The 2nd Tianyuan Yong Child Education Forum is successfully held

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The 2nd Tianyuan Yong Child Education Forum is successfully held

Release time: 1021-11-0410: 10 Source: How to do October 29, 202-1, from October 29, 202, Guided by China Education Society, Hangzhou International Urban Research Center (Zhejiang Urban Governance Research Center), Tianyuan Emperous Child Education The 2nd Tianyuan Empermary Child Education Forum hosted by the Institute was held in Hangzhou. The theme of "Emperient Children ‘s Culture: Policy Guidance and Education Practice". Yang Xiong, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yang Diguang, the former president of Shanghai Normal University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, East China Normal University, Zhejiang Normal University, Shaanxi Normal University and other related experts and school teachers, students participated. Li Yiming, Director of the Institute of Brain Science, Hangzhou Normal University, Dean of Shenzhen University Psychology, Professor Zhou Yongyi, Host Forum.

Zhou Jiaxian, deputy director of the Education Department of East China Normal University.

She cut from the discipline of educational neuroscience, and expounded the field, development status and practical situation involved in the discipline.

She also explained the difference between the ultra-permanent child and the ordinary children’s brain and the factors affecting the development of extraordinary children. She suggested that during the cultivation of extraordinary children, learning, curriculum setting, teaching design, etc. should be carefully designed and planned according to the evidence of the brain.

Li Weidong, a Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Executive Dean, Executive Dean, is a report of "Super Memory Research".

He introduced super-memory research results from a different research method, using different research methods.

The former deputy director of the Ministry of Education, former deputy director, researcher, deputy president of the China Education Development Strategy Society, is a report of "The Cultivation of International Vision and Student Innovation Ability".

He has a new education development pattern with a large change in the development, telling the cultivation of students’ innovation capabilities in the international perspective, and international concerns in basic education and practical experience from creativity from home and abroad. He suggested that in-depth understanding of the practice experience of cultivating adolescents in foreign countries, in order to provide a reliable basis for the promotion of adolescent creativity in foreign countries.

To help students establish new exploratory learning methods, guide students to enter the scientific research field as soon as possible, closely combine learning, life practice and scientific exploration, high emphasis on cultivating students’ critical thinking ability, and improve their research and solving problems .

Professor Yang Digong ‘s question "Exploration and Suggestions on" Super "Education – Also on the Report of" Qian Xuesen’s question ".

He started from Tianyuan University’s "Super Educational" concept and practice. The child can’t enter the school, nor does it let the children of others into the school; "Three all" concepts, "the score is higher than all, stabilize the overwhelming, fair lead" and "shake the most fair" negative concept. To establish a national concept, the state urgently needs to cultivate the tip innovative talents, and must have a group of schools that cultivate the pointed talents; "super" concept, that is, recognize the objective existence of "super" children and "teaching teaching" concept. Professor Shaanxi Normal University, the key laboratory of the Modern Teaching and Technical Ministry of Education, Hu Weiping, the report of "Innovative Reserve Talent Growth Law and Cultivation". He tells how to cultivate innovative reserve talents from the psychological traits, environmental, curriculum reforms, and teacher development of innovative reserve talents.

Zhang Hui, the head of the Supermodern Child Development and Education Research Center, Zhejiang Normal University, is a report of "Preliminary Preschool Emperience Education".

She tells the preliminary exploration of oversized children’s related policies, interpretation of oversized education models and pre-school extraordinary education.

During the forum, the first review of the First "Tianyuan Empertrist Child Education Award" was conducted. This year’s "Super Award" is the theme of "Extraordinary Child Education and Training Model Innovation and Practice Path", and finally ran out 1 gold medal and 10 nomination prizes. At the opening ceremony of the "(China) Urban Academic Year, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yang Wei, director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, awarded awards. Experts agreed that "Tianyuan Emperient Child Education Award" has the groundbreaking work, with significant practical significance and long-term significance, highlighting the teaching of the abilities, there is no such thing as educational feelings, will be able to stay in the history of China’s education. A pen. During the forum, the annual employment ceremony of the expert committee of Tianyuan Emperm Children’s Education Institute was held.

Former CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee Standing Committee, Secretary of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, Wang Guoping, director of the Heavenly Congress Committee, Wang Guoping, director of the Tianyuan University of Public Experts, Yang Xiong, who is a Chinese Academy of Sciences, is awarded a letter from Experts, Tang Minsheng, Dong Xiaowei, Zhang Wenjun, Zhang Hui.汇 EDUCATION SCIENCE & CULTURE MAGAZINE. 汇 EDUCATION SCIENCE & CULTURE MAGAZINE.

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