[Photos] "The League of Defense in Shanghai" 丨 Shanghai Huashan Hospital Limited Open outpatient emergency disinfecting staff busy disinfection

[Photos] "The League of Defense in Shanghai" 丨 Shanghai Huashan Hospital Limited Open outpatient emergency disinfecting staff busy disinfection

Recommended reading According to the US Fun Science Website reported on the 26th, Tanaka Miko, the longest -lived in the world, has died recently at the age of 119.

After the death of Tanaka, the Guinness World Records confirmed that the longest -lived person in the world is France’s Luciel Landon (also known as Mother Andre) at the age of 118. 2022-04-2809: 29 According to the paper published on the 27th in the "Nature" magazine, Marizar Ali, an associate professor of Daerph University of Donator University, and his research team have discovered the one-way superconductivity of the zero magnetic field. It was always considered impossible since it was discovered in 1911. They used two -dimensional quantum materials to create a Josephson diode, paving the way for superconducting computing, or completely changing centralized computing and super computing.

2022-04-2809: 31 According to a study by the University of California Davis, micro-plastic can bring pathogen on land into the ocean, which may affect the health of humans and wild animals. There are habitats such as floating animals, clams, mussels, oysters, abalones, and other shellfish, which increases their possibility of ingestion of plastic and pathogens.

2022-04-2809: 29 This report was generated on the basis of 527 white paper submitted by planetary scientists across the United States and 97 experts discussed in the past two years. The most striking task was: in the early 1930s Launch the heavenly king star detector; dispatched the detector to Titan (one of Saturn’s satellites) in the late 1930s or early 1940s.

2022-04-2809: 29 Since 2015, researchers at the Moscow National Iron and Steel Academy have been developing perovskite solar cells and photoelectric detectors.

It is reported that the Moscow National Iron and Steel Academy organized a complete assembly cycle of perovskite solar cells.

The technology has been patented and has been prepared to produce large -scale production and compete with silicon solar cells. 2022-04-2809: 29 A paper published by the British "Nature · Communication" magazine on the 27th pointed out that the current copper line facilities may support ultra-fast broadband.

Although this twisted wire can only support this width at a short distance, researchers emphasize that using short -distance twisted twisted wires are expected to help achieve full fiber technology. 2022-04-2809: 294, the reporter learned from the University of Science and Technology of China that the school’s team of Academician Guo Guangcan, Li Chuanfeng, Xu Jinshi, Han Yongjian, and others will bring the photons (also known as the vortex photon) with different orbit angular movements (also known as the vortex photon). And in the optical resonance cavity, a one -dimensional topological lattice is synthesized by introducing the self -rotation orbital coupling of photons, which creates a new method for topological quantum simulation.

This result verifies the feasibility of using the inherent spin and orbital angular movement of vortex glory as the feasibility of artificial synthetic dimensions, and provides a highly compact experimental platform for studying a wealth of topological physics systems.

2022-04-2809: 25 Duan diversity such as rich colors and forms, butterflies have long been an important theme of insect ecology and evolutionary research for a long time. Butterfly is a collective name of the Species of the Supreme Die. Due to its diverse shape, the Darwin era was one of the important groups to study the adaptive evolution of species. 2022-04-2809: 24 Chengjiang Biological Group represents the peak period of the Cambrian life. Researcher Zhao Fangchen of the Research Team of the Cambrian of the Institute of Geology, the Institute of Geology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that in the early tens of millions of years in the Cambrian period, there were many vertebrates with many categories. "We believe that the evolution of life is continuous. The" Linyi Animal Group "discovered by the North China sector is just connecting the Chengjiang Biological Group, which can study the correlation between the two.

2022-04-2809: 23 Recently, such a video circulating on the Internet: Shanghai A ladies group purchase grabbed a piece of sea bass. She made a new crown virus antigen test for the fish, which showed positive. Shao Junbin, chairman of Shanghai Zhijiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., pointed out that the test of the new coronal virus antigen should be operated strictly in accordance with the instructions, so that the results obtained are reference significance. 2022-04-2809: 22 If the intrapicer test or piana test is a method of indirect measurement of specific IgE in the body, then blood drawing is a means to directly determine the specific IGE in serum.

