Salt mud village: the ever-changing side

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Salt mud village: the ever-changing side

Hot, season, Yi Zhang Yuanzhou Guyuan town salt mud village was cool and comfortable. Liupan due to near neighbors, transpiration of heat to the brine sludge digestion village has more than half, so a good place here has become a summer. Set foot on the road to get rich road salt hardening mud village, there is a "rugged still remember the past, a long lonely road Jian donkey cries of" trance feeling. Had gone bumpy country lanes, the car pulled into the village smooth, Britain was no longer human organs churn. "In the past, people living here hope it rains, it rains afraid." 76-year-old Zhang Qing doctrine, past farming, farmers dependent on the weather, fear does not rain. "But a rainy, muddy road potholes, children go to school, accidentally wrestling, whole body covered with mud." Today’s salt mud villages, roads big change, sclerotic road to every household through the door, the car is also more up, small automobile, motorcycle shuttle on a flat road, people go to the market rewarding experience, people go out of safe return, adults no longer have to worry about their children to school. The significance of the road, not simply communicate both locations, it carries rural children out of the mountains, to a broader hope of the world, young people embark on this road, to leave home, go to battles on a bigger stage. In housing can be expected in August, salt mud village of the fields, everywhere is busy. Wheat roll, machines roaring, after six months of labor, and finally to the day of harvest. For the villagers, the Reaper was a big project, Mr off is subject to a professional sought after. Facing the front of the wheat roll, villagers in the joy of harvest in total mixed with some sadness, "full steam summer rustic, back-burning inflammation sky" long in the sun exposure of high intensity physical labor, the body is a test.

In recent years, with the popularization of agricultural mechanization, salt mud village farewell to the era of harvesting knife of a sickle, sickle waving the scene could not see, in the past by human doing ten and a half to complete the work, now rotate among the machine gear, less than a day to complete.

"In the past do not worry, a few minutes a day can cut the ground, looking forward to have God does not rain, do not be rain-fed grain in the ground, when harvesters also does not come in." Looked heavy volume of wheat is into the harvester, prolapse capsules full of wheat, villagers Wang Guoli eyes full of smiles. Effort to speak, straw baling machines have to box.

This grass box is easy to transport, easy to hoard, to solve the problem of storage of straw after harvest crops.

After Shan Shurong the crops harvested, golden yellow faded green once again become the main colors of salt mud village, showing a "Castle shwemawa, slanting sun reflect the" mood.

Salt mud village next to the roadway group of small hills, once loose soil, soil erosion, fragile ecological environment, the risk of collapse at any time. Whenever it rains, muddy muddy water pouring down along the hillside, often flooded crop fields. In recent years, returning farmland to forest, covered with green trees on the hillside grass roots deep into the ground, like ten million hand firmly grasp the soil, the old scarred mountain is repaired trees.

From the hill and looked down, red brick houses hidden among the leafy trees, family farmers around the courtyard shady trees, pear trees, jujube, peach and other trees form a landscape, old people sitting in a tree under shade, chatter with parents in short, one group "Chuitiao yellow hair, contented and happy," the picture of happiness. Geng home to the villagers to live and work in fiscal year raised 13 head of cattle, in order to facilitate feeding, he built a home on the pond in front of the open space silage. In aquaculture groping for many years, he has become a veritable village breeding experts, relying on Beef and lived a happy life. Geng Choi walked into the home, bright clean as new tile floor, refrigerators, televisions, washing machines and other household appliances and taste everything, water heaters, Wi-Fi available.

"In the past salt mud villages, mostly adobe houses with earth, grass, stones and other materials as construction, which houses low security, in particular, to a rainy day, often heavy rain outside, rain at home, outside the rain stopped the home of the rain continues. "Geng said with a smile to Choi, had trouble has become a memory. Today, the adobe houses are replaced by a room red brick tile-roofed house, people no longer have "nothing to do at the bedside leaking, the rain did not cut off the feet, such as hemp," and worry for. Land Ping Kuang, just like houses, terraced rice paddies traffic, cocks …… today’s ever-changing salt mud village, has become a microcosm of rural upheaval of Liupan Mountain.

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