Tianjin tax: simple tax payment declared convenient taxpayers

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Tianjin tax: simple tax payment declared convenient taxpayers

Since this year, Tianjin Taxation Bureau has taken measures to actively promote the declaration of degenerate taxes and fees, and ensure that the taxpayer pays the fees to know the policy as soon as possible, enjoy the convenient service, and achieved significant results. On the bridge line of the cloud service frame, the online broadcast "online broadcast can participate in the study. We act in a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises. Every time I declare, the working pressure is very large, just saw the integrated declaration The news, the tax department helps us master the point in time, and the declaration is more convenient.

"Xu Li, the Ministry of Finance and Taxation Services, the Department of Finance and Taxation Service, the Department of Finance and Taxation, in the Tianjin City, to help the taxpayer’s payers to master the latest tax policy and related operational processes, Tianjin tax system makes full use of Internet advantages, through WeChat public account, live broadcast In the form of teaching, send a "big package" for the taxpayer’s payroll.

The Jinnan District Taxation Bureau conducts value-added tax, consumption tax and additional tax and fee declaration form to integrate the operation process training of the Electronic Taxation Bureau. The tax cadres are in the form of taxpayers involving relevant tax declarations in the jurisdiction, with video, audio New media technologies such as animation, will be complex tax policies, visualize, effectively help taxpayers, and pay the difficulty of understanding understanding.

At the training session, more than 300 taxpayers follow the tax "anchor", and the major changes and policy grids after completion of the increasing declaration, value-added tax and consumption tax and their additional tax fees and their additional tax payment have been detailed. Learn. The fine service re-issuance tax experience is upgraded to ensure the orderly declaration of the merger declaration, the Tianjin Heping District Taxation Bureau combines the characteristics of different industries, and has held four topics for real estate development enterprises and resource taxes and environmental protection taxes. Training sessions.

The tax cadres focused on the declaration process, the declaration form structure, the tax source information collection, and the tax payment, and the tax payment, and the detailed operation of the specific declaration case, the taxpayer is very benefited. Boda Oriental (Tianjin) Real Estate Investment Development Co., Ltd. is a real estate development enterprise in Wuqing District. Due to many property and behavioral taxes involved, it is more cumbersome in the past, and it is necessary to fill out multiple declaration tables, and one by one submit.

Wuqing District Taxation Bureau fine service, providing enterprises with "one-to-one" precision counseling, the company declared a number of taxes such as resource tax, stamp, land value-added tax, etc. after the merger declaration.

The person in charge of the company said: "The merger declaration is too convenient, simplifying the report, reducing the number of declarations, shortening the taxation time, indeed improving our tax experience, feeling and happiness." Optimized service Sports "We use four or five kinds of property and behavioral taxes such as urban land use tax, property tax, stamp tax, etc., before each of the previous reports, now a statement is all set, greatly shortened Tax time, and tax workers come to teach hands, it is really intimate.

There is an escort in the tax department, and our company has more confident.

"Tianjin Liu Lin Jinhai Toyota Auto Sales & Service Co., Ltd. is filled with emotion. Tianjin Zhongbang North New Material Co., Ltd. will emit a nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants during the production process, and the environmental tax shall be paid. It is specified that the concentration value of the discharge tax atmospheric pollutant is less than 30% or 50% of the pollutant emission standards specified in the state and the local, and the reduction of 75% or 50% of the environmental tax concessions. Before the mergement declaration, it is necessary to meet if it is in line with it. Reduced standard.

However, due to the variety of air pollutants, the emissions and concentrations are changed, and they will misunderstand the tax risk.

"The merger declaration of this launched, the system has also been upgraded. The previous light declaration of environmental protection tax will need to fill in two tables. Now it is not only unnecessary, after filling the air pollutant emissions, the system can automatically discriminate whether it meets the reduction of standards, Help us to enjoy the relief policy, save anything and affordable. "The corporate finance head of the company, Zong Wenjie, whose thumbs up was erected. Next, the Tianjin Taxation Bureau will continue to focus on the difficulties, pain points, blockage points of the taxpayer pay the fees, and further broaden the breadth of the degeneration and declaration, increase the strength of policy tutor training, improve the temperature of the tax service, and put declined Taxes and fees declared, for the taxpayer’s "reduced burden", to develop energy into enterprises.

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