Sichuan Sichuan: Integrity, "Snap Shoes County Order" into Shanghai Exhibition to spread the beauty of the art

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Sichuan Sichuan: Integrity, "Snap Shoes County Order" into Shanghai Exhibition to spread the beauty of the art

A few days ago, the Sichuan Art Vocational College laughed "Sawa Shimoni" debut "Arts" – Shanghai International Art Festival Excellent New Creation Stage The enthusiasm of Shanghai audience welcomes the re-regulation of the Art Temple China Shanghai International Art Festival is hosted by the Ministry of Culture, the national international art festival hosted by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, is one of China’s highest-specific foreign cultural exchange festival activities. After being affirmed by the Central Party School last year, the Central Party School has been "artped forward" – Shanghai International Art Festival invites, and then depends on the historical art halls, which is known as "Oriental Pearl". Shanghai, with 13 high-level original repertoires from seven provinces and municipalities from Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shaanxi and other seven provinces and municipalities, to jointly demonstrate the beauty of the art of Chinese excellent culture to the world. The Sichuan Opera "Snap County Order" is a Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, Sichuan Provincial Cultural and Tourism, Deyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Propaganda Department, Sichuan Art Vocational College and Sichuan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government jointly create, Yang Wei Served, Yan Fulin, Chen Guoli, served as director, Li Tianxin as a composer, command, Chen Zhulin, Starring, Xiao Demmei, Su Mund, Li Josong and Zheng Hong played an important role in the play. The drama has been well received since the first in December 2018, as the only repertoire of Sichuan, was selected for 2020 national stage art key creation repertoire, won the Sichuan Art Fund 2020 Communication Extension Project and Sichuan "Wenhua Award" drama award, 100 A number of heavyweight awards such as "promoting excellent project" excellent original literary works. The unique way promotion is profound and profound, history is long, and is a bright pearl of Chinese traditional culture, which represents Sichuan local culture and ethnic customs. With the rapid development of society, the cultural inheritance of Sichuan Opera is far away, and it is necessary to be based on the needs of the times, based on the needs of the people, think about it, and innovate.

Lian Jiechuan Opera "The Snap County Order" will integrate the ornamental and educational sex, and use the special art form of the Kawakata to dig the Sichuan historical and cultural celebrities, showing the essence of the traditional culture of Bayu, from the story of the Perspective of Qi Di integrity education, trigger resonance and thinking. The drama is in the Qing Dynasty’s Jiaqing’s years, the Ji Xi Daxia Kikui, who is in the event of moral education, changing the people’s interest, and prohibits monopoly and safeguarding people’s livelihood. The story of the people is a civil event. In the drama, Ji Da Kai’s Rui and Qinghe, pragmatic virtue of the people and the new era of the requirements of the party members and cadres, is the current precious reference of the anti-corruption education. The newly singing charm is concentrated in the drama, Jiu Yi’s draft, retains the traditional unique Sichuan opera cavity, and inheriting the charm of the traditional Capi play, especially in the seven scenarios of the performance, starring Chen Zhilin in every game The singular design is quite, and the inhibition is desirable, and the difficulty is extremely difficult to reduce the scheduling treatment. In addition, in the screenwriter, clothing, lighting, music, etc. also quite exquisite, integrating many modern elements, using many fun and vivid details to enrich the character image, close to the aesthetic needs of the contemporary young people, let the audience feel good again nice.

College Sichuan Opera, Music Department, Nongxiang Student also joined the crew, teachers and students with the same platform, teaching teaching, in accordance with the "learning, creation, play, game" concept, in the near three years of performance rehearsal, has accumulated rich stage practice experience Many of the talents have been cultivated for the inheritance of the Sichuan Opera. The craftsmanship is unique to inherit the Sichuan Wencheng on September 29th and the 30th, the play experimental theater "Sichuan flavor" is strong, the audience is immersed in the singularity of the Sichuan opera, and the famous and honest group of inelamic bunks in the Qing Dynasty Positive energy is touched.

Some audience said, "" The Shimen County Order "is like a mirror, and the reality of the people are listening to the thousand side of the people."

"From the light dance, music sound, clothing props and scriptures all aspects of all aspects of the taiwang, is a good way to scribble, refreshing my understanding of traditional Sichuan Opera." "The" Snap County Order "is high, the foundation, the foundation, and I am taking people.

Through this drama, we learned Ji Da Kui, familiar with Sichuan, and appreciated the Sichuan Opera of the authentic Sichuan, and deeply felt the charm of traditional cultural art, and also accepted a deep baptism of a clean government. " Minutes, the decades of the stage, how beautiful it is beautiful in the stage, and how much hard and sweat is hidden behind. "In order to complete the purpose of the drama, the party committee attach great importance to it, actively support, many times to visit the scene, encouragement, condolences and concerns of teachers and students, leadership, bringing the most spiritual encouragement to the actors.

Rehearsal, teachers, students and time racing, with a scrutiny, drill, and efforts to show the best stage effect, the original "Sichuan flavor" culture.

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