Suzhou emotional electronic stock trading has an abnormal fluctuations announced that there is no major information that should be disclosed without disclosure.

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Suzhou emotional electronic stock trading has an abnormal fluctuations announced that there is no major information that should be disclosed without disclosure.

Suzhou emotion. People’s Daily Nurse Wang Ji Liang photo "Reporter Wang Ji Liang) On November 8 After the daily limit, the third consecutive trading day harvested the daily limit. On the 8th, the emotional electronics released the "Announcement of the Corporate Stock Trading of Contact". According to the announcement, the company’s stock trading continuously 10 consecutive trading days (Trading Day from October 26, 2021, 2021, November 8, 202, November 8, 202, November 8) The increasing amount of the price increased by 100%, according to the relevant regulations, the shares of stock trading is seriously abnormal fluctuations . At the same time, the company’s stock trading continuously three consecutive trading days (November 5, 202, November 5 and November 8), the closing price gains from 30%, which belongs to the abnormal fluctuations of stock transactions. The announcement shows that by self-examination of the company and confirmed to the company’s largest shareholders Suzhou Summit Investment Management Co., Ltd. There is no major information that should be disclosed, including, but not limited to, is planning to be planned to have major issues such as M & A restructuring, share issuance, debt restructuring, business restructuring, asset stripping and asset injection.

The company currently has normal changes in daily operations and has not changed. The announcement also said that the company did not find media reports and market rumors that may have a significant impact on the company’s stock trading prices, and did not involve market hotspot concepts; the company did not find other major events that may have greater impact on the company’s share price. Directors, supervisors, senior management, controlling shareholders and actual controllers do not exist in stocks during the company’s shareholding transactions. The company’s board of directors confirmed that in addition to the disclosed matters disclosed in accordance with regulations, the company did not disclose without disclosure without any relevant provisions of the "Shanghai Securities Exchange Boards stock listing rules (hereinafter referred to as" Science Board Listing Rules "). Matters or the planning and intentions related to the above matters, the board of directors has not been informed of the disclosure of the company’s stock and its derivative transaction prices in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Science Board Listing Rules". .

However, on November 3, there are investors in consulting emotions in the interactive platform. Whether the company’s main product speaker has related cooperation with Tesla, Xiaopeng, Wei Si, BYD, and the company as the world’s largest speaker manufacturing How much is the share of China’s share, will it increase the domestic market share? The emocho responded on this day, the company’s main product speaker and Tesla, the official car, BYD has stable cooperation, including the aware of the car, the company provides customers with traditional car speakers. The vehicle audio system. The company’s car speaker is about 19% in the country. The company will continue to increase business development efforts at home and abroad, further consolidate and enhance market share.

Suzhou Summer Electronics was founded in 1992, and on 19 April 2021, I landed on the CSO, mainly producing and operating automotive speakers and related electronic products.

The third quarter of this year showed that the company’s main income billion is brought about by up to date. (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.

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