Strictly follow the fact that all epidemic prevention and control measures (people’s point of view)

5月 9, 2022 品茶

Strictly follow the fact that all epidemic prevention and control measures (people’s point of view)

  To prevent the epidemic prevention and control, the command system remains in 24 hours, and there is no key to "prevent" when the epidemic situation has occurred. After the epidemic is disposed, it is necessary to quickly cut off the pathway and chain epidemic prevention and control is a specific work. , Prevention and control measures should be realized, accurate in place, work to be fine and thin, landing, and in the event of Delta variability, the global new crown pneumonia epidemic has rebounded sharply, China’s external defense input pressure continues to rise, we are positive Faced with Hubei Defense War, the most complex and most serious challenges since Wuhan defending war.

Do a good job in the prevention and control of the current epidemics, the overall situation of the epidemic prevention, is related to the overall economic and social development, and it is also related to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

All local departments must earnestly unify our ideology and action to General Secretary of Xi Jinping and the deployment of party central decision-making, and put exemption and control work as the top priority, and go all out to make this epidemic prevention and control. "Epidemic prevention and control cannot be relaxed, especially to grasp the external prevention input.

"All localities should implement the spirit of the Conduct-Defense Mechanism TV conference, further improve the sense of responsibility, emergency mobilization, emergency action, overcome the lax paralysis, implement the" four early "requirements and" four responsibilities ", from stricting all epidemics Prevention and control measures resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic.

To maintain the epidemic prevention and control, the command system remains in 24 hours. There is no key to "definition", strictly implement various prevention and control measures to avoid aggregated epidemic; after the epidemic is disposed of "fast", attitude Resolutely, decisive, quickly cut off the transmission pathway and chain.

It is necessary to strengthen the supervision of key sections of key areas, resolutely hold at all levels such as airports, ports and land ports, entry personnel and goods should be physically isolated from domestic personnel activities, high-risk positions should be closed or closed management, avoiding relationships during work Family members and community masses have been in contact.

It is necessary to strictly implement the first clinic responsibility system, the first time to find reports, according to the principle of "first-tuning", in time, the key crowd must be concentrated, and the area of ??the neighborhood must be completed within 24 hours, ensuring that the epidemic in the first time, For a time, the disposal should be controlled to minimize the epidemic.

We must resolutely overcome paralysis thoughts, tire the mood, luck, and stronger mentality, with the attitude of the people’s health and life safety, from stricting the implementation of the infection prevention and control of the designated hospital hospital.

  Now, the epidemic prevention and control is in a critical period, party committees and governments at all levels should take epidemic prevention and control as an important political task. Leading cadres at all levels, especially the main responsible comrades to stick to their positions, with the former command, and effectively , Defend the soil.

It is necessary to strictly implement the "four-party responsibility" of the jurisdiction, industry sector, unit, family, and reprobate, and then deploy, then implement, every work, every work must be responsible for the region, the system’s epidemic prevention and control work. Implement it in place.

Epidemic prevention and control is a specific job, prevention and control measures should be real, accurate in place, and work is subject to fine, and it is effective.

All localities should promptly issue information such as epidemic, risky, risky, and remind the risk group to take the initiative to test, consciously report, and earnestly assume the social responsibility of the epidemic prevention and control. After more than one year, we have the ability, condition, and confidence in confidence to control this epidemic. We must go all out, struggle to win the second, performance and responsibility, and act as a good deal with the implementation of various prevention and control measures, safeguard the lives of the people and the health of the people.

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