The United States will not lick a Taiwan problem in the short term.

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The United States will not lick a Taiwan problem in the short term.

Lin Jianhong, Associate Professor, Department of International Affairs Office, Department of Foreign Language University, Taiwan. (China’s high-priced photographed) Sino-US leaders’ video conference ended that Lin Jianhong, Associate Professor, Department of International Affairs Department, Taiwan, Foreign Language University, received visitors in the 17th that the importance of this meeting was that China-US leaders achieved "each other" Understanding and understanding. Although China and the United States compete is the future, Biden must recognize the existence of China’s strength, and they are profitable to compete for competitive partners. Think from another angle, if China is not strong enough today, China and the United States will not take more than 10 months to show this meeting. Lin Jianhong, born in 1960, Taipei City.

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, School of Public and International Affairs, Academic Experts, Treatment of International Relations and Crisis, Asia-Pacific Security Policy, Cross-Strait Relationship, US Policy to China.

Lin Jianhong said that after returning to the end, Sino-US relations have dropped to low in March this year.

Sino-US, in March this year, the first China and American high-rise strategic talks were held in Alaska.

Lin Jianhong said, after this September, the US climate envoy, former Secretary of State, Johnkerry, and the Vice Secretary of State Sheriman, Sino-US, in October, Switzerland.

The two sides still have a representation of human rights, South China Sea, and Xinjiang, but the atmosphere has eased, and finalized the first video of the Chinese dollar.

For Taiwan issues, Lin Jianhong pointed out that Sino-US is a large architecture of the international situation, Taiwan only accounts for a small part. For Sino-US, Taiwan will not be angurbable, do not explode, do not seek "legal platform independence", don’t force the Sino-US, which is really showup. Therefore, "understanding and understanding" is the focus of Xi Jinping and Biden regarded the Taiwan issue.

He believes that Biden said it clearly that the United States will not support "Taiwan independence", which is the repeated duplication of the United States. After China and the United States ended, Taiwan media hot discussion in the White House statement, Biden did not mention that "Taiwan independence" was not supported. Lin Jianhong analyzed that if he interprets this, he will not be too unexpected. For example, some media interpretation Biden and the White House first mention "Taiwan Relations Law", and then talk about "Sino-US Three Experiences", but he personally thinks this interpretation is nothing.

Because the United States has long been interpreted in this long time.

The United States is in the face of Taiwan or when facing China, this has not changed.

Lin Jianhong analysis, after the Sino-US summit, the United States probably not continued to increase in Taiwan again, and the most "is flat".

The United States will not be "Taiwan Question" in the short term.

Sino-US two strongest leaders just sat down and talking, if Biden now adds Taiwan, what does this mean? Lin Jianhong said that the United States will not destroy the meeting of Chen’s hard work in the past ten months for Taiwan? The United States is also very clear, the United States is willing to compete with China, but there must be an opportunity to cooperate with each other.

The two sides did not seek conflicts, and the core strategy of Sino-US now is so clear that they will compete in a benign competition and seek cooperation. As for which movements make conflicts, or how to avoid conflicts, everyone has a few people.

Whether the future Sino-US relations will be more favorable, this can slowly observe. Lin Jianhong said that China and the United States’ competition and cooperation is the mainstay of the future. Although the United States wants to dominate the advantages and strength, it is obviously not too good, because Biden must recognize the existence of China’s strength, depending on the competition Partner. Source: Editor of the Interview: Qiu Mengying.

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