Shanghai earnings and sports teachers have increased

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Shanghai earnings and sports teachers have increased

  Pudong New Area Public School (first batch) recruited 3,200 people, Songjiang District plans to recruit 1179 people, the first batch of Jiading District recruit 806 people … Recently, Shanghai regularly released 2022 teachers recruitment announcement, and teachers’ demand continued to grow.

  The reporter observed that with the construction of five new citys, a large number of new construction, renovation of the Tubang and kindergarten, directly pushed the demand for pre-school education talents.

In addition, the superimposed impact of "double reduction", talent settlement new policies, in the compulsory education stage, sports and primary school, number, and foreign academic teacher gaps; and high school "small three" disciplines have structural adjustments Recruitment of recruitment of physics and chemistry teachers. The five new citys will maintain high-level analysis of teachers’ recruitment needs in the Shanghai Education Bureau in Shanghai. A obvious signal is: the child became "fragrant".

  The reporter preliminary statistics, in the first batch of recruitment plans announced by the Pudong New Area this year, the demand for maternity teachers is close to 700.

In addition, Songjiang District plans to recruit more than 330 young teachers, and Jiading District plans to recruit 252 children. From the recruitment situation of these three districts, the total number of teachers has broken.

  The person in charge of the Personnel Section of the Songjiang District Education Bureau told reporters that the currently released recruitment plan does not include the kindergarten in the future planned construction.

In other words, the region’s demand for the child may be more than the number announced.

  In the teacher recruitment plan in the central city, the childhood proportion is not low.

For example, Putuo District and Hongkou District School Education Teacher Recruitment Plan are 98 people and 46 respectively.

  During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the five new city plans to add new kindergarten (the number) of 74-82. This can be estimated that five new citys will continue to be in high levels of the demand for pre-school education teachers. Some high school increased physics and chemical teacher reserves were a system engineering. Teachers’ needs during the vision goals perform data analysis and estimates. The director of the Hongkou District Teacher Talent Exchange Service Center said that after the forecast, the Hongkou District will usher in the Chinese language, mathematics, foreign language disciplines, for this reason, this year’s recruitment plan, these primary school disciplines become Recruitment focus.

  Jiading District has also been consciously planned in advance, and the teacher reserves "first chess".

The person in charge of the Personnel Section of the District Education Bureau told reporters that after the next few years, the regional kindergarten children have increased in the primary school, and the students who may have caused, and the teacher’s gap has made a pre-judgment. When teachers, they also began to recruit a certain number of teachers with primary school qualifications.

  The reporter also learned from some of the partial education bureaus that primary and secondary schools have the demand for physical education teachers, and the reform of sports curriculum and the "double reduction" have made high demand for physical education teachers in recent years.

  "After the implementation of the new college entrance examination, some high school schools have been physically, chemical teachers’ workload is unsatisfactory." A high school principal who has been engaged in the management of the district-level education management has been disclosed that there is a high school because of the number of students having two choices, already No recruitment chemistry teachers for 18 consecutive years. Now, with some universities, some universities are adjusted to the college entrance examination candidate, many high school students prefers, the materialization and double election candidates will increase, "small three" disciplines will have structural adjustments. This year, many high school schools began to reserve subjects such as physics and chemistry. In contrast, the needs of historical sect teachers have narrowed. Drop the "threshold" does not drop the "requirements", attracting more excellent talents from teaching, at the end of last month, Shanghai puts forward the pilot of new politics, the city’s graduate graduates, the city of the new city and the sales area, in line with basic conditions Directly settled. The person in charge of the personnel department of the Jiading District Education Bureau said that the New Deal will help more people know Jiading, settled in Jiading, and willing to choose here from teaching.

Second, with the influence of the five new citys, the top design level, more quality education resources are also introduced into Jiading, "there are more quality schools, which in turn attract more excellent teachers to form a benign circulation." In addition, in the Jiading District to attract more excellent talents to join the teacher team, Jiading District is based on the original talent subsidy policies, including rent subsidies, purchase monetization subsidies, shortage of urgent talent government salary subsidies, excellent high-level talent life subsidies, etc. The relevant rules have been introduced, accelerating the formation of outstanding talents to compete with education, excellent teachers, and excellent presidents compete for a good situation.

  Chen Hui, the head of the Personnel Department of the Songjiang District Education Bureau, said that in order to absorb more talents, since 2020, Songjiang District’s talents in Songjiang District requires a year from graduation to graduate for three years; this year, pre-school education field Applicants, private undergraduate college graduates can also be adopted.

"Although the total number of teachers recruits increases, our comprehensive literacy requirements of employers have increased year by year.


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