Tongde concentric fortune and long – Yanbian people to strengthen national unity and notes

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Tongde concentric fortune and long – Yanbian people to strengthen national unity and notes

  Learning as a family, watching help, unity and mind, and dreaming.

All along, Yanbian State firmly grasps the theme of "common unity and struggle, common prosperity, live in harmony between all ethnic groups, peace of mind, harmonious development, and jointly create happiness. See the true love nation in the grassroots level, see the true feelings. Wang Qingxian Xinmin Street East Zhen Community Party Branch Secretary, Sun Fangyu, often visited the household, strive to do good things in the relationship between the people of the community, and she often pays for the disabled households in the jurisdiction, and ethnic minority poor households to send rice. , Food products such as edible oil, give them no slight help and care. Community Korean empty nest elderly English Shu is a second-level disabled old man who is abducted, this year is 78 years old, his wife is in bed.

Looking in the eyes, Sun Fangyu, anxious in his heart, took the initiative to help with her, walked into this Korean family, like a child cares for the elderly. When the old people were hospitalized, Sun Fang Yu took a meal every day and chatted with her. On a night of 2015, Sun Fang Yu was woke up by a phone, "Girl, you will come over," Sun Fang Yu quickly arrived, and the old man was quickly arrived and sent the old man to the hospital quickly. In the sixth year, Sun Fang Yu always took care of the life of Fang Yingshu, in the days to get along with the elderly, they have already regarded each other as a loved ones.

  The people who are familiar with the people are the "housekeeper" of the masses, the "kid" of the empty nesters, left behind the children, where is it, where she will appear.

Promoted Wang Shuqing, director of the party secretary of Dan Ying Community, Beishan Street, Yanji City, and everyone praised her.

  In recent years, Korean empty nests in the jurisdiction have increased, Wang Shuqing, according to the different needs of the community, mobilize 93 pharmacies, hairdresses, dry cleaning stores in the jurisdiction, providing unpaid or low day-to-day demand services for empty nesters. The "love mother" of left-behind children, every moment is worried about their eating, wearing, living, and letting them get love and care; she leads the volunteers in the jurisdiction, with community staff together Take care of the lone, "three no" and the elderly from all over the world, to make family accompanying, so that the elderly feel the warmth of the community family … Wang Shuqing is sincere and sincerely doing practical things, and tries to solve difficult things.

Her persistence and selfless dedication exchanged the satisfaction of the Han nationality, the smile of the Korean A Mai, the healthy growth of left-behind children.

  Sanhe Village, Sanhe Town, Longjing City is a typical Korean residential village, and the Korean population accounts for 98% of the population of the whole village.

From the first day of the Secretary of the Village Party Branch, Liu Jinsheng often communicates and communicates with the Korean villagers. While implementing the party’s national policy, strive to improve the village cadres and party members and the people to maintain the consciousness of national unity.

  Villagers Fang Zhe, North Korean elderly, the Korean elderly people who have no economic source, life is difficult, he actively helps declares low insurance, supplement all kinds of related procedures, let them enjoy low-inspiration; last winter, nearly 70-year-old villagers Jin Changshou and his wife are not exhibiting because of the burning of the house. He will organize the village cadres to send the house to send the door; the 62-year-old villager Qu Xiuhua accidentally falls, causing the waist fracture, he will open the car to the town hospital Take the doctor to her home for it … it takes the masses as their loved ones, and Liu Jinsheng uses actual actions to warm the villagers’ hearts.

In order to better communicate with the villagers, as a Han nationality, he learned Korean to the Korean wife, and he was more close to the relationship between the villagers. (Zhang Weiguo Li Li) Editor: Guo Cong.

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