Sanjin History: Ci 3 DPRK, 6 times make the western region, hidden behind Su Wu – Changhui

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Sanjin History: Ci 3 DPRK, 6 times make the western region, hidden behind Su Wu – Changhui

Changhui, Western Han Dynasty, Taiyuan County.

He is the mid-term diplomatic event in the Western Han Dynasty. It is often treated to deal with the diplomatic relationship between the Han and the Western Region and the Northern Xiongnu of the Xiongnu, the diligence, the completion of the work, and the history of the history, "" ""

Dedicated to the early days of Su Wuhan, the national strength is limited, and it is impossible to resist the Xiongnu. Take a pro-policy, marry the princess from the Xiongnu, and send the money to exchange the border.

During the Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty was constantly discriminated by Huxiongni, and the two sides sent a mutual reconnaissance.

The Huns detained Han Guo Ji, and the road is surprising, and the Han Dynasty also detained the Xiongnu enrollment.

After the Hannamu relations, the Xiongnu sent the Hanting to the Hanting for many years. Han Wu Emperor sent Suwu to make the Xiongnu, the escort to the Hun of Han returned to China, and by the way, the way to give the gift of a very rich gift to return his kindness.

In order to travel, Su Wu has raised a sense of meaning, and it is a team that seizes this opportunity, self-discipline, and responding to the team.

After that, the story of "Suwu Sheyang North Sea" has occurred. It is often stuck in the Huns.

Han Dynasty drove, Han Zhaodi boarded.

A few years later, the Xiongnu and the Hand and. Han Tin seeks Su Wu and others, the Xiongnu is lie, Su Wu is dead. Later, I thought about the situation in the Xiongnu in the Hun. And the Han has made the pair to say: "Han family is boy hunting in Shanglinyuan, shooting a geese, is a book, saying that Su Wu and others are in the North Sea." Han is very happy, teaching according to Changhui If you want to ask you.

Some people who look at the side are very surprised, thinking is that God, with the Han, said: "Su Wu and others are still alive." Changhui sent Suwu and he sent Su Wu to the triumph of Changan, the same Going more than one person, only nine people come back.

Su Wu was worshiped as a class, and the three people who were often worshiped as Zhonglang, and later worshiped as Guanglu Dafu. When Wusun State, in my country, in China, there are some parts of China and the Central Asia, "the 36 countries" is known as the Western Region, and Wusun State is one of them. The time of Wusun County, Dubei Tagu City, is a nomad, often being invaded by the Huns.

During the Han Xuan Emperor, dispatching usually made Wu Sun. Solving the princess and Wusun Wang dispatched to make a minister, and said to the Han Dynasty rescue: "The Xiongnu sent a large team to attack Wu Sun, occupying the cars, the evil division, and gumped the people to leave, send a threat to the princess, I would like to break the relationship between Wu Sun and the Han Dynasty. Kunmu is willing to dispatch half of the country, they supply 50,000 people, try their best to attack the Huns.

I urge the emperor to serve the princess, Kunmi! "So Han Dynasty dispatched the 150,000 cavalry, five generals, and took a few ways to attack the Huns.

Han Xuan Emperor was appointed for the school, and the handheld guards guarded the Wu Sun Army. Wu Sun king personally leads more than 50,000 cavalry. From the West to the right valley, capture the father of the Huns and the following three thousand people, the princess, the famous king, and the ride will wait for the following three more than 9,000 people, pay the horse, cattle,, More than 50,000 camels, more than 60,000 sheep.

In this war against the Huns, the five generals sent by the Han Dynasty were unfavorable, and they were universal, and the Han Xun was in charge.

Soon after punishment, Han Xuan Emperor sent us to return to Wu Sun and enjoys a good job.

It is often the Shangpun Han Xuan Emperor to say: "Turtle Zigui has killed the Han Dynasty school, Lai Dan, did not be punished, asked to attack the turtle.

"Han Xuan Di did not agree.

The generals Huo Guang instructions will actually act according to the actual situation.

Changhui and the officers and soldiers arrived at Wu Sun together, returned to the Tauk, taking the Wusun Seven thousand soldiers, taking the 20,000 soldiers and horses of the Western countries, so that their pair makes the turtle Take more than 50,000 people in the East National Countries, more than 50,000 people, from three sides to turtle their Turtle.

The army has not yet fighting, and the common sentiment will accusing the Turtle to kill the Han Dynasty school.

The king of Turtle said: "That is the mistake of my father’s words, I am innocent."

"Changhui said:" In this case, then grab the me, I put you.

"Finally, the king of Turtle has to arrest the ambition, send it to the Huihui, and return to the country.

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