Urban drama should not be separated from the people’s life

Urban drama should not be separated from the people’s life

Urban drama should not be separated from the people’s life

It is recommended to read the construction of 5G base station construction and commercial pace, and improve the integration infrastructure construction represented by the data center, the Intelligent Computing Center, and lay a solid physical foundation for the digital and intelligent upgrades of traditional industries.

2021-11-1609: 34 In the "14th Five-Year Plan", we need to have a deep understanding of strengthening intellectual property protection in promoting construction modern economic system, stimulating allocate innovation, support innovative national construction and socialist modern national construction. The significance of the meaning.

2021-11-0509: 32 Due to the development of Marxism, it is deeply rooted in the people. For the people, relying on the people, it is the theory of the people, and the people’s identity, support and support can only be transformed, and China has changed the world. Human history and vividly explain the theoretical character of "line". 2021-10-2815: 56 Implementing an innovative driving development strategy, accelerating building an innovative country, is a high-quality economic system, building a modern economy system. "Innovation Drive" deeper important question is "Drive Innovation"? 2021-10-2609: 43 In the process of moving towards the second hundred years of struggle, common wealth has become an important strategic objective for my country’s economic development, and ecological rich people can also play a huge function and role. From 2021-10-2109: 34 From the perspective of construction experience, the intersection of smart urban construction has been involved in the government to participate in the society, and the multi-main body, diversified model transformation of joint construction operations, "Government guidance + market lead + public participation" The value model is worth reference. 2021-10-1909: 26 Future in the central city and the surrounding urban circles, the population will continue to grow.

And in the perimeter of the central city, the population will emerge.

In order to meet the trend of re-layout this population, urban and rural and regional development policies are required to implement differentiation.

2021-10-1514: 04 Digital civilization construction is a systematic project, which involves multi-level content of economic, political, cultural, mental, environment, and continuous optimization of social digital relationships will be an orderly, efficient development of all aspects. Create more convenient conditions. 2021-10-1310: 00 National Day, Meng Liangzhou is returned.

After experiencing storms, peace of mind, she thanked the people of the motherland. She deeply got a strong motherland. When she walked down the plane, she said that people had a good sentence: "There is a five-star red flag, there is a faithful lighthouse." 2021-10-0909: 24 China uses 9% of cultivated land in the world, accounting for nearly 20% of the world, and actively participates in the global elimination of hunger and food trade, not only successfully solves the food problem of more than 1.4 billion people, but also for the world Food security made a prominent contribution. 2021-10-0409: 07 Promoting the construction of the Yellow River National Cultural Park is a strategic starting person, task, systematic and strong system, and need to be well-planned, and need to be well-planned.

2021-10-0209: 07 Review the historical process of reform and opening up for more than 40 years, the Chinese Communist Party has always been able to turn the crisis as the transfer, and promote high quality development, and have accumulated rich and valuable historical experience in this practice process. 2021-09-2614: 57 The American Democratic "transformation" of the United States for 20 years of Afghanistan is just a farce of the US self-directed, "Kabul Time" once again recreated the US "universal value" pseudo mask.

2021-09-1509: 18 "Actively do action, do not do wishes", promote the common prosperity of more than 14 billion people, "China’s rules" practice is the powerful confidence and strength of world peace and development, fully reflecting a The responsibility and responsibility of the big country should be.

2021-08-3110: 05 China is currently superimposing the key nodes of the second modern transformation in the first modernization process, it is necessary to learn from the advanced experience of the first modern transition of developed countries, and face the first time. New Situation of the Second Modern Transformation.

2021-08-1614: 42 Governance corruption, adhere to the party and national supervision system, should adhere to accurate Metei, through continuous deepening of reform and purification political ecology, recover the macro political cost of corruption, and the "toxins" induced corruption.

