Strengthening the rule of lawful rural construction to help comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages

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Strengthening the rule of lawful rural construction to help comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages

The director of the Hubei Provincial Department of Justice received an interview host: Party’s 19th National Plenary Session: Comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages.

Strengthening the construction of the rule of law is to implement a rural revitalization strategy, and promote the basics of fundamental work in accordance with the law.

Please introduce, how is Hubei province to promote the construction of a rural rural area? Gong Yuwen: The issue of "three rural" has always been the top priority of the work of the whole party. Hubei is an agricultural province, strengthening the construction of rural areas, and related to the overall economic and social development of the province. The provincial party committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to the construction of the rule of law. In the "Hubei Provincial Rural Revitalization Strategy (2018-2022)", the provincial level of the rule of law and the rule of law proposes clear requirements, and it is a comprehensive revitalization of the country, consolidation There is a strong start of the peasant mass life.

In 2020, the central government issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Rule of Law Country", in accordance with the "Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Rule of Law", the Hubei Provincial Department of Justice, focusing on the rule of law, focusing on the rule of law The safeguards of the long-term ", close to the" two key "of rural governance system and governance ability, read good autonomy, rule of law, and morality", effectively promote the harmony of rural areas, guaranteeing rural development, enhancing people’s livelihood . Mainly do the following aspects: First, strengthen the system construction, so that the rural governance is steady.

The first provincial level of provincial-level promotion strategy is implemented in the country – "Hubei Provincial Rural Promotion Promotion Regulations", promptly prove effective experience in the practice of rural reform and development, and rising practices In the track of the rule of law, the rural governance is promoted to ensure that the rural governance can be equivalent, and there is a chapter. The second is to optimize legal services, making rural governance more efficient. Hubei Province has issued the "Hubei Provincial Public Legal Service Regulations" on accelerating the implementation of public legal service system construction, preparation of public legal service project list, realizing agricultural legal aid to support, rural public legal service entity platform, village ( Hiving) Legal Service Consultant and Legal Adviser WeChat work group coverage is achieved three 100%, and legal services are more accurate and praise. The third is the cultural rule of treatment, and injective vitality in rural governance.

The focus of the rule of law rural construction is in the cultivation of the national rule of law. We combine the rule of law culture and the Chinese excellent traditional culture, integrating into the village, to promote the wind and easy to move, and let the masses can be treated with the protagonist of the rural style. For example, Wuling County, Yichang City specially established the "Citizen Integrity".

At the same time, we use the rule of law to dress beautiful villages, and the province has a total of 130 national democratic rule of law demonstration villages (community), 100 provincial rule of law construction demonstration villages (community), and build more than 8,500 rhizable cultural positions.

  Moderator: This sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused unprecedented impact and impact on Hubei ‘s economic and social development.

Please tell us about the rule of law in the construction of rural co-ordinate the work of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, which has played an important role? Gong cite text: After the outbreak, the majority of villages in accordance with the provincial government plans and requirements quickly from daily management into emergency management, to meet the challenges of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the rule of law rural construction played a fundamental guarantee of the important role .

Adhere to guide the rural epidemic prevention and control with the rule of law thinking, timely for some parts of the village blocked the road spontaneous outbreak of the legality of the practice of plugging judgments and make recommendations to effectively prevent misconduct lead to social risks from the source.

Vigorously carry out the "epidemic prevention and control law counterparts" special legal advocacy, grassroots cadres and masses focus on improving the prevention and control of law awareness and the ability to govern according to law, has released a typical case of 753 cases, prevention and control of information more than 6000, more than 800 promotional video, posters 130 million copies. Some plain "earthy" slogan, but also highlight the rural Contagion legally hardcore attitude. Efforts to guard against and defuse "the plague syndrome", and improve multi-prevention and mediation to resolve a comprehensive mechanism to concentrate on resolving more than 80,000 contradictions and disputes affect the harmony and stability of the rural society, so that "small village, not big town", as the plague after revive create a harmonious and stable social environment. Moderator: We have noticed, "on the strengthening of the rule of law Rural Construction" put forward to improve the prevention and mediation to resolve social conflicts diverse combination of mechanisms. Just now, you also mentioned the work being carried out in Hubei, Can you briefly explain? Gong cite text: With the rapid development of rural economy and society, showing interest in rural areas diversification, interest demands complicated, conflicts of interest externalization notable feature of the rule of law with the rule of law thinking and effective way to resolve conflicts and disputes, is to achieve rural governance effective way. 2019, we organized the province’s 30,000 villages (neighborhood) mediation committees to carry out rectification work, with its village (neighborhood) committee general with the deployment, with the arrangement, with making progress, people’s mediation organizations continue to optimize the network system.

