Rongxian takes the lead in realizing all the Town Village Grand Federation

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Rongxian takes the lead in realizing all the Town Village Grand Federation

Rongxian population is 880,000, more than 1.5 million overseas Chinese and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, and more than 700,000 overseas Chinese. All along, the superiors and county counties and county committees and county government attaches great importance to the overseas Chinese team, and the full coverage of the provincial town of Overseas Chinese Federation is highly attached to, timely research, and comprehensively promote the construction of town Overseas Chinese Union.

It is understood that Huixian’s vast majority of overseas Chinese and overseas overseas overseas Chinese have a strong sense, homework, homework, overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese, and overseas Chinese and return abroad have always had a natural intimate, hoping, hope Establish a grassroots overseas Chinese company in his hometown.

In order to better serve the overseas Chinese, the "overseas family" is built in the most basic level, fulfilling the overseas Chinese and international development, and maintaining overseas networking, actively participating in politics, promoting Chinese culture, participating in social construction, etc. Six major functions Rongxian Overseas Federation proposed to promote the all-in-count county party committee to organize full coverage and work programs to support the county party committee, and in time to approve and agree, the county 227 villages (community) rapid action, all established a Overseas Chinese Federation Or Overseas Chinese Federation Workstation.

Next, the Yixian Overseas Chinese Federation will make persistent efforts to innovate work mode, and promote the Town Village Overseas Chinese Union to the "effective coverage" to "effective coverage", the county Town Capital Overseas Chinese Federation organizes the selection of high-quality teams, further function, strengthen The "Overseas Chinese House" is built, and it promotes the new level of the overseas Chinese job work. (Zhu Xiaoling, Huang Hai Yang, Lianglu) (Editor: Zhu Xiaoling, Huang Yuxi) Sharing let more people see.

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