2021-08-1014: 58 In the current situation of China’s economic finance, the legal supervision system and industry guidance mechanism of self-media should be improved as soon as possible, and the expected management actively extends to the media platform to maintain the effective market. Sex and stability. 2021-07-3116: 13 Fully implement the depth, breadth, breadth and difficulty of rural revitalization strategy, is unbearable, and the intersection of the rural revitalization, "three rural" work must be resolved Full problem paving the road. 2021-07-3009: 45 Whether it is a central region or major strategies in major regions, it is not possible to solidly self-seating, and should further adhere to the "integration" concept on the basis of "hugging", and extends the internal advantageous industry and elements. To other regions, constantly strengthen cooperation between different urban groups. 2021-07-2711: 05 Science and Technology Innovation is the system engineering. People are the most important variables. As long as people play a good role, we will grasp the pulse of innovation, and they have promoted our country better and faster development. Maximum power source. .

Revitalial High-Han Chao Group tried to run the most east-term high-speed rail in my country

Revitalial High-Han Chao Group tried to run the most east-term high-speed rail in my country

Original title: Revival number high-cold train team first tried to run my country’s most east-term high-speed rail Xinhua News Agency Harbin August 15th (Reporter Wang Junbao) At 7:50 on August 15th, Music High-speed Railway joint test site first group of CR400BF-G The high-spirited high-and-winter train team slowly came out from the Mudanjiang Station. This is the first time to participate in the high-speed rail joint of the Renaissance High-speed railway joint, and the Renaissance high-altitude high-speed train team tried to run in my country.

The Mangjia High-speed Rail is located in the eastern part of Heilongjiang Province. After the Mudanjiang City, Jixi City, Qitaihe City, Shuangyashan City, Jiamusi City and other places, the line is more than 370 kilometers, the design speed is 250 kilometers, and it is currently the best Long high-speed rail line.

According to the Music High-speed Railway joint test headquarters, this trial running speed 350 kilometers Revival high-and-cold train group has low temperature and ice-resistant "stunts", which can operate in a 40 ° C under 40 ° C.

Since the start of June 10, the Music High-speed Railway joint test has carried out the progressive speed of the EMU step by step, the signal system test test, and the dynamic detection and commissioning of orbit, communication, disaster monitoring and other systems. And the overall system is optimized.

At present, dynamic testing trials have been basically completed to meet the trial operation conditions.

After the railway department introduced that the Mangao High-speed Railway joint test will be transferred to the operational test stage, lay the foundation for the opening operation of the next operation.

Quanzhou Overseas Chinese Federation held 2021 "School Zhiqiao History Zhi Qi Qi Quan Qi Quan" cadre "cadre training activities

Quanzhou Overseas Chinese Federation held 2021 "School Zhiqiao History Zhi Qi Qi Quan Qi Quan" cadre "cadre training activities

In order to deliver the intensive discussion of the General Secretary of the Top Secretary on Overseas China, Important Discussion on Overseas China, Consolidate the Establishment of Educational Education and Educational Federation of Cadres in Overseas Chinese Federation System, and effectively enhance the quality of Overseas Chinese Union Cadres, November 11-15, 2021, hosted by Quanzhou Overseas Chinese Federation, Hui’an County, Nan’an Overseas Chinese Federation, Quanzhou Overseas Chinese Complex Cadres, Humblestone, Human Humblestive, Humblest Overseas Chinese, Human Overseas Chinese Union, Human Overseas Chinese Union, held in Hui’an. Zhang Yao, member of Fujian Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation, Zhang Yao attended the opening, Quanzhou Overseas China Federation Party Secretary, Chairman Wen Jinhui, the Standing Committee of the Hui’an County Committee of the Communist Party of China, Zhou Pengfei, Minister of the United Front University, Hualing University, the president of the OC University, Zheng Wenzhi, etc. Zheng Wenzhi, etc. Attended and speaking.

The National Federation of Overseas Chinese Federation and 47 of the National Cadres participated in the training activities. Wen Jinhui demanded in the mobilization speech: First, to inherit the party’s fine tradition, establish a lifelong learning concept.

The course of the development of the Overseas Chinese Federation is the process of continuous learning and self-cultivation of the Overseas China and the overseas Chinese workers.

