Seventh Silk Road International Arts Festival will open December 2

4月 13, 2022 夜网

Seventh Silk Road International Arts Festival will open December 2

    The festival will continue to uphold the concept of Chinese culture and values of peace, harmony, cooperation, the core focus of the Silk Road, Chinese culture, elements of the three major international theme, adhere to the festival office Festival in the art of the Silk Road, the bridge connected to the people, the masses purpose.

According to the current epidemic prevention and control situation, the 22 participating stations repertoire (including foreign 13 units) will be in the form of phasor combination of online and offline, unveiled at the International Festival of the Silk Road.

It covers more than 22 sets of repertoire arts opera, acrobatics, drama, concerts and so on. Among them, led by the famous composer Zhanhao creation, panoramic reproduction of Shaanxi and Gansu revolutionary base of the magnificent history of the revolutionary opera symphonic suite "base" will perform at this year’s festival opening ceremony.

  In the exhibition part of this year’s festival, seven exhibitions in linkage overseas artists, spiritual heritage of the Silk Road, along the Silk Road countries to promote cultural blending, the people communicating at the same time, will also vigorously promote the non-heritage peasant paintings, such as Shaanxi Chang’an Painting School cultural tourism resources, and built to showcase the latest creative ideas and achievements of the stage for the emergence in recent years of Shaanxi and the country’s young artists.

  Silk Road International Arts Festival is approved by the State Council, China’s first with the theme of the Silk Road International Arts Festival, since 2014, has been successfully held the sixth, becoming an important platform for cultural exchange between China and Shaanxi practice along the way the initiative an important starting point.

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