We actively explore the construction mediation work pattern of a new era, the first pilot in Xianning City, the integration of people’s mediation, administrative mediation, arbitration and judicial mediation convergence linkage, through a unified acceptance, shared sites, integration of forces, pool resources, intensive management, etc., the implementation of intensive "one-stop" mediation service. This work is also being pushed province ordered. Moderator: strengthening the rule of law publicity and education is the key rural countryside contents of a Law, in Hubei Will this have any innovations? Gong cite text: In recent years, we implement the "Order" Franco-Prussian precision to meet the individual needs of the masses.

Xiangyang Municipal Bureau of Justice to carry out "one thousand legal services staff into thousands of villages (community)" anti-crime evil forces activity within the city, to promote the city administration of justice system’s anti-crime fight against evil forces in depth.

Huangshi use of "sound village" intelligent broadcast platform, so that the people stay at home or listen to popularizing knowledge in the fields everywhere. We take the "critical few", strengthen the village "two committees" team members, people’s mediators, the grid members, village team and other key "leaders of the rule of law," the rule of law training to enhance the rule of law. We focus on the "most widespread", strictly implement the "Who’s Who of law enforcement Franco-Prussian" responsibility system, have been carrying out "into the countryside Civil Code," "foster awareness of the law to strengthen the rule of law," "The Constitution Households" and other rule of law publicity and education activities. We highlight the flavor of Hubei, actively carry out "Jing Chu sing opera style rule of law culture to catch a large set of" rule of law and other mass cultural activities, "Atlas of the Civil Code of physical paper-cut" rule of law and a number of high-quality repertoire, pictures, Atlas launched, so that the rule of law education more down to earth, become more activated. Moderator: Earlier, you mentioned also read a good autonomy, the rule of law, rule of virtue "three rule by the" must have also made a lot of success, can you tell us about? Gong cite text: Thank you, moderator.

"Three rule" binding, is the best way to achieve good governance countryside.

2019, Hubei held to promote the "three two-base strengthening governance integration" Local Governance (Yidu) pilot mobilization, specifically six categories 20 sub-tasks.

By more than a year of practice and exploration, rural governance full of vitality, more harmonious and orderly society, people get a sense of well-being, a sense of security is growing.

Mainly in four aspects: First, rural governance fortress stronger.

Always put the party building grassroots rural governance implement the full cycle and full dimension, to carry out the exploration branch on a grid, the driving force, resource sink grids to accelerate lead the party building autonomy, Law, by Virtue Fusion glow in the "multiplier effect . " The second is to fully release the kinetic energy of rural governance.

By building features self-government system, the establishment of multi-platform integration, foster self-rule by the organization to explore Local Governance in self-management, self-education, self-service, self-improvement path of self-government, continued to stimulate rural governance kinetic energy.

The third is to strengthen rural governance to guarantee the full. Strengthen the "rule of law is an important symbol of regional core competitiveness" philosophy, always adhere to the rule of law Huimin, focusing on grassroots padded short board, at least three of the criteria for determining each judicial staff, to explore an increase in staff solely on the community corrections joint Provincial Commission Office by the end of 2020 to carry out special supervision of the implementation.

Fourth, rural governance continue to rally together. Full of virtue within the heart of the village, acting on the outside of the run of form, the creation of the rule of law and moral lecture, civilized practice, advanced culture to lead the villagers, village beautification wind.

Based on regional characteristics, "the Lunar Night Talk New Family Tradition," "happy village" as the theme, the family "microclimate" Win-run social "environment" to promote a new culture of family tradition into governance performance. We firmly believe that with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, we will be able to embark on a road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, rural revitalization, will be able to win a complete victory in the country’s new socialist modernization. Topic: (Editor: Zhang Gui, Zeng Wei) Sharing let more people see.

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