Shaoxing Binhai New District Talent Evaluation "Return to Enterprise"

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Shaoxing Binhai New District Talent Evaluation "Return to Enterprise"

  On the morning of October 23, in Shaoxing Binhai New District Shaoxing Siya Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Co., Ltd. manufacturing workshop, Li Fosong, just called information technology intermediate engineer, is explaining the precautions in the actual operation.

In the intermediate and proceedings of the Shaoxing Integrated Circuit Industrial Park, the first-end intermediate and proceedings, including 28 integrated circuits, including Li Fosong, brought to the title in the park with the hard theoretical knowledge and rich production practical experience. . Li Fosong, 30-year-old this year, is Jiangsu Yancheng, worked at Shaoxing Sinoviji Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is very good at drilling technology and has three patents. However, because there is not much papers published, the winning experience is lacking. In the past, professionals like him should be not easy to borrow intermediate titles.

  "In the past, most of the title review was organized by the human social security department, the standards for evaluation were also the paper, winning experience.

This time, we have conducted a pilot review for 18 companies in the park. He listened to the opinions of SME integrated circuits and long electricity, and combined with the actual situation of the industry. Innovation, research, research, achievement transformation, etc.

According to the person in charge of the Operation Service Center of Shaoxing Integrated Circuit, Shaoxing Integrated Circuit is as important as the "Wantel 100 billion" new industrial platform in Zhejiang Province, which is of great significance in building Shaoxing Binhai New District Talent Management Reform Test Area, of which the title review is the test area. One of the key tasks of construction.

The 2021 electromechanical manufacturing, information technology, material engineering professional, intermediate professional technical positions qualification review is the first title review of Shaoxing Integrated Circuit "Wantebill 100 billion" new industrial platform, 30 people have reviewed 19 people directly identified intermediate, primary titles, 9 people reviewed on-site review. "The title of this title is compatible with our corporate talent development needs, and it can better play the important role in evaluating talents, motivate talents and protect talents in business development. It will help us to expand our company’s talent team. Many professional talents.

"The relevant person in charge of the SME integrated circuit said.

  On March 3 this year, "The Opinions on Building Shaoxing Binhai New Area Talent Management Reform Test Area" released, marking the construction of the Shaoxing talent test area, Shaoxing, with high starting point, open, super conventional way to create a long triangle Talent gathering new highlands, industrial innovation strategies and talent ecology demonstration, and better polish the new era "Name" gold medal. The programs of this title system reform have given talents to evaluate the "return to enterprises" will give "test zones" more talent reform dividends. (Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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