very surprised, thinking is that God, with the Han, said: "Su Wu and others are still alive." Changhui sent Suwu and he sent Su Wu to the triumph of Changan, the same Going more than one person, only nine people come back.

Su Wu was worshiped as a class, and the three people who were often worshiped as Zhonglang, and later worshiped as Guanglu Dafu. When Wusun State, in my country, in China, there are some parts of China and the Central Asia, "the 36 countries" is known as the Western Region, and Wusun State is one of them. The time of Wusun County, Dubei Tagu City, is a nomad, often being invaded by the Huns.

During the Han Xuan Emperor, dispatching usually made Wu Sun. Solving the princess and Wusun Wang dispatched to make a minister, and said to the Han Dynasty rescue: "The Xiongnu sent a large team to attack Wu Sun, occupying the cars, the evil division, and gumped the people to leave, send a threat to the princess, I would like to break the relationship between Wu Sun and the Han Dynasty. Kunmu is willing to dispatch half of the country, they supply 50,000 people, try their best to attack the Huns.

I urge the emperor to serve the princess, Kunmi! "So Han Dynasty dispatched the 150,000 cavalry, five generals, and took a few ways to attack the Huns.

Han Xuan Emperor was appointed for the school, and the handheld guards guarded the Wu Sun Army. Wu Sun king personally leads more than 50,000 cavalry. From the West to the right valley, capture the father of the Huns and the following three thousand people, the princess, the famous king, and the ride will wait for the following three more than 9,000 people, pay the horse, cattle,, More than 50,000 camels, more than 60,000 sheep.

In this war against the Huns, the five generals sent by the Han Dynasty were unfavorable, and they were universal, and the Han Xun was in charge.

Soon after punishment, Han Xuan Emperor sent us to return to Wu Sun and enjoys a good job.

It is often the Shangpun Han Xuan Emperor to say: "Turtle Zigui has killed the Han Dynasty school, Lai Dan, did not be punished, asked to attack the turtle.

"Han Xuan Di did not agree.

The generals Huo Guang instructions will actually act according to the actual situation.

Changhui and the officers and soldiers arrived at Wu Sun together, returned to the Tauk, taking the Wusun Seven thousand soldiers, taking the 20,000 soldiers and horses of the Western countries, so that their pair makes the turtle Take more than 50,000 people in the East National Countries, more than 50,000 people, from three sides to turtle their Turtle.

The army has not yet fighting, and the common sentiment will accusing the Turtle to kill the Han Dynasty school.

The king of Turtle said: "That is the mistake of my father’s words, I am innocent."

"Changhui said:" In this case, then grab the me, I put you.

"Finally, the king of Turtle has to arrest the ambition, send it to the Huihui, and return to the country.