Shenyang Disease Control September 7, there has been a citizen of Harbin’s history of Harbin since September 7.

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Shenyang Disease Control September 7, there has been a citizen of Harbin’s history of Harbin since September 7.

Shenyang disease control release urgent health reminder: Since September 7, there have been citizens in Harbin travel history since September 7, please pay attention to the return of the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, pay attention to the dinner party within 14 days, pay attention to itself and family health status, don’t forget to do a good job of epidemic prevention (information pictures) Recently A new multi-crown pneumonia confirmed case and the first sieval of new crown virus nucleic acids in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province.

For scientific and precision, the exemption of epidemic prevention and control is continuously consolidated, and the indioxpatitis of Shenyang has continued to prevent the entry of the epidemic. The Shenyang CDC once again released an emergency health reminder to the general public.

  There is a history of the epidemic related traveler’s history to take the initiative to register September 7, there has been a history of travel in Bayan County, Nangang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. It is necessary to take the initiative to proceed to the community (village), unit report, and cooperate with nucleic acid detection, concentrate on medical observation until 14 days of prevention and control measures.

September 7, there has been a history of Harbin (except Bayan County and Nangang District), and it is necessary to provide a negative certificate of 48 hours of new crown virus nucleic acid detection. Perform nucleic acid detection and health monitoring for 14 days. Strengthening the prevention of key venues reasonably arranges the National Day travel market for concern, the National Day holiday is coming, please invite the general concern to develop dynamics, reasonably arrange travel, not necessary to go to the high-risk area and epidemic situation. The holidays do not advocate aggregation and gatherings, especially large-scale indoor aggregation activities.

  This Harbin epidemic situation involves many public places, suggesting that the people will enter the hotel, restaurants, playgrounds, transportation stations and other key venues, to scientifically, wear masks, take the initiative to show the health code, measure the body temperature, maintain 1 m or more safe distance, Keep your hand hygiene; desktop, sitting chair, door handle, elevator button or handrail, housing card, faucet, toilet button, etc., pay attention to reduce contact, clean and disinfect; implement a dinner system, use gallopic; Do a good job in living, workplace cleaning and disinfection and ventilation, keep the toilet hygiene. Actively vaccinate new crown vaccines to do self – health monitoring given the current epidemic situation, once again reminding the importance and urgency of new crown vaccination.

If you meet the conditions and unprotected vaccines, the first-pin inoculation time of the citizenship of more than 21 days is rapidly acting, and actively take the initiative to vaccinate.

Crowds that have completed the whole process can still be alert and vigilant, still need to adhere to personal protection, adhere to the scientific and wearing masks, handwash their hands, and always ventilated healthy lifestyle. Disease control experts remind the public, the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday travel returns, do not participate in the dinner party within 14 days, and pay close attention to the health of themselves, such as fever, cough, fatigue, diarrhea, taste (smell), etc., should wear Mask, timely to the close-up of the close, try to avoid riding a public transport during the medical process, and inform the doctor to tell the doctor, the history of the history, the history of the history and activities. Don’t use it yourself, don’t get medical treatment without qualified clinics, so as not to delay the treatment.

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