Liu Yongsheng said that after patients with allergens, doctors must be comprehensively judged based on the patient’s medical history to determine whether they are allergic.

2022-04-2809: 22 Drops orange juice or cola in the small holes of the new crown antigen detection board. The test results can also show "two lines" … There are rumors that eating oranges and drinking cola will affect the test results. Some netizens also have netizens. Straight, is it too easy for false positive? The real positive color rendering is because the antigen detection captures the protein of the virus. The antibody and the viral protein reaction occurs at the detection line, and the color control line and the detection line are colorful. 2022-04-2809: 19 The first batch of commercial pile carbon-14 of the world’s first commercial piles of radical production targets is entered in the No. 2 heavy water pile unit of the No. 2 Qinshan Nuclear Power Power Factory of my country Nuclear Group, marking the opening of commercial piles to produce carbon-14 isotopes, and it is expected that it will be expected It began to supply the market in 2024.

Gao Hongbin, deputy director of the National Atomic Energy Agency, said that the pile of carbon-14 target parts marked that the production of carbon-14 will open the road of autonomy. 2022-04-2809: From April 26th to 27th, it was initiated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The combination of the next combination was held in Beijing. Guo Huadong suggested to further strengthen international cooperation and provide scientific support for the achievement of sustainable development through scientific and technological innovation and big data.

2022-04-2809: 18 The new vaccine for the new crown virus Omircor’s mutant strain opened the market.

In the upcoming clinical trial research, the research team will pay attention to whether the vaccine can stimulate the human body to produce neutralized antibodies against Omikon. Zhang Yuntao introduced that the upcoming Omikon vaccine will be carried out for two people. Some people are those who have vaccinated two and three -shot new crowns to live vaccines. They will carry out one and two -pin Omikon vaccine in the future. Clinical study of vaccination.

2022-04-2809: 17 stroke, also known as stroke, is a disease caused by a type of cerebral vascular circulation disorder. It has the characteristics of high incidence, high disease mortality, and high disability rate.

The discipline group led by Researcher Lai Yan at the Kunming Institute of Animal Research Institute, and cooperated with the University of Toronto Professor Ni Heyu and others to identify a active polypeptide from the forest and mountains.

2022-04-2809: 16 After retrospective analysis of clinical pathological slices of pancreatic cancer patients, we find that the higher the expression level of BZW1 in cancer cells, the more active the cancer cell growth, and the shorter the patient’s survival period.

In this study, Hao Jihui’s research team found a new key gene to promote pancreatic cancer growth through a series of biological information screening -BZW1.

2022-04-2709: 28 qi swollen pancreatitis is a rare type of infectious pancreatic necrosis, and infectious pancreatic necrosis is a serious complications of acute pancreatitis.

Based on the clinical observation and practical treatment of more than 10 years, the team has built a forward -looking queue containing more than 300 cases of infectious pancreatic necrosis and a retrospective queue containing more than 6,000 acute pancreatitis. The law of death was conducted in an informative data research. 2022-04-2709: 27 Interest cells are considered "compass inside the brain", but people know very little about the coding mechanism of the head direction cells.

It is understood that the classic spatial navigation system consists of the location cells of the hippocampus and the grid cells, head direction cells, and boundary cells of the inner olfactory cortex. 2022-04-2709: 27 Recently, the Second Hospital of Lanzhou University (hereinafter referred to as the Lan University Hospital) orthopedic region successfully performed a full-knee arthropod replacement surgery for a 69-year-old female patient. In September 2021, the second batch of national organizations’ high -value medical consumables collection announced the results: the average price of artificial hip joints dropped from 10,000 yuan to about 7,000 yuan, the average price of artificial knee joints dropped from 10,000 yuan to about 5,000 yuan, with an average price reduction of 82 82 %. 2022-04-2709: 26.