Second, it is necessary to establish a good study style and have a good job. It is necessary to learn the truthful attitude towards the truthful attitude, enhance the skills of learning, focusing on the overseas Chinese exchange reform and development, based on the actual situation of the overseas China, and strive to achieve new progress, new results, and new.

The third is to practice the basic skills, in order to change.

We must always adhere to the hard work skills, Yongxian’s passion and high wind and high wind, and strive to use the heart of the people who really change the people.

The fourth is to condense overseas Chinese, help high quality.

It is necessary to fully learn the party history, the history of the overseas Chinese, and use the Nanyang Chinese ethnic group to find root ancestors comprehensive service platform, and comprehensively lead the spring overseas Chinese to support home construction with full enthusiasm, and further help Quanzhou across new development.

Schaduwpoppenje oude kunst, jong bloed

Schaduwpoppenje oude kunst, jong bloed

Insideastudioofashadowpuppetrytheater, artistsarecarving, paintingandcoloringthepuppets. (PeoplesDailyOnline / MengBin) Whileaudiencesareshoutingbravoforthedazzlingperformance, sevenhardertosynchronizetheactionofthepuppetswiththesinging, instrumenten, andothersoundeffects, whilemakingsureeveryaspectoftheshow, suchaslightingandtransition ,, theroomonthestageislimited, soonepuppeteermaycontroltwoorthre, puppetrysavedJustlikesomanyspeciesonourplanetearththatareindangerofextinction, traditionalartsalsofacetheriskofdisappearance, andshadowpuppetryisntimmune. "Manyyoungpeoplestillholdtheimpressionthatshadowpuppetryissomekindofold-fashionedfolkart … onethatappearsinobsoletesacrificialactivities," saidLiuChaokan, whoisthesixth-generationinheritorofshadowpuppetryinLiujiazhai, TengchongCounty, Southwestchina, AninstantJoyThatPrevailsInmodernSociety, ThorryToComPrehendorAwreken. "PeoplemayaskwhywouldibotherWatchingThiswhyHeare (Somany) MoviesAndTVShowStoconsume," AmilyhadoperatedformorethantWocentures, , Butsomeofhiscol’TIntSTANDWHYHEWODUSETOWORDONAN "OldandunaTtractive" artthathadfewaudices. "Afriendonceaskedmethat, YoungpeopleDidntevenHavethepePatiencetowatchFilMSandTVSeries, SowhywouldheyWatchTiPuppetryShow" legeSeSeSandDiscouringCommentsDidnContinuethineinModernLifethatMadeHimdecidetostayon ..

Shenyang Disease Control September 7, there has been a citizen of Harbin’s history of Harbin since September 7.

Shenyang Disease Control September 7, there has been a citizen of Harbin’s history of Harbin since September 7.

Shenyang disease control release urgent health reminder: Since September 7, there have been citizens in Harbin travel history since September 7, please pay attention to the return of the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, pay attention to the dinner party within 14 days, pay attention to itself and family health status, don’t forget to do a good job of epidemic prevention (information pictures) Recently A new multi-crown pneumonia confirmed case and the first sieval of new crown virus nucleic acids in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province.

For scientific and precision, the exemption of epidemic prevention and control is continuously consolidated, and the indioxpatitis of Shenyang has continued to prevent the entry of the epidemic. The Shenyang CDC once again released an emergency health reminder to the general public.

  There is a history of the epidemic related traveler’s history to take the initiative to register September 7, there has been a history of travel in Bayan County, Nangang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. It is necessary to take the initiative to proceed to the community (village), unit report, and cooperate with nucleic acid detection, concentrate on medical observation until 14 days of prevention and control measures.

September 7, there has been a history of Harbin (except Bayan County and Nangang District), and it is necessary to provide a negative certificate of 48 hours of new crown virus nucleic acid detection. Perform nucleic acid detection and health monitoring for 14 days. Strengthening the prevention of key venues reasonably arranges the National Day travel market for concern, the National Day holiday is coming, please invite the general concern to develop dynamics, reasonably arrange travel, not necessary to go to the high-risk area and epidemic situation. The holidays do not advocate aggregation and gatherings, especially large-scale indoor aggregation activities.

