Standardize advertising signage to maintain public safety (people’s commentary)

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Standardize advertising signage to maintain public safety (people’s commentary)

As an indispensable form of business activities, advertising signatures can be seen everywhere in daily life, representing the "face" of the city to a certain extent, and also witnessing business prosperity. However, once the advertising signage is not properly or notes manage, it is easy to endanger pedestrian safety, and threaten the safety of the people’s personal property.

In recent years, there has been happened because there is a safety accident caused by advertising. On May 6 this year, the Outdoor advertising sign of Shanxi, the opening of the outdoor advertising sign, the driver’s head injured, the driver’s head was injured, and the rescued was invalid; in August 2018, Shanghai Nanjing East Road, a store signboard Drop, resulting in 3 deaths and 6 injuries.

Throughout some safety accidents, there are advertising signage governance issues behind.

Some large outdoor advertising lack safety certification, becoming hidden dangers hanging on the top; some store signs are only sticking with glue, there is safety risks; some outdoor advertising signs have no main state, hidden dangers have highlighted … These phenomena reminded We, advertising signage disorder setting has influence urban public safety.

How to protect people "Safety on the top of the head" testing the level of refining in urban governance.

The reason why advertising signs becomes a safety hazard, saying that it is a management lack of management, responsibility loss.

The advertising sign is typically hanging on the high buildings, the amount is wide, sun rain, naturally produces rust and loss, especially the wind, hidden the risk of falling off.

It is critical to troubleshoot risks in time and eliminate hidden dangers. On the one hand, the advertising signage lacks unified standards, and the approval of the filing system is not mandatory, leading to the lack of the start of investigating risk hazards. On the other hand, although some places specify that outdoor advertisements should regularly conduct safety inspections, and inform the city management department, but the implementation process lacks mandarous, can only rely on the market main body. At the same time, after many stores closed, the owners often won’t take the initiative to deal with the sign, before the sale of the store, these left-legged non-harvest lacks management and maintenance. Safety is the bottom line of urban development, and it is possible to "no one without no loss" everyday.

In recent years, all localities have rectified advertising signboards, and they have also been very hard. For example, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, from 2017 to 2020, nearly 70,000, in the near future, the low temperature weather is increased, and all localities are also intended to investigate the signing of the advertising signs of the jurisdiction, and urge to reinforce and rectify.

However, compared to numerous advertising signs and hidden risk hazards, management personnel’s professional level and human hand are limited, alone on the street inspection and naked eye, difficult to achieve complete coverage, effective governance; only rely on concentration Remediation, often harvest is the effectiveness of the standard. Will the gateway forward, promote the supervision of the advertising signboard, and turn to the incompetence of the exemplification, which is precautions to the treatment of safety hazards, and the righteousness of the refined management. The system is the long-term, tube fundamental, and the management of the advertising signboard also needs to delineate the red line to construct the safety bottom line.

"Beijing Outdoor Advertising Facilities, Plaque Labeling and Slogan Promotional Setting Management Regulations officially implemented this year, clarifying safety impact assessments before the facility settings, preventing outdoor billboards from hovering and other safety accidents .

The introduction of various local similar management regulations has taken an important step in institutional constraints.

Under the same conditions, the subjective energy is different, and the effect of grasping the implementation is different.

It is necessary to force the formalism, bureaucracy, and face problems will never be "hidden" "etc.", and better play the subjective initiative.

Guard the personal property of the people, this is the bottom line project of "people’s city as the people".

As a urban manager, especially adhere to the people-oriented thinking, exclude risks in front, enhance management level, whether it is the safety of "the safety", or eliminates the risk of the electric car, or Strengthen the daily inspections and maintenance management of the well cover facilities to ensure that "the safety under the foot" needs to stick to the problem-oriented, and the embroidery is embroidered. The general public should also start from their own, improve security awareness, participate in urban joint sharing.

Only this can weake the protective nets that we woven the urban security in the co-tube. Originally published in "People’s Daily" (05th edition, December 2021) (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Share more people see recommendation reading.

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