Strengthening system protection insists on innovation and struggling to promote high quality development of Shaanxi cultural relics

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Strengthening system protection insists on innovation and struggling to promote high quality development of Shaanxi cultural relics

Original title: Strengthening system protection insists on innovating and striving to promote the high-quality development of Shaanxi cultural relics (Reporter Mother’s Plan) On August 9, the Governor Zhao Yide came to the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, the provincial archaeological research, investigation, visual cadre workers and hosted Hold a symposium.

He emphasized that in-depth study of the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the work of cultural relics, and strengthen system protection, and insist on honest and innovation, and struggling to promote high quality development of the province’s cultural relics. Vice Governories Participate in the investigation and conference. Zhao Yide pointed out that after the province’s cultural relics, Shaanxi is one of the important births of the Chinese nation and Chinese civilization. The cultural relics resources are very rich. It is the prostitutes of the character, and the cultural relics work is significant, and the responsibility is significant.

We must always feel the "big people" to promote the theme of high quality development in cultural relics, to deepen cultural relics protection and utilization reform as the main line, to strengthen the cultural relics and technological innovation and talent team building as driving force, speed up the promotion of cultural relics resources, innovation, innovation Development, strive to get out of the road that meets the national conditions, and the provincial conditions, in order to build a cultural province, struggle to write a new and greater contribution to the new era of Shaanxi. Zhao Yide emphasized that we must adhere to system protection, conscientiously implement the requirements of "four strict" requirements, and accelerate the improvement of the big protection system, build a large supervision mechanism, improve the anti-control system, and promote the formation of government leadership, department collaboration, and social participation The pattern is firm to build a safe bottom line of the cultural relic. It is necessary to persist in defending innovation, actively exploring the new path of cultural relics, speeding up in the construction of carrier construction, promoting the import of cultural relics resources, promotes the cooperation of cultural relics, and practically develop, develop, development Protection, efforts, let the cultural relics rejuvenate, create value, and empower development.

It is necessary to adhere to the people’s needs, use the Chinese excellent traditional cultural Li Dehu people, use the red revolutionary culture to cast the soul plastic person, use socialist advanced culture into wear people, effectively play the cultural relics to carry civilization, inherit culture, cultural people, The important functions of cultural people fully release the cultural benefits.

It is necessary to adhere to the characteristics and laws of capacity-building, combined with the development of cultural relics, and further consolidate professional foundation, strengthen science and technology support, tempering hard, and continuously develop the team of cultural relics workers. Provincial Government Secretary-General Fang Yifeng, the relevant departments of relevant departments participated in the survey. (Editor: McGenxiong, Deng Nan) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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