  This Harbin epidemic situation involves many public places, suggesting that the people will enter the hotel, restaurants, playgrounds, transportation stations and other key venues, to scientifically, wear masks, take the initiative to show the health code, measure the body temperature, maintain 1 m or more safe distance, Keep your hand hygiene; desktop, sitting chair, door handle, elevator button or handrail, housing card, faucet, toilet button, etc., pay attention to reduce contact, clean and disinfect; implement a dinner system, use gallopic; Do a good job in living, workplace cleaning and disinfection and ventilation, keep the toilet hygiene. Actively vaccinate new crown vaccines to do self – health monitoring given the current epidemic situation, once again reminding the importance and urgency of new crown vaccination.

If you meet the conditions and unprotected vaccines, the first-pin inoculation time of the citizenship of more than 21 days is rapidly acting, and actively take the initiative to vaccinate.

Crowds that have completed the whole process can still be alert and vigilant, still need to adhere to personal protection, adhere to the scientific and wearing masks, handwash their hands, and always ventilated healthy lifestyle. Disease control experts remind the public, the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday travel returns, do not participate in the dinner party within 14 days, and pay close attention to the health of themselves, such as fever, cough, fatigue, diarrhea, taste (smell), etc., should wear Mask, timely to the close-up of the close, try to avoid riding a public transport during the medical process, and inform the doctor to tell the doctor, the history of the history, the history of the history and activities. Don’t use it yourself, don’t get medical treatment without qualified clinics, so as not to delay the treatment.

(Reporter Tang Ziyun Changshi) +1.

The 2nd Tianyuan Yong Child Education Forum is successfully held

The 2nd Tianyuan Yong Child Education Forum is successfully held

Release time: 1021-11-0410: 10 Source: How to do October 29, 202-1, from October 29, 202, Guided by China Education Society, Hangzhou International Urban Research Center (Zhejiang Urban Governance Research Center), Tianyuan Emperous Child Education The 2nd Tianyuan Empermary Child Education Forum hosted by the Institute was held in Hangzhou. The theme of "Emperient Children ‘s Culture: Policy Guidance and Education Practice". Yang Xiong, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yang Diguang, the former president of Shanghai Normal University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, East China Normal University, Zhejiang Normal University, Shaanxi Normal University and other related experts and school teachers, students participated. Li Yiming, Director of the Institute of Brain Science, Hangzhou Normal University, Dean of Shenzhen University Psychology, Professor Zhou Yongyi, Host Forum.

Zhou Jiaxian, deputy director of the Education Department of East China Normal University.

She cut from the discipline of educational neuroscience, and expounded the field, development status and practical situation involved in the discipline.

She also explained the difference between the ultra-permanent child and the ordinary children’s brain and the factors affecting the development of extraordinary children. She suggested that during the cultivation of extraordinary children, learning, curriculum setting, teaching design, etc. should be carefully designed and planned according to the evidence of the brain.

Li Weidong, a Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Executive Dean, Executive Dean, is a report of "Super Memory Research".

He introduced super-memory research results from a different research method, using different research methods.

The former deputy director of the Ministry of Education, former deputy director, researcher, deputy president of the China Education Development Strategy Society, is a report of "The Cultivation of International Vision and Student Innovation Ability".

He has a new education development pattern with a large change in the development, telling the cultivation of students’ innovation capabilities in the international perspective, and international concerns in basic education and practical experience from creativity from home and abroad. He suggested that in-depth understanding of the practice experience of cultivating adolescents in foreign countries, in order to provide a reliable basis for the promotion of adolescent creativity in foreign countries.

To help students establish new exploratory learning methods, guide students to enter the scientific research field as soon as possible, closely combine learning, life practice and scientific exploration, high emphasis on cultivating students’ critical thinking ability, and improve their research and solving problems .

Professor Yang Digong ‘s question "Exploration and Suggestions on" Super "Education – Also on the Report of" Qian Xuesen’s question ".

