The United States tried to pull Japan to join TPP (international viewpoint)

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The United States tried to pull Japan to join TPP (international viewpoint)

  US TPP measure Japanese sincerity February 25th

Among the day, the Japanese cabinet official room director Nabi said in the TV show that the Japanese government will announce the addition of TPP negotiations in the near future. During the 22nd to 24th this month, Du President Obama signed a joint statement on Japan on Japanese participation in TPP negotiations, and all goods will be the object of negotiations when they join TPP negotiations. The joint statement also pointed out that there are sensitive issues in bilateral trade, such as certain agricultural products issues in Japan and certain industrial product issues in the United States, and the final result will be determined during the negotiation process.

  Abe’s participation in the House of Representatives last year, said that if you need to fully cancel tariffs after adding TPP, you will not join the TPP negotiation.

The release of this Japanese United States and the United States means that the biggest concern in Japan’s participation negotiation has been eliminated. TPP negotiations are not only an important factor affecting the development of the Japanese and US relations, but also the topic of various political parties in Japan. In November 2011, Time, Naka, Nakada, Nakada, USA, announced that Hawaii, USA, will participate in TPP negotiations. After Upon Option, I stimulate the TPP negotiations in the Japanese economy. As an important measure in the US economic recovery, the United States hopes that the world’s third largest economies joined TPP negotiations, and regard this as an important indicator of the sincerity of Japan ‘s enhanced Japanese-US union. But the game between Japan and the United States is not easy. The two sides are very different in economic complementarity, and there is a big difference in access to products such as cars, beef.

  Japan’s all walks of life in Japan is still going on around TPP.

The Japanese economy is very different. The Japanese manufacturing representative represented by the automotive industry believes that Joining TPP is conducive to expanding overseas markets and increasing exports. The agricultural sector protected by high tariff protection believes that once an open market will suffer from the disaster.

  Japan’s national agricultural collaboration portfolio, president, president, said: "To use all products as a negotiation object, so it can only be understood as a prerequisite for not set up the penalty area, withdrawing all the customs taxes as a prerequisite for participating negotiations. We oppose Japan under the current situation Participate in TPP negotiations.

"Vice President of the Japanese Economic Group Federation, Xuanfu, said support, and hopes to" advance the negotiations as soon as possible. "

  There is also a serious difference in the Japanese political world. Just before the visit, the "Participation in TPP cross-party members" was established in the Wilde Democratic Party, Japan ‘s INF. The 236th party members of the self-contained parties expressed opposition to the TPP.

  ASEAN believes that TPP will bring risks to TPP negotiations to participate in the United States, and there are different voices within ASEAN. Japan will join TPP negotiations, which is expected to not affect the attitude of TPP negotiations in ASEAN countries. Among the ASEAN countries, Brunei, Singapore is the initial participants and advocates of TPP negotiations. Including Malaysia, Vietnam has launched joining TPP negotiations in 2010. However, ASEAN countries generally put the "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership" (RCEP) negotiations in TPP negotiations. ASEAN has signed bilateral free trade agreements with China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, and New Zealand.

Therefore, RCEP will be committed to establishing a larger free trade zone between 10 countries and 6 of the above countries. The Indonesian government is clearly stated that Indonesia has not fully assessted TPP negotiations. "Malaysia front pole" believes that TPP is more in accordance with an initiative designed according to the United States, will bring some risks to Malaysia. The countries involved in RCEP negotiations are countries that have signed bilateral free trade agreements with ASEAN, and do not include the United States.

  Thailand "National News" pointed out that Thailand should carefully study whether to join TPP negotiations. TPP will bypass the World Trade Organization to protect trade rules in developing countries, implement a more stringent standards-dominated standards, including labor rights and require participation in the government to further organize state-owned enterprises, these conditions will make Thailand, Vietnam It is unbearable in the country.

Thailand will focus on RCEP negotiations.

  (This newspaper Tokyo, Bangkok February 25th).

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