To build a national brand as the mission, the Employe is a contract for 3 consecutive years.

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To build a national brand as the mission, the Employe is a contract for 3 consecutive years.

Positioning Theory This marketing concept originated in China has been more than 20 years, accompanied by the soaring of China’s economy, more and more positioning consulting companies should be born. Among this, the East is positioned to be a black horse that is not small in the industry. It is reported that since the establishment of the East Pole, the number of contracts customers who have been organized for the national brand will be ahead of the industry. For a consulting company, the number of newly signed a new contract should be to keep the industry is not easy, then what are the causes of the Employe a black horse? What is the secret weapon of the ETP? The author will bind to the public information for everyone. Zhi Zhi to create a national brand, help the rise of Chinese enterprises, according to its official website, the Employe is found in Lujiazui in Shanghai, which is quite similar to other head brands in the positioning consulting company, but the people are different, and the east is positioned to create The national brand is the mission, refused to serve foreign brands, and only serve national brands with homemaster. According to the "2021 Tide Pride Search Big Data" issued by the People’s Network Research Institute, the search heat related to the national tide related to the country has risen by 528%, and the heat of the national tide culture has risen by 128%, and the search for independent technology innovation. Heat rises by 7 times and reaches the highest peak of history. Shenyang, the professor of Tsinghua University, said that the national tide is not limited to consumer data growth, more in the brand’s cognition and identity, in the future, domestic brands should highlight Chinese cultural background, let the world listen to China’s trend. In the object, every organization in the commercial world feels always feeling the rhythm of the era, but not every organization will play a era. To create a national brand as the east position, see the general trend of the times, and stripped the pulse of the times, catering to the heart of the industry under the Chinese dream era.

As of now, the Employe is served more than 20 Chinese companies, and these companies have no exceptions in all walks of life. The most famous cases of the positioning consulting industry is more suitable for Chinese baby physical fitness is the representative works of the founder of the East Pole. The 2020 flying crane revenue has exceeded 1.85 billion, and became the first brand of China’s milk powder market.

In addition, there are also good people’s hot pot bottoms, Yanzhi House bird’s nest, Ji Tzuka fish, Van Dean swimsuit, Yu Lian skin care, Song Wei lighting, music fun three-dimensional books, thousands of probiotics and many other brands.

In 2020, the East Pole Consultation Signing Exquisite Tires, the revenue is nearly 20 billion, and it has become one of the largest signing customers in the standard of positioning industries. Just as Wang Bo, the founder of the ENTERPRO, Different in black horse entrepreneurial camp, unlike other positioning consulting companies, the Employea created, as determined to create more national brands like Hua, Feihe, is proud of people.

We focus on building national brands and refuse to serve foreign brands.

We firmly believe that future business is the world of Chinese national brands. Positioning combined with Mao Zedong Thought, Create National Brand Strategy Method Employment In the official website: East Pole is based on traditional positioning consultation, making many innovations and upgrades. At the methodology level, we have always emphasized the combination of positioning theory and Chinese strategic ideas.

It is reported that the founder of the Employe is a deep research positioning theory for many years. Before joining Truite, he has read the original version of the original version of the "Positioning", translated by Mr. Turnt’s first positioning papers in 1969, "positioning: homology The way of competition in the times. "

During the process of strategic positioning consultation, Wang Bo found that the pure positioning theory has been difficult to adapt to the changes in China’s national conditions. Entrepreneurs familiar with positioning theory know that positioning theory is the concept of the most influence on US marketing. However, in the Chinese market, the biggest concept of China’s marketing has no doubt is Mao Zedong Thought.

Through the research history and strategic tactics of many hundreds of millions or even hundreds of China’s local enterprises, these entrepreneurs can be discovered that Mao Zedong thinking, "Mao Zedong Choice" is their must-read book, and the most representative is the right of Huawei. .

To a certain extent, the flying crane milk powder is the result of the combination of Wang Bo’s use of positioning theory and Mao Zedong ‘s thinking. According to Hua’an Securities Research, the retail channel share of Feihe milk powder increases from 20% (2021e) from 2011 to less than 5%.

At the same time, according to the relevant report of BOC Securities, under policy support and product power improvement, the domestic brand trust is gradually returned, and the share has also been continuously improved. CR5 domestic milk powder increases% in 2015-2020, and the foreign-funded milk powder CR5 is only increased%. In the East Earness, the position of positioning theory is born in the United States, the cultural statement and the economic environment are different from China. If you want to successfully create more national brands, you must pay attention to the particularities of the Chinese market, must be with China’s special market. The environment, the national conditions are combined. Wang Bo mentioned in many speeches. Emphasize the construction system play, rather than simple big advertising strategies and tactics have become an indispensable part of business topics, today’s homo, the Employe is always emphasized if they want to successfully create national brands, and must build system playing, and Not just relying on major advertising.

According to the official website information, the Employea is positioned during the service enterprise, and it will help the customer to build a national brand, construct a strategic tactical tactics system that meets the company’s basic, covering strategic positioning, product carding, channel strategy, terminal movement, integrated communication and other layers. In a more specific level, there are core tactical details of killer-level tactical movements, super single products, and vendor alliances.

According to the senior employment, the service of the Employes has broken the paradigm in the brand strategic consultation industry, which will enable the positioning consulting industry into a new stage, and more importantly, many companies will benefit. In the past few years in the Employe’s positioning strategic practice, relying on this unique national brand strategic method system, help many Chinese companies achieve high-speed growth, such as Yanzhi House bird’s nest, Van Dean Swimwear, Joe Effe, Song Wei Lighting, Wonderful baby cheese stick, good people seasoning, Ji Tzi, Yu Lian skin care, probiotics, happy fun, three-dimensional books, etc. The author noticed that in the Maji official website, there is already a "strategic positioning of the Chinese Dream", "Reading Magnificent Location", "Employment Research Method" and "How to Create New Categories" and other theoretical books. It can be seen that the Employe is not only to accumulate a lot of experience in the practice of national brands, but also attempting to output more China’s positioning consulting theory, let more Chinese brands benefit. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

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