He started from Tianyuan University’s "Super Educational" concept and practice. The child can’t enter the school, nor does it let the children of others into the school; "Three all" concepts, "the score is higher than all, stabilize the overwhelming, fair lead" and "shake the most fair" negative concept. To establish a national concept, the state urgently needs to cultivate the tip innovative talents, and must have a group of schools that cultivate the pointed talents; "super" concept, that is, recognize the objective existence of "super" children and "teaching teaching" concept. Professor Shaanxi Normal University, the key laboratory of the Modern Teaching and Technical Ministry of Education, Hu Weiping, the report of "Innovative Reserve Talent Growth Law and Cultivation". He tells how to cultivate innovative reserve talents from the psychological traits, environmental, curriculum reforms, and teacher development of innovative reserve talents.

Zhang Hui, the head of the Supermodern Child Development and Education Research Center, Zhejiang Normal University, is a report of "Preliminary Preschool Emperience Education".

She tells the preliminary exploration of oversized children’s related policies, interpretation of oversized education models and pre-school extraordinary education.

During the forum, the first review of the First "Tianyuan Empertrist Child Education Award" was conducted. This year’s "Super Award" is the theme of "Extraordinary Child Education and Training Model Innovation and Practice Path", and finally ran out 1 gold medal and 10 nomination prizes. At the opening ceremony of the "(China) Urban Academic Year, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yang Wei, director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, awarded awards. Experts agreed that "Tianyuan Emperient Child Education Award" has the groundbreaking work, with significant practical significance and long-term significance, highlighting the teaching of the abilities, there is no such thing as educational feelings, will be able to stay in the history of China’s education. A pen. During the forum, the annual employment ceremony of the expert committee of Tianyuan Emperm Children’s Education Institute was held.

Former CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee Standing Committee, Secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Wang Guoping, director of the Heavenly Congress Committee, Wang Guoping, director of the Tianyuan University of Public Experts, Yang Xiong, who is a Chinese Academy of Sciences, is awarded a letter from Experts, Tang Minsheng, Dong Xiaowei, Zhang Wenjun, Zhang Hui.汇 EDUCATION SCIENCE & CULTURE MAGAZINE. 汇 EDUCATION SCIENCE & CULTURE MAGAZINE.

The fifth case of the Cross-Strait OECD will continue to advance the follow-up to ECFA

The fifth case of the Cross-Strait OECD will continue to advance the follow-up to ECFA

  This newspaper Taipei December 10 (Reporter Wu Yuming, Ren Chengqi) The Market Association of Taiwan Holds the Second Cooperation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Department of Economic Association) in Taipei today, Zheng Lizhong, executive vice president of the Maritime Association Gao Poing, vice-director of the Sea Branch, held a convener, and the mainland is talked by the Chief Representative of the Economic Association, and the deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce.

The two sides reviewed the work of each group since the Fourth Session of the OECD, summed up the progress made by economic cooperation between the two sides of the strait, and assess the early harvest implementation of ECFA, planning the future work. First, early harvest results continue to appear. On January 1 this year, the early harvest products in ECFA were reduced to zero tariffs. According to the statistics of the mainland customs, it is 550 million US dollars from 1 to October this year from Taiwan. It has reduced $ 1.2 billion; according to Taiwan customs statistics, from the mainland import ECFA early collection plan products, Demand more than 50 million US dollars from January to October, accumulating more than $ 120 million.

  As of the end of October 2013, according to the statistics of mainland, 216 Taiwan companies were benefited from the early harvest of non-financial sectors, and the contract investment was $ 953 million; a total of 40 Taiwan funded financial institutions; 9 Taiwan The accountant’s "temporary implementation audit business license" was valid for 1 year; 14 Taiwan videos were released. According to Taiwan statistics, the Taiwan approved land capital to Taiwan, with a total of 95 non-financial enterprises, investment or capital amount of about $ 14 billion; a total of 3 financial institutions, with an investment amount of about 140 million US dollars. The second is that the work of the team is progressing smoothly.

