The woman was turned to the eyelids and turned to 150,000? The case news is also true, and the face recognizes the controversy.

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The woman was turned to the eyelids and turned to 150,000? The case news is also true, and the face recognizes the controversy.

Yangcheng Evening News, the whole media reporter Dong Liu "sleeps in the forefront" Have a boiling.

The reporter retrieves the referee document to find the judgment, and the judgment has not been recorded "Open the eyelid" "Detail", but confirmed the process of "using Alipay’s face recognition function into Alipay". So, how is the man "deceived" people with face recognition technology to transfer their girlfriends? What is his crime? What enlightenses can the masses get in protecting property safety? The case man was 28 years old because of the gambling debt. Huang Mouhui is 28 years old. It is the Hesu people in Guangxi, high school culture, and once sinned by fraud in May 2016 by Guangxi Beihai Intermediate People’s Court. Trision three years It is suspended for three years.

Because gambling owed debt, Huang Mouhui has produced idea from the front girlfriend.

On the morning of December 26th, Huang Mou Hui called Dong, saying that it would be necessary to pay more than 60,000 yuan during the two people.

On the afternoon, Huang Mouhui came to Dong’s home, and saw Dong’s body is not suitable. He took the initiative to cook, and "intimate" to send medication to Dong.

Dong was drinking Huang Mouhui’s brewing, and then gradually be sleepless. In the Xingning District People’s Court of Nanning, I found that I was at 0 o’clock next day, Huang Mou Hui Dong said, with Dong’s fingerprint unlocked her mobile phone, and used Alipay’s face recognition function to enter Alipay, modify the password Divided into the flowers of Dong, borrowing, borrowing, Alipay balance, total money in bank cards with RMB 154147 yuan. When leaving the scene, Huang Mou Hui also took Dong’s Huawei P10 mobile phone and a coat.

The prosecutor sued that the criminal responsibility of Huang Mouhui should investigate the criminal responsibility of theft, given Huang Mou Hui’s performance (April 23, 2021, Huang Mouhui was arrested to help the public security organs will be suspected of crimes against credit card management. Luo Moulong arrested), and voluntarily pleading, you can punish it from a lightweight. In the first instance of the people’s court of Nanning City, the defendant Huang Mouhui used the secret to steal the property of RMB 154,14147, the amount of the criminal law, constitutes the criminal law, and constitutes the crime of theft.

Huang Mouhui helped the public security organs to arrest other criminal suspects, and they have a manifestation, and they can be punished from light or alleviating; Huang Mouhui is referended, and it is frank, it can be punished from the law; Huang Mouhui It can voluntarily plead regretting guilty and can be treated from wide.

The court first-instance judgment: Huang Mou Hui’s crime, sentenced to three years and six months in prison, and penalized 20,000 yuan, ordered Huang Mou Hui to return to the victim of Dongmou’s economic loss, RMB 154147 yuan, Huawei P10 mobile phone one and coat One.

Caract "Open the eyelids" detail to doubt how Huang Mouhui uses a face recognition method to enter Alipay? The vast majority of reports on the Internet show "men’s female friends sleep free to open the eyelids to drive away 150,000 yuan" "Before the big boyfriend opened the eyelid, 150,000 yuan". However, for the detail of "opening (open (open) eyelids, Yangcheng Evening News, the whole media reporter did not record in the case of the case judgment on the Chinese referee document online on December 13. The "(2021) Gui 0102 sentence No. 424," (2021) "judgment, is the judgment of the" No. 424 "of the July 424," (2021), "(2021). The judgment is determined that the defendant Huang Mou hurts Dong, who has been dilute, and unlocks her mobile phone with Dong’s fingerprint, and uses the payment of the treasure face to get the payment, and the password is changed, and it will turn to Dong’s flower. Borrow, Alipay balance, money in the bank card. A number of media reported that "men turned away from the long-sleeved girlfriend’s eyelids to drive away 150,000" news, indicate the source of Nanning. The reporter found an article called "More than 150,000 yuan for men’s thief for more than 150,000 yuan of prison for men, the first three years" in the title and inner text in the title and innerviation. Refer to this detail, but very objectively used "Seeing Dongmou, who saw the sleeping past, Huang Mouhui used Dong’s mobile phone to turn away from RMB 10,000 yuan", even did not mention "face recognition".

