Taiwan bid residence certificate Fujian takes the lead in achieving the province of acceptance points

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Taiwan bid residence certificate Fujian takes the lead in achieving the province of acceptance points

  On the 12th, Fujian Provincial Public Security Organs deepen the "venting service" reform press conference held in Fuzhou. Chen Cai’an, the deputy head of the Public Security Corps of the Fujian Public Security Department, was disclosed at the press conference held in Fuzhou on the 12th. In order to facilitate the Taiwan resident residence certificate, all public security household registration window in Fujian Province set up acceptance points, and take the lead in achieving the country Acceptance points are fully covered in the province and shorten Taiwan residents’ residential certificates from 20 working days to 10 working days. Chen Cai’an said that it can provide convenient initiatives such as express delivery to the door according to the application of the Taiwan. It is understood that, at present, the province’s railway ticket purchase and security verification channel, airport, bank, insurance, accommodation hotel, business business license registration, medical insurance, 政 通 健 码, purchase special drugs and telecommunications, mobile, Unicom operation acceptance points, etc. It has supported the use of Taiwan resident residence certificates; Tencent, Ali, Jingdong and other large-scale Internet application platforms also support registration of Taiwan resident residence permit registration.

  Affected by the epidemic, the entry and exit management department has introduced a series of control policies. According to the deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Public Security Department, Ma Xi Feng, I only launched the 12367 service platform of the National Immigration Management Institute, providing 7 × 24-hour hotline consultation, answers, complaints, etc. 10,000 people.

  In implementing the National Immigrant Authority.

Ma Zhenfeng pointed out that from June 10, the ordinary passport was canceled with 20 yuan filling charge; 421 passports were replaced for abroad; the mainland residents of the long-term residents in Taiwan were commissioned to go to Taiwan Pass, Taiwan Pass 39 Zhang; convenience for foreign talents and residence permits.

  Fujian Province also innovated three entry-entry convenience measures to launch service Taiwan and Macao residents, including the provision of self-service filler services for entry and exit documents in Fuku Hong and Macao residents; Free queue "convenience service; to provide entry-exit documents in the Taiwan Taiwan].

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