The Service Trade Panel signed the "Straits Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement" in June this year.

The Cargo Trade Group continued to advance the discussion. Investment team refinement to implement the insured agreement, established the investment dispute coordinative mechanism and investment consulting mechanism.

The two sides exchanged the list of "cross-strait investment dispute resolution institutions" and "subunions".

The land has issued the implementation of the Interim Measures for the Identification of the Third Ground Transportation. The third is to disclose together to share the topic. The two sides have explored the e-commerce development topics, and exchanged opinions on the e-commerce commodity inspection, commodity fast customs clearance, e-commerce setup procedures.

The United States will not lick a Taiwan problem in the short term.

The United States will not lick a Taiwan problem in the short term.

Lin Jianhong, Associate Professor, Department of International Affairs Office, Department of Foreign Language University, Taiwan. (China’s high-priced photographed) Sino-US leaders’ video conference ended that Lin Jianhong, Associate Professor, Department of International Affairs Department, Taiwan, Foreign Language University, received visitors in the 17th that the importance of this meeting was that China-US leaders achieved "each other" Understanding and understanding. Although China and the United States compete is the future, Biden must recognize the existence of China’s strength, and they are profitable to compete for competitive partners. Think from another angle, if China is not strong enough today, China and the United States will not take more than 10 months to show this meeting. Lin Jianhong, born in 1960, Taipei City.

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, School of Public and International Affairs, Academic Experts, Treatment of International Relations and Crisis, Asia-Pacific Security Policy, Cross-Strait Relationship, US Policy to China.

Lin Jianhong said that after returning to the end, Sino-US relations have dropped to low in March this year.

Sino-US, in March this year, the first China and American high-rise strategic talks were held in Alaska.

Lin Jianhong said, after this September, the US climate envoy, former Secretary of State, Johnkerry, and the Vice Secretary of State Sheriman, Sino-US, in October, Switzerland.

The two sides still have a representation of human rights, South China Sea, and Xinjiang, but the atmosphere has eased, and finalized the first video of the Chinese dollar.

For Taiwan issues, Lin Jianhong pointed out that Sino-US is a large architecture of the international situation, Taiwan only accounts for a small part. For Sino-US, Taiwan will not be angurbable, do not explode, do not seek "legal platform independence", don’t force the Sino-US, which is really showup. Therefore, "understanding and understanding" is the focus of Xi Jinping and Biden regarded the Taiwan issue.

He believes that Biden said it clearly that the United States will not support "Taiwan independence", which is the repeated duplication of the United States. After China and the United States ended, Taiwan media hot discussion in the White House statement, Biden did not mention that "Taiwan independence" was not supported. Lin Jianhong analyzed that if he interprets this, he will not be too unexpected. For example, some media interpretation Biden and the White House first mention "Taiwan Relations Law", and then talk about "Sino-US Three Experiences", but he personally thinks this interpretation is nothing.

Because the United States has long been interpreted in this long time.

The United States is in the face of Taiwan or when facing China, this has not changed.

Lin Jianhong analysis, after the Sino-US summit, the United States probably not continued to increase in Taiwan again, and the most "is flat".

The United States will not be "Taiwan Question" in the short term.

Sino-US two strongest leaders just sat down and talking, if Biden now adds Taiwan, what does this mean? Lin Jianhong said that the United States will not destroy the meeting of Chen’s hard work in the past ten months for Taiwan? The United States is also very clear, the United States is willing to compete with China, but there must be an opportunity to cooperate with each other.

The two sides did not seek conflicts, and the core strategy of Sino-US now is so clear that they will compete in a benign competition and seek cooperation. As for which movements make conflicts, or how to avoid conflicts, everyone has a few people.

Whether the future Sino-US relations will be more favorable, this can slowly observe. Lin Jianhong said that China and the United States’ competition and cooperation is the mainstay of the future. Although the United States wants to dominate the advantages and strength, it is obviously not too good, because Biden must recognize the existence of China’s strength, depending on the competition Partner. Source: Editor of the Interview: Qiu Mengying.

