The highest method is to guard the mother’s river to strengthen the guidelines

4月 29, 2022 品茶

The highest method is to guard the mother’s river to strengthen the guidelines

This newspaper (Reporter Wang Lili) implements the most strict rule of law, implement damages, comprehensive compensation principles; implement the "Two Mountain" concept, correctly apply the civil law to edit the green clause; play the role of preventive public welfare litigation, will be ecological The preserved stage enhanced or even beforehand … The reporter learned from the Supreme People’s Court Environmental Resources Trial Court, the Supreme People’s Court "Implementing the Minutes of the Work Protection Association of the Yangtze River Protection" will be issued in the near future and insist on the most stringent system The most strict rule of law guides the environmental resource trial of the Yangtze River Basin.

The Yangtze River is the Chinese Mother River, the judicial guardian of the Yangtze River Ecological environmental responsibility. In-depth implementation of the intention of the spirit of the Power of Ecological Civilization and Xi Jinping’s Ideas, and comprehensively implement the Yangtze River Protection Law, February 25, 2021, the Supreme People’s Court issued the Supreme People’s Court on Implementing Opinions on the Law of the People’s Republic of China Typical cases of ecological environmental protection in the Yangtze River Basin, the "strict" tone is implemented to the whole process of the long-river protection law, all aspects.

Since then, the courts all the local courts play judicial wisdom in the case, and increase the judicial protection of ecological environment. In particular, exploring a variety of responsibility to bear the way of implementing innovation, and promoting the ecological environment in time and effectively recovery. In order to discuss new problems in judicial practice, on July 8, the Supreme People’s Court held the implementation of Yangtze River Protection Law in Hubei Province. The Yangtze River Basin High Court, the Maritime Court fully exchanged the Yangtze River Basin Ecological Environment Judicial Protection and Innovation.

Yunnan, Sichuan Court heard the "green peacock" case, "five small leafless" cases and other preventive public welfare lawsuits, which promoted the protection of precious, endangered wild animals and habitats. The Jiangsu Court leads the enterprise to carry out green upgrades to production equipment and technology by deducting the compensation and repair fee of a technical transformation fund. The epithelial court is fully affirmed to advanced experience. The meeting also made basic consistent views on illegal sands and illegal fishing, resource development and utilization, environmental pollution prevention, and green development cases. The Supreme People’s Court The court capital has summarized these achievements to "implementation of the Changjiang Protection Law Work Promotion Conference Conference."

This minimum will provide a referee guidelines that provide a more adequate system in the Yangtze River Basin Ecological Environment Judicial Protection. The reporter learned from the ring capital, on September 16th, the Supreme People’s Court held the Environmental Resources Trial Work Promotion of the Yellow River, Grand Canal, and Nanshi Project Watershed in Zhangzhou City, Hebei Province. Participation in the high-level high-level rhodies, combating environmental pollution crimes, and promoting the application of laws and other legal applications such as the protection of the Huang River culture, service high quality development. The ring investment will also form a meeting minutes to organize a meeting, guiding environmental resource trial. Promote the application of law, filling the judicial norms, and is one of the practical activities of the "I do practical practice" during the Court of Education during the Court of Education. The Supreme People’s Court will introduce a prohibition, punitive compensation, expert jurors, etc., etc. Great contribution.

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