The fifth case of the Cross-Strait OECD will continue to advance the follow-up to ECFA

4月 16, 2022 夜网

The fifth case of the Cross-Strait OECD will continue to advance the follow-up to ECFA

  This newspaper Taipei December 10 (Reporter Wu Yuming, Ren Chengqi) The Market Association of Taiwan Holds the Second Cooperation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Department of Economic Association) in Taipei today, Zheng Lizhong, executive vice president of the Maritime Association Gao Poing, vice-director of the Sea Branch, held a convener, and the mainland is talked by the Chief Representative of the Economic Association, and the deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce.

The two sides reviewed the work of each group since the Fourth Session of the OECD, summed up the progress made by economic cooperation between the two sides of the strait, and assess the early harvest implementation of ECFA, planning the future work. First, early harvest results continue to appear. On January 1 this year, the early harvest products in ECFA were reduced to zero tariffs. According to the statistics of the mainland customs, it is 550 million US dollars from 1 to October this year from Taiwan. It has reduced $ 1.2 billion; according to Taiwan customs statistics, from the mainland import ECFA early collection plan products, Demand more than 50 million US dollars from January to October, accumulating more than $ 120 million.

  As of the end of October 2013, according to the statistics of mainland, 216 Taiwan companies were benefited from the early harvest of non-financial sectors, and the contract investment was $ 953 million; a total of 40 Taiwan funded financial institutions; 9 Taiwan The accountant’s "temporary implementation audit business license" was valid for 1 year; 14 Taiwan videos were released. According to Taiwan statistics, the Taiwan approved land capital to Taiwan, with a total of 95 non-financial enterprises, investment or capital amount of about $ 14 billion; a total of 3 financial institutions, with an investment amount of about 140 million US dollars. The second is that the work of the team is progressing smoothly.

The Service Trade Panel signed the "Straits Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement" in June this year.

The Cargo Trade Group continued to advance the discussion. Investment team refinement to implement the insured agreement, established the investment dispute coordinative mechanism and investment consulting mechanism.

The two sides exchanged the list of "cross-strait investment dispute resolution institutions" and "subunions".

The land has issued the implementation of the Interim Measures for the Identification of the Third Ground Transportation. The third is to disclose together to share the topic. The two sides have explored the e-commerce development topics, and exchanged opinions on the e-commerce commodity inspection, commodity fast customs clearance, e-commerce setup procedures.

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