The Party School of the Guangxi District Committee of the Communist Party of China held the "Red Legend" theme reading sharing

The Party School of the Guangxi District Committee of the Communist Party of China held the "Red Legend" theme reading sharing

Ma Ning pointed out that the CPC Guangxi District Party School (Guangxi Administrative College) held "the" Red Legend "on the top theme reading sharing will be the specific initiative to implement the Organization Department of the Autonomous Region Party Committee Organization, and the Party School of the Communist Party of China ( Guangxi Administrative College) Persevere inheriting the vividness of the red gene and promoting the red culture.

He emphasized that the young people and youth members should take the lead in remembering red history, pursue red footprints, inheriting red genes, carrying forward red spirit, and striving to do politics, diligently reading classics, learning, perseverance, promoting new era Chinese characteristics The Magnity and Magnificent Guangxi Career Innovation and Development.

At the sharing meeting, Liu Nanfei, two director of party members of the party members of the Autonomous Region, and Liu Nanfei, the first-level researcher Liu Nanfei, "Listening to the Inheritance -" Red Legend "The story" reading sharing report, and share communication with you. He combined with the creation of "Red Legends" personal experience, surrounding the two of the red and legend, from listening, remembering and inheriting three aspects, in the past story and the present story interwoven, sharing "red Legend "creates the story behind the belief, the belief, pursuit, loyalty, and good connotation.

He issued the voice of "Red Legend" to the end of "Red Legend" in the "Red Legend", and looks forward to torture and inspect yourself from the "red legend". Soul, declare and warning our behavior.

In the interaction link, the students enthusiastically questioned, and the atmosphere was warm. Everyone said that this activity is new, not only open the horizons, cultivate the sentiment, but also creates a good reading atmosphere, truly let the young cadres get the party history knowledge from the red classic reading, draw forward power, inherit the theme reading Red gene, continuous mental blood.

Subsequently, the students held the "Red Legends" – "Red Bay" Theme Reading Sharing and "Red Story, Based on the Base of Song" Party History.

Han Yong, the Communist Party of China (Guangxi Administrative College), the Communist Party of China (Guangxi Administrative College).

The second class of young and middle-aged cadres training in the Party School of the Communist Party of China (Guangxi Administrative College), some young members and library cadres workers participated in activities. (Xiao Guiguo) Theme Read Share. Huang Liuzhen photo (editor: Xu Weiwen, Ye Bin) Share more people see.

Seventh Silk Road International Arts Festival will open December 2

Seventh Silk Road International Arts Festival will open December 2

    The festival will continue to uphold the concept of Chinese culture and values of peace, harmony, cooperation, the core focus of the Silk Road, Chinese culture, elements of the three major international theme, adhere to the festival office Festival in the art of the Silk Road, the bridge connected to the people, the masses purpose.

According to the current epidemic prevention and control situation, the 22 participating stations repertoire (including foreign 13 units) will be in the form of phasor combination of online and offline, unveiled at the International Festival of the Silk Road.

It covers more than 22 sets of repertoire arts opera, acrobatics, drama, concerts and so on. Among them, led by the famous composer Zhanhao creation, panoramic reproduction of Shaanxi and Gansu revolutionary base of the magnificent history of the revolutionary opera symphonic suite "base" will perform at this year’s festival opening ceremony.

  In the exhibition part of this year’s festival, seven exhibitions in linkage overseas artists, spiritual heritage of the Silk Road, along the Silk Road countries to promote cultural blending, the people communicating at the same time, will also vigorously promote the non-heritage peasant paintings, such as Shaanxi Chang’an Painting School cultural tourism resources, and built to showcase the latest creative ideas and achievements of the stage for the emergence in recent years of Shaanxi and the country’s young artists.

  Silk Road International Arts Festival is approved by the State Council, China’s first with the theme of the Silk Road International Arts Festival, since 2014, has been successfully held the sixth, becoming an important platform for cultural exchange between China and Shaanxi practice along the way the initiative an important starting point.