The reporter noted that after the case was reported by the media, the Alipay customer service personnel had a response: did not receive similar feedback, generally there was no success in the face recognition, and you can choose multiple upper locks.

In case of similar situations, users should alarm promptly. In other words, the specific operation of "use Alipay’s face recognition function into Alipay" recorded in the judgment is still a mystery. Asking why Huang Mou Hui is a crime of committing civilians rather than violating citizens for personal information? Zhang Yuanlong, deputy director of Beijing Derheng (Guangzhou) Law Firm, and Deputy Director of Deheng National Criminal Professional Committee received an interview with Yangcheng Evening News, it is necessary to judge from the subjective intention of the man.

"Due to his gambling owed debt, the idea of ??girlfriend’s money is produced, and the subjective motivation lies in the property of others, rather than to steal others.

The man’s behavior belongs to the ownership of the property in criminal objects, so theft is accurate. "Why is Huang Mou Hui’s behavior is not a crime? Shanghai Lawyer Wang Wei said that although theft of crimes and fraud is the purpose of illegal possession, it has a large amount of people with a large amount of people, but the criminal means taken. Theft is mainly The manifestation is secret stealing, criminals adopt public-private property owners, custodians’ unaware, and transfer property to themselves, such as holding sheep, late night to twisting, public places, etc. Concealing the truth, common fraud methods have a lie, fake identity, forged documents or documents, altering documents, etc., which makes the victims actively dispatched their own property.

Although both are the crime of seize (ie, the crime of metastasis), fraud is awarded the consent of the victim, and theft is a criminal act that has not been victim.

The video image can "lie to" face recognition technology "this man (Huang Mouhui) enters Alipay with Alipay’s face recognition function in the case of the parties, and it is actually reflected people. The face recognition is not just as simple as personal information.

"Zhu Wei, deputy director of the China University of Political Science and Law Communication, said in an interview with Yangcheng Evening News," We can identify the face to understand the ‘key’, it is not simply related to portrait rights and some facial features, more importantly It also involves identity information, property information, financial information, etc.

This case also reflects that when our mobile phone leaves himself, when a person’s face is separated from ourselves, there will be a risk of being a ‘crack’.

"Zhu Wei introduced:" In the past, some people said that it can unlock face recognition, this is unlikely to achieve, especially, the development of face recognition technology is now able to rely on people. More than 30,000 feature points to identify the target, can’t stand by a photo.

But sometimes in the case of our wishes, plus a certain premiere, the face recognition technology is likely to be ‘breakfold’, such as Huang Mou Hui’s criminal case, the case also reflects people’s face recognition and face The importance of information in our lives.

"If a program requires a personal" brush "to unlock, can you use the person’s video activity image in a certain video to unlock?" It must not. "Zhu Wei replied that the current face recognition technology has been confirmed that it can capture more than 30,000 feature points on the face, and the video and pictures can be distinguished. View large amount transfer should set the composite verification method Zhu Wei Some of the key information in daily life, such as financial information, password information, etc., can not completely rely on biometric information or only rely on biometric technology.

In biometric technology, face recognition and fingerprint are common technologies.

These two biometric technology are relatively wide in daily applications, such as boot, unlocking procedures, transfer verification, etc. of mobile computers.

"The face recognition may be faster, more efficient, but encountered in the Huang Mou Hui’s theft, it may suffer losses.

"Zhu Wei said." Big amount transfer is dangerous if the face recognition is dangerous.

"Zhu Wei said that the large amount of transfer cannot be recognized only by a face, but also recombining the text message. If the light is a face recognition, it is very dangerous to make a large transfer" pass ".

"Safety and efficiency, small transfer tendency efficiency, large transfer, still pay attention to safety.

"He said.

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